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  • Save me | KTH
    8.2K 235 12

    18+ content "You're safe with me, we'll be okay, we'll be happy We'll fight for everything together"

  • Dreams - Min YoongixReader
    7.4K 359 24

    "You see, on your right is a bomb thingy." Yoongi pointed out. "Its a nuclear bomb, you need to step on the gas on my saying. Okay?" I explained. "If you say 'min suga is genuis' we have got ourselves a deal." he said. "Alright." I sighed. [Completed]

  • I keep falling for you | Meliodas X Reader |
    124K 2.4K 32

    Before the 10 year hunt for the seven deadly sins, there was going to be eight. But she refused, ran away leaving a path of flames and murder. Until on the search for the others, Meliodas, Elizabeth and a few others found her. But something happened, she changed. With her memories lost and another being in the body wi...

    844K 6.6K 69

    Requests are permanently closed. Thanks for reading :)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Silence of the Garden // Todoroki Shoto x Reader
    9.5K 221 4

    A marriage arranged by Endeavor himself; In which Shoto finds love and happiness in the arms of an unknown woman. ~*~ A short story with disgusting fluff, loving smut, and painful angst.