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  • His Unmarked Territory
    26M 447K 47

    Read the description or watch the trailer :P -> Skylar is a orphaned werewolf, sent from her home in england to North Dakota. when your parents are killed before your eyes by a pack of wolfs, it doesn't really warm her to the idea of becoming a mate to the most powerful we...

  • 1000 Years Apart
    584K 10.9K 21

    After Edward left Bella, she went to the Volturi who changed her. As the years went by Bella forgot her human life and fell for another. 1000 years later when the Cullen's meet Bella again things are bound to be complicated.

  • Mated
    618K 15.7K 16

    Selene Reed has had no contact with the Red Moon pack for years. Now all of a sudden she is called to a pack meeting. What will Selene do when she finds out she is the alpha's mate? Alpha Nicolai Anderson has been compelled by the council of elders to find his mate. What he doesn't expect is been mated to the most bea...

  • Blood Drive
    276K 8.7K 22

    Natalie needed the money for her deathly sick sister and they had it ready... all she had to do what give up her blood. Easy transition in a Blood Drive but not when your bloodline is unique. It caused her to fall straight into the hands of Orlando Azrail himself.

  • Broken
    142K 1.7K 8

    (On hold as I want to concentrate on other stories... Sorry) “Ruby Black, I hereby reject you as my other half, my wolf’s half and...” He stared into my eyes, and smirked, ‘please don’t, please don’t, please don’t’ I chanted in my head again and again, my wolf howled; a howl of longing, love and desperation. “...As m...

  • Why My Thighs Touch
    9.2K 275 5

    So my therapist, Dr. Gina, asked me to list two things I like about my body and two I don’t. My list went something like this: Like: 1) Big boobs. (Does this count?) 2) Curvy. (I’m more squiggly, but what the hell.) Don’t like: 1) Flabby abs. 2) Thunder thighs, arms and neck. After looking at the list, Dr. Gina tol...

  • Everybody Has a Secret Complete
    89K 2.5K 24

    The crowd rumbles into the small assembly space. The building is set up in a coliseum construction with dark oak as the main form of décor. From top to bottom sits the less important to the most important packs. The Elder Council surrounds the center. Whispers and hush tones overflow the old building. Everyone is sim...

  • My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It (SAMPLE)
    6.1M 368 9

    This is the sample. First five chapters only. To read more, please support me by purchasing my eBook. Angela is sarcastic, a bit of a drama queen but hopelessly confused and lost in life. After a traumatic start in life, Angela needs everything to stay in her control, but as we all know, life never goes the way we p...

  • Teaching the Alpha student
    39.9K 530 15

    *Mature Audience Only* Leah Woods is an retired 22 year old playboy model. She move to another small town away from her partying life after finding out that she is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend baby. She decided to become a teacher at a nearby highschool after having summer long practice at her last highschool. She e...

  • envenoMATE
    239K 4K 36

    Life gets tragic when a were-snake claims his mate. Sweet Adina comes to love mysterious, brooding Daniel. She is pursued by a possessive, desperate Chester. Both men fight for her, which which will die for his love?

  • Born Immortal
    9M 77.7K 41

    Astyr Tyr was found newborn and naked on the side of the road with nothing but a bracelet and a name. After fifteen years of being bounced around the foster system, she finds herself in a small town on the brink of discovering big secrets and maybe... Her place in the world. Credit for the cover photo goes to S Baker...

  • The Psychic Next Door
    5.4M 109K 53

    Rachel Vaughn is being hunted by something... unexplainable. And she can't help but think it has something to do with Luc, the handsome but mysterious guy who lives next door. { Book I of The Psychic Curse } After her boyfriend cheats on her, Rachel Vaughn needs a fresh start. She finds it in a new apartment, and...

  • His Marriage Trap
    60.8K 1.5K 9

    Nikolai and Gabriella married for convenience and have lived as strangers. Now, Gabby has learned that her husband is having an affair and has decided the time has come for divorce. But Nik does not seem inclined to grant it. In fact he is very much opposed and is insisting that Gabriella become his wife for real!

  • Morello's Virgin Wife
    37.6K 949 4

    Blaize is the daughter of a mob boss. All her life she has been feared and used. Until she met Carlos Morello. She loved him and was certain he was the one. Until they were married and she found out that Carlos had been lying to her all along. He didn't love her at all and was undercover using her to takedown her fath...

  • His Unexpected Marriage
    4.3M 85.3K 24

    What happens when two opposites wake up to discover they're married? Kaycee has always tried to be the perfect daughter, sister and girlfriend. But her life falls apart when her stepsister steals her boyfriend and she realises she's never been able to compete. Jake has always been the ultimate playboy and has never ob...

  • Damaged and Broken
    42.8K 935 18

    You've proberbly heard people say that they hate there family or they hate there brother or sister, but do they just say that for attention or do they really mean it. In my case i was left at a rubbish site when i was born and then brought back to be a servent in my own home. My mother and father are the luna and alph...

  • Wolfsbane: Lucy & Geoff
    169K 4.2K 15

    What's a young wolf shifter to do when the boy she grew up taunting and pranking comes home from college changed and grown up? Lucy and Geoff spent years toying with one another until the day after Geoff's eighteenth birthday, when he vanished to college and didn't come home for four years. Fresh with a degree under h...

  • Well...Not Anymore.
    2.9M 74.3K 25

    Naomi and Lucas used to be closer than most people could ever dream of being. They were best friends but that all changed when, the summer between their Freshman and Sophomore year of high school, Naomi confessed to being in love with him. Lucas turned her down and soon after, there was nothing left of their friends...

  • I am Nameless
    575K 8K 15

    "You know you can't hide from me, Miriska. No matter how many guards your father may assign to you, it won't be enough, I will breach every defense and retaliate every attack and I WILL have you in my arms, for the rest of eternity," the voice was a soft but menacing whisper hidden in the blackest of shadows. "Who are...

  • Being Rejected
    4.1M 86K 26

    Her life has always been pretty messed up but when she gets a accused of something she didn't do. It gets worse. She finds her soulmate but he rejects her so she leaves. Years later she's back. She's not the weak pathetic little wolf now. Nope now she has a real family behind her. 

  • Scared Alpha (Edited) Complete
    3.6M 74.8K 18

    "Are you rejecting me?" I ask, whispering as my heart was breaking into a million pieces. "No." he answers. "I...uh...huh...what?" I stutter. It didn't make sense. Why is he saying we can't be together but not reject me? "I just can't be with you." he says with a straight face, no emotion. "Then reject me." I tell him...

  • Dominate me, Alpha
    1.7M 27K 23

    Domina was never the sweet, girly girl who waited for her prince. She always hit her target, was the fastest and among the strongest in the pack. She could not imagine a mate who would try to dominate her! Being an alphas daughter she is proud and a true leader. But what happens when she is to be mated to the stronges...

  • Define Normal
    2.6M 52.4K 29

    Normal is... Jade has no clue. When her mother dies and she moves in with her father, she feels like she's entered a different world. Used the threatening situations and secret identities, Jade is surprised to find that normal life might be the biggest challenge she's ever faced.

  • Dateless and Deadly
    1.3M 25.5K 31

    Cassandra Cole and her sister Samantha were perfectly normal college students. Until they were kidnapped by a rogue organization that claimed they were the products of a couple of magical power houses and not to mention, destined to save the world. Now they're working against a powerful enemy, Caine, who wants their...

  • Just What I Needed
    9M 106K 79

    In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one true love, music, hidden from even her best friends. But when one song changed the world she lived in, shaking it to it's very core, everything she kno...

  • Dumped!
    12.4M 256K 35

    Deana Carter has always been superstitious and cynical. She's always waiting for the other shoe to drop and expecting the inevitable - disappointment. So, when she meets Matthew Stewart, she can't help her cynicism. It's all too good to be true. However, she begins to warm up to the thoughts of happily ever after...

  • You wish you knew me now (editing)
    6.7M 155K 40

    Mariah was raped, bullied, abused and rejected by her own mate. Her own flesh and blood never cared about her, made her life hell. But once she gets kicked out of her own pack, she starts a new life. With her little baby by her side. But she has nothing, no family or a job. When a generous offer is given she acc...

    Completed   Mature
  • Misunderstandings
    256K 4.1K 11

    Working for a hot-shot millionaire? Not a bad idea. Getting drunk and sleeping with him? Not so good. Getting pregnant when he has no idea about your dirty little one night stand with him? Even worse. How much trouble can Olivia get into?

  • Bond Mates (Completed)
    9.5M 154K 41

    Tyler Morgan is a 17 year old girl who has had a hard life, her and her drunk mother are used to moving and starting over. Tyler doesn't let herself make friends anymore - what's the point if she has to uproot and move when HE comes for her again? When she starts over again for the 6th time she doesn't expect it to...

    Completed   Mature