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  • Prince of Heros
    44.4K 967 12

    Izuku Yagi was his name. Well adopted name. He was adopted when he was a baby by the Yagi family. His life was good until he turned four years old and was diagnosed quirkless. His friends and Dad turned their back on him. Only his adopted Mom and Sister cared for him. One day he was out with his Mom and Sister when vi...

  • The Uchiha Princess and Legacy of Madara
    108K 1.6K 28

    The Uchiha clan never was killed and Izumi ( Fem Itachi ) never joined the Akatsuki. Naruto had nobody not his godmother, godfather. He finds out about his clan. Naruto is cold and doesn't care about anything Will Kiyomi change Naruto will he fall in love with the Uchiha Princess? Will she help the Ice prince! What...

  • My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will
    30.5K 565 62

    (COMPLETE) Born with a unique quirk, Midoriya Izuku strives to become a hero. ××××××× That's it. That's the synopsis.... Don't look at me like that! ...Alright keep staring, I don't care anyway.😛 Well, since Midoriya has a quirk, he will be a bit (more than a bit) OC in terms of his character. He'll be strong, and mo...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Son of Kurogiri
    18.4K 390 12

    Izuku Midoriya was raised in an orphanage after his mothers death at childbirth, and sadly he never knew his father. Izuku had the dream of being a hero, to save people and show you can be a hero. But he had a ulterior motive, to find his father and ask him... Why? Follow Izuku Midoriya to his rise to the top as the N...

  • The Last One
    90.1K 1.7K 30

    Realization struck Nagato at Naruto's words. In his last moments, Nagato awakens Naruto's Rinnegan in an effort to atone for his mistakes. Now, unknown to Naruto and Konan, the last pair of Jiraiya's students are bound together by a higher calling to change the world for peace. This... is a bond like no other. True Na...

  • Witcher Deku
    29.6K 714 22

    What if Deku had a Witcher quirk just like Geralt De Rivia? How the story would turn? Would he still have the same enemy? The same friends? The same goal? I DO NOT OWN ANY CHARACTER OR PICTURES OF ANY KIND IN THIS STORY. THE ONLY THING THAT IS FROM ME IS THE INSPIRATION FOR THE STORY.

  • Deku, the symbol of hope ! [ON HIATUS]
    37.9K 615 16

    What if Deku was trained by GranTorino and learned about full cowling, during the 2 weeks before the sport Festival ? What will happen after that ? [ON GOING] I DON'T OWN ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE PLOT AND THE STORY (INCLUDING PICTURES, CHARACHTERS,...) !!! IF THIS STORY SHARE SOME SIMILARITIES WITH OTHERS LIKE THIS DON...

  • "Now you need me?"
    107K 2.6K 20

    "Why? After all this time? Why do you need me now?" "Hokage-sama figured that your time in here has been enough. Our village was recently attacked by a wielder of the rinnegan, causing the village to be destroyed." "You still didn't answer my question. Why do you need me?" "The true leader of the Akatsuki has declared...

  • Naruto Namikaze: Northern Blade
    41.5K 832 12

    A life as the Jinchuriki of the Nine Tails a beast that had attacked Konoha and crippled it's forces when the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze along with his wife Kushina Uzumaki had sealed the Nine Tails inside there new born son at the cost of there lives. Nobody was aware of the blonde child identity as the son of...

  • The More Things Change
    25.2K 576 11

    What if Sasuke had been female? Instead of brotherly rivalry, Satsuki and Naruto share something much deeper. They understand each other in ways that no one else can. Will their bond be strong enough to save Satsuki from herself, or will Naruto follow her into the darkness? Follow an epic saga of love, action, betraya...

  • Izuku Uchiha's tale of revenge and forgiveness
    220K 3.1K 57

    Izuku yagi formerly a very bright and intelligent kid for his age and his twin sister Izumi yagi are the children of the number one hero ''All Might'' and the number four hero "Green Tornado". what will happen to this ball of sunshine on the day of the quirk test? and how will this cruel, dark messed up world truly af...

  • Naruto: The Elemental Shinobi
    17.7K 482 8

    He has been lied to his whole life. His true talent has been sealed all along. What happens if he gets into a fight with a certain Sannin which causes not one, but two bloodlines? What happens if he finds out the truth from a certain beast inside of him? How will he handle the truth?

  • The Living Hollow
    310K 3.6K 32

    This is a My Hero Academia and Bleach crossover fanfic. It starts during the fight between Izuku and Bakugou, an accidental point black ultimate attack from Bakugou leaves Izuku with a massive hole in his chest. Izuku falls to the floor Dead, but something happens his body begins having spasms and he vomits up a whi...

  • Izuku Midoriya: The Star Hero
    181K 4K 27

    The night before Izuku Midoriya would visit the quirk doctor he saw a shooting star from his window. As the young lad got up as clasped his hand together and made a wish. "I wish to be a hero that will protect those in need and one day eventually be the next symbol of peace" Little did our young lad know. His wish wo...

    69.9K 2K 39

    DISCONTINUED Summarized ending written at the last chapter! Izuku is the son of the number 7th and 11th hero. His dad has fire breathing, a subquirk of Pyrokinesis and his mom has pure Telekinesis. Along the line of his father and mother's bloodline, everyone was born with different type of 'Kinesis' type of quirks...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spider's Vengeance
    35.9K 228 13

    Formerly titled 'The Symbiotic Hero: Klyntar' Izuku Yagi was beaten down every day for dreaming of being a hero even though he was powerless. His sister, the only person that cared about him, was put into a coma by the actions of villainous organization. 3 years later, the same organization kidnaps him in order to tur...

  • The Wood Fox
    212K 3.7K 32

    A Naruto fanfic. Hope you guys enjoy. I don't own any characters. There is going to be Sasuke and Sakura bashing from time to time. Please enjoy!

  • Izuku and The Sea Dragon
    552K 15.5K 78

    Izuku Yagi, born to Inko Yagi and Toshinori Yagi, the twin brother of Izumi Yagi. Neglected and abused by his family for the sole fact of him being diagnosed as quirkless. He learned from a very young age that men aren't born equal and he had to face that harsh reality in such a young age. By the age of 12, in his bir...

  • The Fire Within
    5.6K 125 22

    This story is about the struggle's of a certain greenette named Izuku Midoriya. With a childhood friended turned bully and an abusive father, will Izuku be able to follow his dreams and be a hero like his idol All Might. This is my first story so it might not be good I'm going to try and do it weekly or if it goes wel...

  • Dad Problems
    152K 4.2K 51

    Izuku has grown up not knowing anything different than a normal family life. A loving mother, a kind stepfather and an abnormal abundance of peace. Things changed however when he found out about his quirk and his biological father. Now he has two paths laid out in front of him. Become the symbol of peace and the world...

  • The Senju Trio (Hiatus)
    6K 117 12

    I do not own any music, videos, pics, bnha, and Naruto. I just own the story line. Izuku Senju was an. . .ok-ish kid. He was a nice kid who helps others and listens but has a that gambling habit while sometime secretly drinks. He also protects his sister who is quirkless and their bestfriend cause she was related to...

  • Faster Than Lightning Midoriya Izuku X Yaoyorozu Momo
    165K 1.9K 19

    none of the art used in this fan fiction belongs to me and neither does my hero academia or boku no hero whatever u prefer to call it if i end up using ur art in this fan fic and u don't like it just message me and il take it down asap

  • His Beginning, Her Hero (Izuku x Momo)
    119K 2.7K 41

    An Izuku x Momo story starting during the Kamino Ward incident, except things go very different than intended. Izuku Midoriya, with the help of his four other friends, go on a mission to save their classmate Katsuki Bakugou, however things don't go as planned and the raid goes south very quickly. What will this mean f...

  • Izuku Midoriya: Ultra Instinct
    173K 2.5K 31

    Izuku Midoriya. Some knew him as a nice boy. Most knew him as a quirkless nothing living a dream - namely, Katsuki Bakugo. The doctors told young Izuku that he was quirkless, however.... turns out he just has a quirk that's never been seen before. He has amazing powers that give him the opportunity to become the numbe...

  • The Uchiha that finds love (up for adoption)
    55.4K 653 25

    this is an Izuku x Jiro story and Izuku is a cold-hearted hero that gets a change of heart read the story for more details (this is my first-ever story)

  • For my daughter (mha fan-fic)
    61K 1.6K 37

    Izuku midoriya was devastated. Not only has he lost hope, his own symbol of hope said he can never be a hero. Crippling into the sea of depression izuku swears to never think about heros again.... untill a certain girl comes his way Now to be the greatest hero, the greatest guardian of humanity and to be the greatest...

  • Deku: Saiyan Rage
    28.9K 435 12

    Izuku Midoriya was framed for stealing UA files and sent to Tartarus, but a handful of students from 1-A including his girlfriend of five years Ochaco Uraraka, and his second girlfriend of three years Momo Yaoyorozu, and 1-B, his Dad & Mom, Mr. Aizawa, Eri, and The Big Three still believe him, Little do they know Baku...

  • Izuku The Symbol Of Hope
    486K 11.8K 79

    During the battle of Kamino ward All Might is gravely injured and Izuku watching is horror while All Might looses. He couldn't take it anymore and joined the fight to help All Might with his battle. At the end of the battle a new hero to the world stood and he was. DEKU THE SYMBOL OF HOPE

    Completed   Mature
  • Defectors of the Leaf (Discontinued)
    166K 5.3K 10

    Hiruzen Sarutobi is furious. He's done! The Citizen Council has taken it too far this time. When he finds out that Naruto had been living on the streets for a year after getting kicked out of the orphanage at five, he's ready to take action. But when it comes out that the citizen council has been going behind his back...

  • The legend of deku -completed
    55.6K 970 39

    after the war with Shigaraki izuku finds him self being the only person left on the planet with new aspects to his quirk he goes on a wild adventure starting a new life better than his old one I don't not own my hero academia nor high school dxd all right go to the original owners

    Completed   Mature