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    Earlier titled, EPHEMERAL. "Youth has no shame, nor do we. If we did, you wouldn't have kissed me in a room dressed with nothing but art." Their souls were made of materials more than words, it was far beyond the bridges of poetry. They're foundations are built alongside that of the wilds, blossomed in the bell jar o...

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    ❝ all you did was dwell into the sea of smoke you brewed ❞ love was from the moment i had set my eyes on you, only to tear my insides into shred of hope your music filled me in but something was distracting, maybe it was the death sticks your lips played with ? or was it just me trying to find reasons to dash into you...

  • DRUNK DAZED, graphic shop²
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    : in which less of an amateur zara tries to make covers as per your 𝒹𝑒𝓈𝒾𝓇𝑒. # 💬 . ᶻz 🎲status: open a non committing graphic shop.

  • When Heaven Meets Sky
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    Taylor Lee. Known as the Ice Queen of Olympus Academy and descendant of the great mother Gaia, she walks in a world dominated by magic. At the top of the hierarchy due to her ancestry, she refuses to associate herself with anyone, even those with high status like herself. Those with a more powerful background tend to...

  • A Rose Between Thorns
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    Book #1 of the Flower Shop Series- Taylor Lee was an ordinary girl who was on her way to college when she was chosen as the 8th member of BTS, a popular Kpop group. She comes to find out that all seven boys are each other's soulmates, but they had felt something missing and went on a search to find their missing piece...

    Completed   Mature
  • Winter Blossom
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    Book #2 of the Flower Shop Series. "To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold." - Aristotle Winter has finally arrived, ushering in a new dawn for BTS. After a series of traumatic events due to a crazed saesang, the group does their best to recuperate as they finish up their min...

  • Clash Of Swords (Rengoku x OC)
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    Kyoko Tsukino figured that the kendo club at her college would just be a bunch of sweaty boys hitting each other with sticks and goofing off. It was what she was used to after all. But little does she know that this club has a bit more to it: a secret that Kyoko doesn't realize until she's already involved. A group of...

  • Concerto of the Sun
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    My Hero Academia X OC Zai and Ama Nobuyuki are accepted into UA high, a school only for the best who want to become heroes. After losing their parents in a tragic accident, both girls decided on the path of heroism, and were able to get into the school on recommendation. They are place in hero class 1A, where they mee...

  • Trial by Fire (Kaeya x OC)
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    Some say the world will end in fire. Some say in ice. Some say that the gods will purge this world as retribution for their sins against them. I think the third option is more likely. I've seen many nations rise and fall in my lifetime, tucked away in my own little corner of the world. Many eons passed without my inte...

  • The Sass House
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    Welcome to The Sass House!! A place for my mind to find peace with all the turmoil inside me. A place for me to rant and vent about daily life and people I didn't like very much. A place for my essays about general topics I never got to show anyone. So, dive in for some fresh tea and dramatical exaggeration of my m...

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    . in which SPECTAR ACADEMY FOR GIFTED YOUTHS accepts 8 troubled teenagers who may be their last chance of survival. created . 1/21/22 published . 1/22/22 finished . OPEN ( ✔ ) CLOSED ( ) ONGOING ( )

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    "Because all light sees is Beauty but never the Beast." ── Welcome to our house of magic, we sell poisons and blessings with all things secret but black magic. Hop in and explore for all this mage brings is a loving cure. graphic shop and portfolio !! © chemicalkrackel 17012022 + new

  • 𝐇𝐈𝐆𝐇 | 𝐃𝐈𝐄
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    ▷The not so lovely dumpster of your lovely angst writer ── RAEY ꒱ ꒰ Includes ── graphic dumps. plot drops. rants. random pictures. music - books - shows - movie recs. lots of swearing. get ready :)) © rimshigh | 27O721 17:12; bye sleep.

  • Midnight Drift | jjk 🏁
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    ❝Park. Reverse. Neutral. Drive.❞ ❝When do I use the sports option?❞ ❝Maybe in an alternate universe where Hoseok hates hamburger and sprite.❞ ❝You know that's never gonna happen.❞ ❝Exactly.❞ ☆•~♡~•☆•~♡~•☆•~♡~•☆•~♡~•☆•~♡~•☆ Where passion for cars leads into discovering the university topper's Formula 1 racing secret...

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    [ returned from hiatus, will be updated after Ramadan, stay tune! ] " ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇꜱᴛ ꜱᴏʀᴛ ᴏꜰ ᴀʟᴘʜᴀꜱ, ᴀʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴᴇꜱ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɢʀᴇᴡ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴏɴᴇ. " - ᴊ.ᴊᴋ --- Jungkook is born an Omega in a world where only Alphas thrive and looked up upon. He deeply wishes to be one of the highest ranked. Going as far as joining an Alpha academy an...

  • The Craft Of Rhymes
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    --[A Collection Of Poems]-- Quill on parchment, and pen on paper. Ages may switch, but words change never. Upon the dawn of each era, moving with the times, we always find ways, to preserve our rhymes. *** © BerryStrawberryy, 2021

  • Scarlet Snow ✔
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    [A Kim Taehyung Oneshot] ──────────── ·  ·  ·  ·  ❛️️️️❛They came into his life like a rainbow on a stormy day... and then left just as quickly.❜❜ ───── ·  ·  ·  · Loneliness is a powerful emotion. Powerful enough to render the most brilliant minds insane. Yet, somehow, people never seem to lose hope...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mr. Kim Next Door || KSJ ✓
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    I thought my next door neighbour, Mr. Kim was out of my league but it isn't always how we think it is.

  • La Douleur Exquise || JJK✓
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    La Douleur Exquise : : An exquisite pain ◈◇◈◇◈◇◈ It's an exquisite pain to love someone you can't talk to. It's more painful when you know, the person won't stay in your life forever. A Jeon Jungkook short story.

  • BTS Oneshots
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    Random BTS Oneshots. Fluff- ✅ Angst- ✅ Smut- ✅ Romance- ✅ Mystery/Thriller- ✅ Requests are currently closed. **** Cover credits: @Breezyyyboo

  • Bodyguard | Kim Namjoon ✓
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    "Don't you want to live normally?" She asked. "I don't know what normal is." He said. "Will you run away with me?" He asked. "Yes, I will." She said. In a world ruled by blood, money and lies they live. Would they be able to break away from all that holds them back? Would they be able to love each other? *** A/N: T...

  • Writer's Café
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    This is not your usual writer's guide to success. I can't promise it'll be organised, serious or professional. I like sarcasm, dad jokes, dissing and no planning. You get the point? I'm a crackhead, who is a big softie. What I can promise though, is that I'll pour all my experience as an avid reader, writer and re...

  • Brush Strokes ✓
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    "It's tea. I didn't add poison to it. If that's what you are thinking." ⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⊰⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅∙∘☽༓☾∘∙•⋅⋅⋅•⋅⋅⊰⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅ Lee Aera has never had it easy in life. Struggling in the cut-throat industry of art where you either get noticed or ignored, she is hopeful that she would make it big one day. However...

  • After hours ✓(editing)
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    They weren't alike and they weren't opposite. They were in perfect harmony, the ideal couple, yet... Choi Sehee, a simple restaurant owner. Kim Seokjin, a worldwide idol. Unknown to Seokjin's identity, Sehee lets him in her restaurant after hours, their relation based off hiding their secrets. Will they be brave enoug...

  • House of Cards
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    "Who are you?" "Caroline." Jimin's lived a treacherous life for 3 years now under the gaze of his love. She hurts him both physically and mentally but his love still prevails. Will his house of cards come crashing down or will he pick back up the pieces? ˚˙༓࿇༓˙˚˙༓࿇༓˙˚˙༓࿇༓˙˚ A work by @Heathe...

  • Giselle
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    "Sex on drugs is mind-blowing. Wanna try?" ───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ─── Kim Migyung, a former prima ballerina who had to give up dancing after an accident. Not being able to do the only thing she's ever known, her dreams stripped away, she gets sucked into the wormhole of addiction. Trying to pick up the pie...

  • A Beautiful Accident ✓
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    "You can fall for anyone, knowing they aren't good people. Toxic relationships wouldn't exist if people always chose the right type." ✧ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ✦✧✦ ▬▭▬ ▬▭▬ ✧ Park Heejae is not his type. Min Yoongi is not her type either. Yet when they come together, it's like an explosion that created the universe. Their brains make...

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    ❝ She is a cynical beauty, a knot in reality who'll bring mercy to the hearts of the unforgiving. She'll bring faith to the godless.❞ The stage is set ablaze, the fear in eyes have been rimmed through time with anything but perils of acceptance. The dragon knows it all, she cradles the life that has been breathing fie...

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    ❝you can't run from what's in your blood, for choice is but an illusion❞ Valeria is only one step away from spiralling into her nightmare. Set free by the invitation to the court fest, now all that is left is to live her dream. Or so she thought until she ventures on a journey to start a new life; oblivious to the p...

  • Silver Tears || Park Jimin x Jeon Jeongguk
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    Wolves in the woods, childlike innocence. However, not everyone is like that. or In which Park Jimin meets a wolf in the woods everyday, until his dad has enough and Jimin cries silver tears.