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  • The Men in Black Reader X Massive Harem
    25.2K 301 14

    The Men in Black... A Mysterious group on Earth. Many people wonder who they are. They recently partnered with a group that allows them to now travel across different dimensions. They recently received a mayday of an alien race that has crash landed in a world named Remnant. How will this go? Will he make enemie...

  • The Third Sparda (HighSchool DxD X M!Reader)
    339K 5.3K 29

    Mundus has return to get his revenge to Sparda Bloodline for sealing him in the Demon World (I don't not own any pictures in this story at all)

    Completed   Mature
  • Devil Slayer [High School DxD x Demon Slayer Male Reader]
    54K 1.7K 14

    "Why must you all kill? Why must you all murder for your own amusement? Take other's family.. Does hurting the weak give you a thrill?.. What do you take life for?.." A young man wielding 3 swords and a special ability roamed the city of Kuoh in search of the root of the evil. I have a one shot on this book in my "One...

  • MAGIC and STANDS (Stand user male reader x The Owl house)
    6.4K 95 8

    Y/n and Luz always had a very BIZARRE but after a certain event involving jailbreaks, magic, and buff ghost men, Y/n and Luz find out a whole new WORLD. JJBA is owned by Hirohiko Araki The Owl House is owned by Dana Terrace I do not own the pics. This also may contain other fandoms

  • Kill La Kill x Male Reader
    10.6K 286 6

    In Honno City lived a teenage boy who had managed to stay under the radar and not go to the crazy school that was at the top of the hill, along with your sister that you despise and vise versa. That was until he ran into a girl who drew him into a bunch of crazy stuff. Next was the girl who wielded one half of a large...

  • Wings Of Light And Fibers Of Life (Male Seraph Nephilim reader X Kill La Kill)
    16.1K 284 17

    In Honor of the 15-year long show Supernatural I have decided to write this story After being humiliated by the boxing club captain Ryuko Matoi retreated to her family home there she found the mysterious and sentient uniform who she named Senketsu but then she discovered an adjacent room full of all kinds of weird st...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mystery Within
    358K 13.6K 51

    Y/n has led a dark mysterious life up until this point. But finally fed up with not knowing if he will even live to see tomorrow he seeks to make a change in his life. After he cuts ties with the past he winds up in the Spooky town of Crystal Cove. Will he be able to live the life he strives for here? Or will he be ca...

  • Descendant Of The Ghost | Male Uchiha Reader x Naruto Harem
    207K 4.1K 47

    Third story. You know how this goes. Plenty of lemons btw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Completed   Mature
  • Demon Slayer x Demon Male Reader
    97.7K 2.7K 8

    Y/N L/N was a demon slayer, trained by one of the greatest or the greatest slayer of them all, Yoriichi Tsugikuni. Although his journey did not last long as a slayer it was still quite infamous as he created the third strongest breathing form, Breath of Venom. The young man had fought his way through herds of demons w...

  • Dreaming Of You~ ((Yandere Female Dream X Male Reader FanFic))
    61.3K 1.1K 11

    What happens when the most powerful person in the Dream SMP becomes crazy in love with one of her members? Let's find out together shall we? Also I have a self insert, you'll know him when ya see him.

  • firey heart of a hero Fem-katsuki X Male Reader
    432K 7.2K 39

    y/n was born with a very powerful and dangerous quirk and try to keep his emotions in check

  • My Hero Academia X Male Reader
    229K 1.4K 13

    "Making mistakes is what proves your trying" Y/N L/N is a transfer student, Not to late into the year though... just a bit after the entrance exam. Is it possible that Y/N has a quirk that 0.0000001% of people have? Well he has the power to know everything about you m, but there's a little more to it then that so read...

  • Warrior Blood - Female Sasuke X Male Reader Fanfiction
    61.5K 641 17

    Another new description yet again,this time its very important.all chapters 1 - 18 are noncannon,and are gonna be a shitpost comedic toned version,so if ya want the charm of shit of the original im keeping those up.a final and newer version of FSXMR will be released sometime soon.

  • My Bloody Girlfriend (Himiko Toga x Male Reader)
    58.5K 983 11

    Y/N L/N was a quirkless boy but has died from A Villain Attack. He was great friends with Class 1-A and even some of the teachers. They were devastated by this sudden news. But what if Y/N L/N was able to come back with a quirk that is "Overpowered" A quirk that will be hard to control. Will Y/N be able to overcome th...

  • Gamo-chan x Silent/Cold Male Reader
    139K 4.7K 42

    Gamo didn't look forward to seeing anybody in a relationship. Or be friends with a boy for that matter. This changed however when her friends invited her to watch a rugby game that their school was playing in. It didn't take long before a figure comes walking onto the field, a strange vibe that made Gamo feel... wei...

  • The Unnoticed and the unseen (male reader x fem. Aizawa) A MHA fan fic.
    152K 3K 19

    Read it to find out. And I dont want to guve too munch info about it.

  • Hazbin Hotel Girls x Male Angel Reader
    227K 2.3K 14

    Sent down from Heaven to check on Hell, you find yourself in multiple scenarios with the girls of the Hazbin Hotel universe. Fall in love, develop relationships and woo that special demon girl, cause an Angel and a Demon together? What could go wrong? Due to the success of my first ever story about Charlie from Hazbin...

  • My Girlfriend is a Demon
    135K 2.2K 12

    Fem Alastor x Male Reader

  • Amphibia x male reader
    252K 4K 24

    When four teens get sucked into a world of frogs they will go on crazy adventures and find feelings as well