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  • Bitterest Boys [SCP-079 X SCP-682]
    25.2K 678 13

    WARNING: SUPER OLD WRITING!! ••• Two SCPs attempt to meet again and run away together. ••• After their brief containment together, 079 and 682 can't stop thinking about each other. In the facility there is no hope for a relationship to bloom, but if they somehow could escape...maybe? Follow these two doofuses on their...

  • 《Fragile》SCP-049 x Injured!Reader
    142K 4.5K 10

    《COMPLETED》 Two long months after ACL surgery, your pattern of life has almost gone back to normal: you can finally walk without those dreaded crutches (the clunky brace still remained strapped on, however, to your displeasure). Everything seems to be going in an uphill pattern for you, that is until you and your enti...

  • Change Of View (049xReader)
    104K 3.9K 20

    It seemed to be just a normal day at work at the Scp facility. But somehow Scp 079 escaped and let out all the other Scp's inside the facility. As you manage to escape most danger in your path, you run into the plague doctor himself. To safe yourself from death, you forge a deal with Scp 049. He lets you live, while...

  • SCP-049 x Reader - Untouchable
    369K 12.9K 26

    Recently turned D-Class, you were a researcher who terrified your colleagues and had committed a terrible crime that your past self claimed was for the greater good. Turns out you had a stalker, and after being brought to 049 as a means of end, you, with no memory of your past, push through a breach and slowly uncover...

  • Big Q's Little sister (Ranboo x reader)
    905K 18.2K 32

    If ranboo changes his mind about people writing fanfics (So far he has said he is fine with anything that DOESN'T have NSFW which will not be included) Someone please tell me and I will take it down. She/Her pronouns. Mostly nice stuff I think, If Tw will need to be placed I will be sure to do that! Y/n Is Twitch stre...

  • ••|•••••|••|•
    6.7K 165 8

    (The cover is from SCP-2521's file and isn't in any way mine) I found some "2521 x reader" fanfics on here that didn't quite sit right with me, so I decided to write my own fanfiction. This is the first time I've finished a story in probably about a year, so don't be too harsh with it- °.• If you feel like you would...