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  • [DISCONTINUED] Valtor's Lover
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    [DISCONTINUED: I might redo this story, but the likelihood is small.] I don't own Winx Club. Only Flame and Flare. And this story, of course. This story is how Valtor fell in love with a princess. The princess of Domino, to be exact. Which one? Find out in the story. Flare is Bloom's twin sister. She isn't as popular...

  • Dragon Flame connection (Bloom x Valtor)
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    Ongoing. (Very slow process I am sorry, school is leaving me with little to no ideas) This is an AU where Alfea highschool is longer than just three years, they attend the school for a total of 5 years. This takes place at the end of season 3. After defeating Valtor he was sent back to the Omega dimension. Bloom could...