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  • The truth untold
    12.6K 737 26

    Kim Taehyung continues to fall more and more for Twice's precious Maknae, since he met her on a cold, January morning. But Chou Tzuyu is far from his reach; pure, untouched and out of bounds. Taehyung is willing to do what it takes to win her heart, but at what costs? How many lies and hidden truths will the two learn...

  • Badboy's nerd ❤️ (tzukook fanfic)
    2.8K 154 10

    Jungook is a bad boy in his school and tzuyu is Most pure girl of that school. Jungook loves to torture other on the other hand tzuyu loves to help others. she is orphan and lives in a orphanage.She is very bright student.She got a scholarship and started her high school. She doesn't aware of her surroundings. If sch...

  • Wild Card
    54.4K 2.8K 65

    Wrong Card Chosen 🖤

    Completed   Mature
  • House Of Cards | Taehyung FF
    4.9K 371 28

    You are me and I am you, the both of us are the altern of us. I didn't ask for it but you came in my life alone. Now I ask to myself "Can I live without you?".

  • Taehyung's Home (COMPLETED) Taetzu
    26.7K 1.7K 28

    Just V and Tzuyu's cuddling moments inside Taehyung's home . CONTAINS SOME MATURE CONTENTS! Highest rank: #1 in Taetzu

    Completed   Mature
  • Psycho and Obsessed 🖤
    54K 2.2K 54

    A cold, arrogant, hot and popular guy turn into a psycho and Obsessed guy because of her. ATTENTION! ⚠️Contain 18+ scene. ⚠️Too much hot 18+ scene ⚠️ Intense Prepare yourself! ❗️ #1 in BangTwice #1 in Tzukook

    Completed   Mature
    26.9K 2.1K 47

    When LOVE and OBSESSION meets, that's when you experience the LOVESESSION. A play of Destiny where Tzuyu and Taehyung who are poles apart, who were never supposed to cross paths, meets unexpectedly. •TALE OF A GIRL'S CRAZY OBSESSION OVER A BOY!• Let's see were the destiny will take them. LOVESESSION - The play of...

  • Hey Mr. Snob!
    26K 2.4K 60

    " do you hate me that much? don't worry I will be acting like I never know you... happy?" The girl wipe her tears and turn her back to him and left. ✅This story was suggested by one of readers @Chewyberries hope you will like it. ✅ This is a work of fiction.

  • The Mafia King 👑✔️
    30.3K 1.6K 37

    "Trust me, I will never kill you,hurt you or letting anyone hurt you" #2 in Tzukook #1 in BangTwice

    Completed   Mature