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    This story is about Gabriela Dawson and Kelly Severide. Gabby was just starting out at the firehouse on ambulance 61, that's when she met Matthew Casey, Lt of Truck81, and Kelly Severide, Lt of Squad3. What she didn't know is that she was gonna fall hard for one of these men and its not the one who she was hoping for...

  • Life at Firehouse 51
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    Hello Fellow Chicago Fire Fans!! This is a fanfiction about the lifes at firehouse 51. The Actions in the story portrayed are NOT true. DISCLAMER: I do not own anything. This story features the couple of the show Gabriela Dawson and Matthew Casey. My best friend and I help eachother with ideas for our stories so I giv...

  • To Claim A Kingdom
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    A doctor who fanfiction, strongly following the story line of the adventure time episode "love games" (Not as lame or silly as you think) Another copy of Clara finds the doctor and begs him to pose as her husband so she may save her kingdom from her younger sister's evil plans with her mysterious fiancé. Will the d...

  • Mixing Lessons: A Hogwarts Whouffle AU
    1.1K 77 3

    Clara Oswald is a new Herbology professor at Hogwarts. And John Smith is a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, who has been at Hogwarts nearly three years now. At first, Miss Oswald avoids Professor Smith. But something about him makes her unable to stay away. Doctor Who/Harry Potter mashup. AU.

  • The Impossible Hunter
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    WHAT?! ONE OF THE SPLIT CLARAS IS A HUNTER AND MEETS THE WINCHESTERS?! Yes. DO THE WINCHESTERS MEET THE DOCTOR?! What would be the point of writing this if they didn't? ARE THERE ANY ROMANTIC THREADS I CAN SHIP?! *Creepy Moon Emoji* Maybe... IS THERE ACTION?! I like violence and torture, so yes. IS THERE ADVENTURE?! T...

  • atlas eyes ➵ [allonswin one-shots]
    4.5K 271 5

    because clara and ten are cuties. a collection of allonswin (ten x clara) short stories.

  • An unusual night
    6.9K 84 7

    On hiatus

  • #2 The Darkest Fire
    115K 2.4K 49

    Dawsey FanFiction by Alina Reynolds A.K.A @chicagofdpd_fanbase Sequel to: A Reason To Love

  • #1 A Reason To Love
    238K 5K 101

    Book One of Chicago's Finest Series Author AlinaReynolds Series: -The Darkest Fire -Sunshine And Roses -The Fire Life

  • Shattered 1 of 4
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    To the outside world Adam Ruzek had it all, a promising career, a beautiful wife and a baby on the way. That's all about to change when one event changes everything, and Adam is left to pick up the shattered pieces of his life.

  • A Chicago PD Love Story: Burzek
    5K 57 7

    Inspiration: I wrote this Burzak fanfic because I am head over converses, in love with their flirtatious relationship, and I was mad that there where only 4 stories. So I decided to write my own. This follows the breathtaking, exciting, and dangerous paths of Kim Burgess, and Adam Ruzak. Can they keep their love aliv...

  • Together (sequel to Forever)
    47.2K 882 53

    A sequel to Forever. Make sure you read Forever first so this story will make sense. A Burzek and Linstead story

  • #2 Our City, Our Rules (A Chicago P.D./Chicago Fire Fanfiction)
    38.3K 1K 41

    The sequel to the smash hit Wattpad story "All We Never Said". This book is the second in the "Chicago Heroes" trilogy by BrianaHernandez95. In book two of the series (Which skips ahead by three years), the Intelligence Unit is mourning the loss of one of their own. They also lost one of their own to the Manhattan Spe...

  • The Darkness
    19.6K 333 19

    Burzek Fanfiction Burgess and Ruzek were living happily ever after....until Burgess gets kidnapped by a murderer. Will Intelligence find her in time? What will happen if they find her? Nobody is prepared for what's going to happen....

  • My brothers the fire fighters
    3.1K 69 4

    REALLY SLOW UPDATES Kelly Severide, Matt Casey, both fire fighters, both lieutenants, both are very good in different and multiple situations. What happens when they find out they are brothers and have two sisters, one being a paramedic at there fire house Leslie Shay a...

  • One day- dawsey
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    A Chicago fire Dawsey story

  • Chicago Fire Fanfiction
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    I do not own Chicago fire but I own this story. Summary- Grace has moved from fire house 17 to fire house 51 to take Shays place after her death find out why Grace moved and what happens at fire house 51......

  • Chicago Fire (Fanfiction)
    48.6K 1.2K 80

    The lives of firefighters at work and outside of work.

  • Adventures Of Firehouse 51
    6.4K 124 9

    Short drabbles about Chicago Fire :)))

  • Lights and Sirens
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    This is the sequel to Roll Call - Book 1 in the Burning Desire Chicago Fire Fanfiction Series. Lights and Sirens dives deeper into the lives of the 51 team as they get over the kidnapping of their Lieutenant; the funeral of a fallen brother, and the birth of Casey and Dawson's son Jamie. Along the road, Nancy Casey ma...