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  • Leave Me Bleeding [Winter Soldier] I
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    #246 in Fan Fiction August 5th. Featured on the Official Fanfiction Wattpad account 1st Place in the Marvel Excelsior Nation Awards 2019 [Cover by AFleetingDream_91] [THIS IS BOOK ONE] Book One is "Leave Me Bleeding" Book Two is "Leave Me Broken" Spin Off One is "Reminisce: Dear O" Spin Off Two is "Ophelia" Book Thre...

  • Dangerous
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    "I'm dangerous" "So am I" ---- Y/n's life was hard enough as it is, hiding from Hydra isn't exactly a walk in the park. But now she's somehow joined the Avengers. She has lived most of her life alone, adapting to the empty feeling it brings, it's all she knows... until she met Bucky. Y/n has many secrets, some she d...

  • Doll - Winter Soldier Fanfic
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    "Buck." You stopped him. He looked at you from across the room. He took his hand off the door knob and faced you still silent. He knew what you were thinking. "I can't." He began. "I need to be careful. I don't want to hu-" You groaned cutting him off. "You dont want to hurt me I get it. You won't hurt me Bucky. I kno...

  • Infatuation | Bucky Barnes
    2.6M 78.1K 96

    He had two choices; leave her and let her die or take her with him and give her a life he wouldn't wish on anyone. This story is a Bucky x OC story. I've literally had this story in my head for years and I finally decided to write it. This story is going to move quicker in the beginning since I have a lot of back sto...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alchemy Jones → Bucky Barnes [1]
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    The year is 1945, the world is at war and no one can escape the tragedies that come from the inhuman acts of violence and murder. With the Nazi-backed HYDRA organization growing stronger and stronger, some fear it is the end. Only really known in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York, Alchemy Jones is the daughter of a b...