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  • The New Avenger
    119K 1.6K 34

    " I don't think I recognize you" " Relax, darling. I'm not a threat, I'm a friend" "What should I call you, miss?" " I'm Kara, Kara Mikaelson" " You're a fool to think that only witches have magic"

  • The Unwanted Sister *DISCONTINUED*
    35K 617 8

    Willow Ester Mikaelson so the younger half sister of Hope and Klaus Mikaesons other daughter. She is a tribrid like Hope but everyone thinks that she is a human, she is psychologically and physically abused by the man who calls himself her father. After 13 years of feeling alone she meets a man named lucifer and his d...

  • The Other Salvatore
    1.6M 31.8K 55

    This is a story about the youngest Salvatore, Elizabeth. No one knows she's alive, not even Stefan and Damon. She doesn't know they are alive either. What will happen when they find their way back to each other, and tell each other about their lifes? What will happen when Stefan and Damon realize who their little sist...

  • The Salvatore Sister • Ava Rose Salvatore
    1.6M 33.7K 53

    Stefan and Damon's sister, Ava, arrives in town unannounced with secrets. Secrets that will destroy their family bond forever. Forever is a long time especially for a vampire. What will happen when Stefan and Damon discovers her secrets she's been keeping from them for over a hundred years. Will Damon and Stefan be ab...