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  • The Boss Of The Escape Game Is My Husband [MTL] ✔
    6.3K 187 54

    **MTL (Machine Translation)** **Full summary inside Synopsis and Disclaimer page** **Contains BL(boy's love) contents) **Full of grammar errors** Title: 逃生游戏boss是我老公/ The Boss of the Escape Game is My Husband Author: 春风辞 Status in COO: 53 chapter (Completed) Original Publisher: jjwxc Synopsis: (From Novel Updates) In...

  • After I was reborn, I became a scumbag and his uncle's destiny Omega [BL. MTL]
    194K 7.7K 105

    Translation: In his previous life, as a beta, Su Liang was bold enough to seduce the future of the Lu family The pillar Lu Zhizhao eloped. As a result, after the run, Su Liang realized that his own failure to turn his back on the boat was just a big joke. Su Liang gave everything, and finally died silently on the day...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dressed as a salted fish, I want to sing every day[BL, MTL]
    37.2K 1.5K 81

    Author: 摘星怪 When he woke up, Bo Sui found that he had penetrated into a beautiful and spiritual text. In this book, the protagonist Gong is the official boss of the Special Events Administration, and the protagonist Shou is the heir to the Tianshi family. And he is just a salted fish cannon fodder living in the same b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Omega Coach is Gold-Class
    115K 3.2K 200

    〖ENGLISH TRANSLATION + MTL〗 ㅤ There was a legendary player known as Wing who appeared in the pro league for Gun King in the Chinese division. He landed his shots with deadly precision and absolute confidence. Under his leadership, a third-rate team in the minor league clawed their way to the major league, ultimately w...

  • Little Madman's Guide to Acting Good [Rebirth]
    69.2K 2.2K 118

    〖ENGLISH TRANSLATION + MTL〗 ㅤ Chen Qizhao was reborn and returned to the age of 18 when he was still the wicked little overlord of the Chen family. At this time, his brother hadn't experienced a car accident while his parents were in good health and weren't seriously ill. The Chen family was still the prosperous Chen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Quick Transmigration: Counterattack of the side characters
    115K 5.6K 63

    I was a good person, that's what I believed so why did this happen to me what did I do to deserve this torture this pain. I swear if I had a chance to start over or to break free from this place I would take it, for anything, even if it destroys me. A man died betrayed by his best friend, ended up with a system. He wa...

  • (BL)(MTL)After inheriting hundreds of millions of inheritances,
    70.4K 1.6K 185 After inheriting hundreds of millions of inheritances, the wealthy husband is back Author: Gongzi Xunhuan Category: Danmei Fans Release time: 2022-03-04 Latest: Chapter 270 (End of text) Danmei Fans One sentence introduction: After inheriting hundreds of millions of inheritances, the...

  • 《BL》I Lost My Memory Before the Divorce was Agreed
    38.6K 1.4K 116

    《 MTL 》🌟《 ✔️ 》《 Modern 》 Author: Radish Flower Rabbit Status: Completed (116 Chapters) ~~~ Introduction: Popular Xiaosheng Lu Yuanbai and Duan Yu, President of the Duan Group, have been married for many years. However, the two agreed to marry, and their relationship was not on good terms. When the agreement expired a...

  • The disabled big guy's oki silly wife
    40.3K 2.7K 87

    COMPLETED Alternative title : 残疾大佬的冲喜傻妻 Author : 挫纷 He Yi wore a book after his death and became the male wife who gave the disabled big guy Chong Xi. He used to be an autistic person, although he changed a healthy body after wearing a book, his mind did not reach the level of a normal adult, and everyone thought that...

  • The Cannon Fodder Doesn't Want to Die
    17.1K 672 68

    Short Title : CFDWTD Alternate Title : 炮灰不想死[快穿] Status [Edit] : Completed Author : Humble Servant Girl Genre: BL, zombies, beasts, vampires, royalty, mermaid, fantasy, terminal illness, ML falls in love first, QT SUMMARY: Yu Ze was in a car accident in his original world and ended up being completely paralyzed, the d...

  • Book 1 Quick Pass: The White Lotus host is milky and sweet
    53.3K 1.9K 137

    **The story is nit mine, for offline reading purposes only.** PLEASE DON'T VOTE. JUST READ ONLY. THANKS [Double male protagonists & no female protagonists] Ji Sishen tasked the world with white lotus, how to break it? That is of course the routine of taking the white lotus, leaving the white lotus with nowhere to go...

  • [BL] Disabled Cannon Fodder has Dreams [Quick Wear]
    108K 4.7K 96

    Disabled Cannon Fodder has Dreams [Quick Wear] 残疾炮灰有梦想[快穿] Author 木风橘 Status 96 Chapters Description As a senior social animal, Song Xi believes that a person cannot rely on salted fish. As a result, he succeeded in sudden death, and successfully bound a fast-passing mission system to complete the dream of those miser...

  • The Little Sunflower Essence of the Doomsday Boss [ Danmei MTL ]
    84.1K 3.8K 167


    Completed   Mature
  • [BL] Scumbag's White Moonlight Stand-in Doesn't Want to do it Anymore
    159K 6.2K 78

    Scumbag's White Moonlight Stand-in Doesn't Want to do it Anymore 渣攻的白月光替身不想干了 Author 壹枚 Status 78 Chapters Zhai Siluo served as a substitute by Shen Weixi's side for three years. Unexpectedly, when Bai Yueguang returned home, Shen Weixi ran away from the marriage on the spot and abandoned him. Just when Zhai Siluo wa...

  • [BL] I, The Villain's Father, Bully Others
    84.2K 4.4K 80

    I, The Villain's Father, Bully Others 我,反派亲爹,仗崽欺人 Author 山吹子 Status 80 Chapters Description Wen Lingchuan became the cannon fodder of a certain blood family who was pregnant with the villain demon. but the protagonist ignores him. After stealing the protagonist's blood, he gave birth to a bloodline in his body, and u...

  • 《BL》Cubs Stocking Plan
    97.9K 4.3K 95

    《 MTL 》🌟《 ✔️ 》《 Modern 》 Author: Yu Xiaoba Status: Completed (90 Chapters + 4 Fanwai) ~~~ Introduction: As soon as I opened my eyes, there was an extra milk cub, but it was still an ugly and cute milk cub. Shao Xiaoxiao felt panic in his heart, he is such a big man with red seedlings, and he gave birth to other men w...

  • 《BL》The Little Mermaid Got The Wrong Script
    172K 7.7K 109

    《 MTL 》《 ✔️ 》《 Interstellar 》 Author: Lang Kong Yishi Status: Completed (107 Chapters + 1 Extra) ~~~ [mtler/n: 2k letter limit, full ver in ch 1] Introduction: Ruan Chujiu went through a book and entered an unfinished novel called "Boss Chasing His Wife: The Perfect Mermaid Wife Running with the Ball". (m/n: running...

  • [BL] The Cannon Fodder Little Wife of a Wealthy Old Man [Wearing Books]
    61.7K 2.2K 42

    The Cannon Fodder Little Wife of a Wealthy Old Man [Wearing Books] 豪门老男人的炮灰小娇妻[穿书] Author 江中月 Status 42 Chapters Description The man in the dream looked very good, Xia Jin relied on this as a dream, and the sperm worm put the man to sleep with a daring brain. When he woke up, he found out that he was dressed as the p...

  • (BL) Cannon Fodder N [quick wear]
    375K 15.2K 157

    ALL TRANSLATION IS AUTO TRANSLATE FROM RAW (sorry if there is any mistake since I do just for fun and it is not my own translation, all from translation tools) Title: 炮灰N号[快穿] Author: 弥千里 Synopsis: The protagonist of the rebirth wants revenge, the cannon fodder who wears a book wants to counterattack, and the protagon...

  • Days of Confrontation with Scum Attack (Yaoi)
    46.6K 1K 125

    ‼️MTL‼️ Yu Baoyuan poured out his heart for five years, still ended up getting kicked away by A Scum . Was it knocked down like this! Impossible. Even the whole life is mess....Yu Baoyuan still think he is the chosen son of heaven who is hard-bone, stubborn enough and quite turbulent. So, a certain bastard scratched h...

  • The Green Tea Targets the wrong Person [ BL ] ~ COMPLETED ~
    246K 13.7K 92

    Author: Jack Cat Yue Chu was defeated and died, and was dragged into a different world by the system, promising that as long as he could destroy the feelings of the two protagonists so that the world would not be destroyed, he could reverse the tragic ending of his original world. Yue Chu couldn't wait to agree...

  • [ QT ] Heal The Demon
    37.5K 2.6K 43

    Rong Wan broke into a cruel and sweet world, and needed to complete the love game with the devil. The handsome and invincible great demon was chased and beaten by everyone, betrayed, oppressed, and abandoned. When he was completely disappointed in the world and completely blackened, he planned to turn everyone into a...

  • Dressed as a Stand-in for the White Moonlight
    68.6K 2.8K 66

    COMPLETED Associated Names : 穿成霸总白月光的替身 Author : 曳萝 In the dog-blooded BL novel "Substitute", the main character is so pitiful that he doesn't realize until the last moment that he is just a tool used by his husband to protect the white moonlight in his heart. In order to protect his beloved, the protagonist gong, who...

  • The School Idol's Roommate [BL]
    51.4K 3.3K 137

    After getting his heart broken, Aki closed the doors to his heart. But his life was thrown upside down when he started living with the most popular guy on their campus. Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

  • 最萌身高差
    30.6K 1.2K 11

    [The Cutest Height Difference] Timid and fearful shou + overbearing and black-bellied gong. The black-bellied gong is one metre eighty-six, the fearful shou is one metre sixty-eight. One day, the world flipped over and the fearful shou and black-bellied gong exchanged bodies. The two gathered together at a small resta...

  • [BL] Help, My Classmate is Trying to Murder Me!
    9.7K 711 8

    My name is Zhao Lingfeng. I have a classmate named Dong HeFeng. He's tall, handsome, friendly, smart, and sociable-everything about him is good, except for one thing: he wants to kill me. How do I know? Well, I've known him since middle school and we were never close. If I saw him in the hall, I would only take an ext...

  • Praying For Fate
    245K 10.3K 30

    The original story, Praying For Fate (求緣) is written by ShiShi (十世). This is a translation of this Chinese novel. BeiTang MinQian: He is a world class super model and is the only son and heir to a prestigious aristocratic family. Because of the pressure as the family's sole successor, he must face the norms of...

    Completed   Mature
  • 老攻身患绝症[穿书]
    286K 16.9K 177

    Xie Yang has spent many years in the apocalypse and is tired and worn out. Then he transmigrated into a simple and superficial novel about the entertainment circle. The protagonist of the novel was handsome, smart and reborn. The female protagonist of the novel was beautiful, inspirational and had a golden finger. Som...

  • I Think My Boyfriend Is Sick
    21.1K 1.1K 17

    STORY NOT MINE!! FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY I think my boyfriend is sick, the kind of sickness that's too embarrassing to mention. Associated Names 我男朋友好像有病 •Author > Yi Zhi Da Yan •Translator > RBKTR Translations (Yujuan)

    19.3K 1.4K 138

    NOT my story. NOT my translation. For OFFLINE READING ONLY. - - - - - - - - - - Fu Li was a yaoguai from the countryside who had never seen the world. After entering the city, his biggest dream was to become a civil servant and leave his name in historical records. However... He didn't have a university degree. Not ev...