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  • The Bloodlust Alpha
    8.3M 285K 36

    Highest in Werewolf: #2 "Selene, my daughter, please hear us out. I know we don't deserve it, but your sister is pregnant and-" I held up my hand to stop the man named Benicio Dixon from speaking. Surely they didn't call me here just so they can dump all their personal problems onto me or dig up the past. If that was...

  • Violet Scarlett
    1.2M 43.9K 68

    *Edited version on my profile Violet has been tortured for more than half of her life for being different from other wolves. She was abused physically and mentally when she didn't shift like all other children. On her sixteen birthday she changed from a broken human to a broken ruthless wolf after being rejected by he...

    Completed   Mature
    469K 22K 34

    Lisa Branson is married to Ryan Matthews, her first love. Her perfect life unravels when she discovers that Ryan is cheating on her with Susan Wells, her best friend. Susan is married to Maxim Chamberlain, the enigmatic, charismatic, and devastatingly attractive billionaire. There has always been something simmering b...

    Completed   Mature