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  • Burning Memories
    4.5K 1K 22

    " I love you " "But I don't deserve you" "Why..? " Manglish ff.. Jikook aan.. Ith just oru fanfiction..So serious aayi edukaruth

  • tiger's cub (vmin)
    3.9K 523 13

    The story is about a first of kim taehyung hier of kim co corporation, a college heartthrob.....good at everything....handsome and cool....he is just definition of perfection.....and one day He met a boy who claim to be his without knowing who he is talking to..... Their love story....the purity of first...

  • my Angel Baby ( vmin, arranged marriage)
    3K 383 10

    a simple cute love story that starts after an arranged marriage.... main ship : vmin boy x boy mpreg arranged marriage no cheating #49 on vmin on 15/06/22 out of 12k😍😍

  • the last ray of light (Taekook Ft Vmin)
    115K 7.4K 76

    its a story about Kim Taehyung, the hier of biggest company in asia, the Kim enterprise. story about a reckless and college heart throb, young boy who fallen in love with a cute one. their love story make everyone envious, jealouse and dream..... but one day his life falls into the deepest of the darkness. years aft...

  • My Wife Is An Alien
    181K 22.6K 48

    okay the story's one line is... Jungkook is an engineering student (btech) , where Taehyung is a Nurse. Jungkook's dad want him to get married to Kim Tae tae... (ahhh bakki kadha vayikkumbol kittum) meanwhile , taehyung isn't interested in Jungkook (swabavikam) and.... click to read the story...

  • Euphoria Of winter bear
    44.5K 6.1K 15

    Season 2 of My wife is an Alien.. This story ile Many many incidents... like kochine schoolile cherkkuka.. kochintte carings , adi idi avihitham samshayam Yoonmintte romance .. thakarkkum njan... Jin : Mane Hobi nee eanike vendi yoodham cheyanam... Justice for Jin.. 2 vayasulla hobi Jineattane nokki.. Jin : Nammale in...

    11.8K 2.2K 21

    Map Of The 7 Soul inte Randam Bhagam Anu WAKIZASHI... WAKIZASHI it's a Ithil njan paranjirikkunnathum... Kondu vannirikkunnathumaya karyangal ent Bhavanayil Ninnum mathram undakki eduthathanu.. ithu vere oru Fiction oo.. Dramayo... okke ayi samayam thonniyal athu verum Yadruschikam mathram ayirikkum.. ...

  • Destined To Be Together
    7.3K 1.7K 32

    How destiny brought Jimisha and Jungkook together♡ Mallu Jikook FF... Simple family story💜

    105K 14.2K 66

    Friendship inteyum, Nashta prenayathinteyum Kadhayanu njan ee story il konduvarunnath This is my first story... Athintethaya porayimakal urappayum Ithil undakum 😉 story Describe Cheyyanam ennu ind But njan cheyyulla😬 Apo Ella anugrahathode njan angu thodangua