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  • Baby, I Got Your Number (BTS OT7 Soulmate AU)
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    When you're born, everyone gets a shot in their wrist. It's known at The Elixir and when you turn 24, it causes a tattoo to burn into your skin. Well...they call it a tattoo, but it's white ink. It looks more like a scar. It's supposed to 'help' lead your to your soul mate. Men get a phone number. Women get a country...

  • When the Stars Align Part One: Yoongi
    50.7K 2K 22

    Cassiopeia has been the personal stylist for BTS' Suga and J-Hope for two full years. Too full years of nothing but Yoongi fighting her every suggestion. Two full years of him yelling at her for the tiniest thing. She hasn't had time to worry about finding her soulmate. Not even now that there's an app to make it easi...

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  • Too Good to be True (JHxOC) (J-Hope X Original Character)
    6.1K 615 33

    When Eloise's father tells her that he has arranged a marriage for her, she is outraged. But then she meets the man she is supposed to marry, and decides that being forced to marry a stranger might not be too bad if it is this particular stranger. Jung Hoseok is funny, charming, cute, smart, goofy, and dead-ass sexy...

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  • Mafia Step Daddy
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    don't be scared of me love. I can never hurt you. And even if I do. It's just me. You are mine. Just mine. No one can take you away from me. A bts fanfiction. I didn't own any of these characters.

    Completed   Mature