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  • The Mafia's Illegitimate Child (Book 2) (On-Going)
    38.1K 3.2K 14

    ( O N - G O I N G ) [ H I A T U S] Eri Leticia Callidora Yvaine the daughter of a mafia boss has a 22-year-old mentality. In her past self, she was Rei Claire Flaviano who was a college student but died later due to an accident.As the cliche scenario is it was involved in an accident with a running vehicle as it t...

  • The Scaredy Mafia Boss [COMPLETED]
    272K 9.9K 39

    A ruthless mafia boss. A man who killed mercilessly. He's Raige Acosta, a guy who has no fears in facing deadly fights and getting wounds, but one thing is for sure - Despite his scareful attitude, there's a truth that lays behind. He is a scaredy mafia boss, but what is he afraid of? Meet Shan Akira Fuentes, a doctor...

  • Seducing The Mafia Boss [COMPLETED]
    2.1M 41K 64

    #Wattys2017 Best in Humor Highest Rank in Humor #1 [Mafia Series #1] [[COMPLETED]] ano gagawin mo kung isang araw mcay mag offer sayo ng trabaho, pero hindi lang basta trabaho ibibigay sa kanya dahil kailangan n'ya lang naman n'ya i-seduce ang isang Mafia Boss... kakayanin n'ya ba ang hamon sa kanya o hindi n'ya tatan...

  • Owned by the Mafia Boss | LEWIS REID FORD
    3.8M 88.3K 82

    Top 1 rank in Action over 25k stories [May 12, 2019] Brutal siyang pumapatay ng tao, wala siyang kinatatakutan dahil siya ang kinatatakutan ng lahat. Paano nga ba ang magiging buhay ko sa mga kamay ng taong bumili sakin. Ang makapangyarihang Mafia Lord na si Reid Lewis Ford. Abangan...

  • The possessive alpha
    2.7M 59.5K 49

    COMPLETED AND BEING EDITED He pressed me against the wall. His plump pink lips trailed down my jaw line and his teeth grazed along my neck. "Say it." He hissed. "I-I'm yours."

  • My Possessive Alpha | completed
    3.6M 79.6K 28

    Alexis Lee finds her possessive Alpha mate, Dylan Zanders. Not only is he the Alpha, he happens to be popular and quite the ladies man. He has quite a few ladies surrounding him. But, obviously being an Alpha, he drops everything for Lexi. But her first impression is to run! With Dylan being so possessive, can Lexi su...

  • Alpha's Babies
    9.1M 232K 24

    When you wake up on your 18th birthday, your last thought is usually 'oh, maybe my best friend and boyfriend of three years are gonna get caught together by me' or it may even have been 'A totally hot guy whose name I've only heard vaguely and whose face I haven't seen is going to get me pregnant' those should have be...

  • The Gang Leader's Girl
    7.1M 195K 35

    ******* "Is this what you want Angel?" Axel panted, trailing his lips up my neck to my face. I shivered when I felt his lips start sucking at a spot on my neck. "Come on, tell me this is what you want Mia because I don't think I can keep myself away from you anymore." His voice was deep and laced with desire, his ey...

  • Priestess of The Moon
    221K 18.9K 46

    Li Xiang is the Priestess of the Moon, she can see read the stars and fortune as well as misfortune to her people. However, the life of a Priestess consists of nothing but loneliness: she can neither leave the palace nor meet with anyone but the Emperor and his advisors. One day a mysterious servant boy named Rui sne...

  • TEMPTATION ISLAND: Desidero Me, Amore Mio
    45M 1M 51

    Iris Gonzaga-Racini had made peace with her unusual life. Married, but miserable and lonely, Iris vowed to live life to the fullest. When she is invited to an island where even the most depraved desire can become reality, she can't say no. ****** Many would consider Iris Gonzaga-Racini a fortunate woman to be Niccolo...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 22: Khairro Sanford
    32M 1.4M 68

    Eliza Velasquez is beyond belief to have Khairro Sanford - the man she once loved but has grown to hate - as her bodyguard. With them forced to spend more time together, can Eliza bury the feelings resurfacing in her heart? Or is there no choice but to surrender and fall the second time around? ****** Chief of Police...

    Completed   Mature
  • Desiring Her
    45.5M 1.1M 57

    Berry Lacsamana had given up on life. But when she one day wakes up in a strange bed with someone calling her his wife, her life begins to take a different path. ****** When Berry Lacsamana wakes up in a room she doesn't recognize, hooked up to medical machines, confusion and anxiety consume her. Deepening Berry's fea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Isla Fontana Series #2: Owning Her (COMPLETED)
    1.8M 79.8K 53

    | A VERY MATURED CONTENT | The 2nd installment of Isla Fontana Series. Zeke Velasquez grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has everything. What he wants, he gets. He came from a very wealthy family. Unlike his older brother, he is a happy-go-lucky- a spoiled youngest Velasquez. He loves to spend money. Buy exp...

    Completed   Mature
  • Temptation Island 2: Sweet Surrender PUBLISHED
    15.7M 342K 30

    A Collaboration with Race Darwin and Cecelib

  • Temptation Island 4: Rekindled Fire (PUBLISHED under RED ROOM)
    11.8M 278K 32

    Hoping to work in Japan as a cultural dancer, Maria Victoria Ferrer gathers up her courage and goes to Manila for a training she didn't expect. There she meets Claude Gil, the budding actor who awakens her sexual desires and turns her world upside down. *** Tired of the miserable life that she has in Nueva Ecija, Mari...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 24: Ream Oliveros
    13.4M 826K 58

    When the honest and kind Ream Oliveros crosses paths with Syl, he thought he finally met his woman. But he can't be more wrong when he finds out his supposed woman is married- and he unknowingly became her illicit lover. *** Ream Oliveros is a self-made man- honest, kind, and reliable. One night in Bali makes him thin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unwanted
    18.1M 545K 92

    Highest Ranking: #1 in werewolf as of 10-12-15! "Please...don't do this." I whimpered as he took a step closer. He narrowed his black eyes, "Sorry not sorry." he sneered. I closed my eyes, praying this would be over soon. *********************** Celina Blood, she's shy, sweet, caring, but she's also stubborn and stron...

  • My Twin Alpha Mates
    48.6K 1K 25

    Valerie is a unique werewolf with a bad past. Her skin is very light brown, wild curly hair, and light brown eyes with green around the pupil. After going through multiple unwilling matings with the Sadistic alpha of her current pack. She finally stands up to him and runs away in search of her mate just to find not o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Triple the Innocence, Double the Dominance
    447K 11K 16

    Highest ranking: #53 in Werewolf Farah-Ember, or Fe, is the most innocent and shy person you will ever come upon. She loves nature and being the Betas daughter has some perks to her life style. Her father and mother are extremely protective over their little girl, and the only way to even touch Farah, having to go th...

  • Twin Mates- #Wattys2015
    226K 6.5K 18

    Rosalinda is a normal werewolf. She is the daughter of the Alpha, she has an amazing best friend and overprotective brothers. She feels safe and content. But what happens when she finds her mate or should I say mates? The Apollo brothers are the strongest and deadliest Alphas in the world. Their pack is known for kil...

  • The Rejected Mate's Children
    1.2M 31.7K 32

    Highest Ranking: #1 in triplets Meeting your mate, or as the case may be, mates at a party drunk is not the best way to get to know each other. Them leaving you in bed after sleeping with you is even less cool. Getting rejected by a simple note is definitely worse. But them being your future Alphas of the Blood Moon p...

  • Alexander Brothers
    4.7M 113K 32

    Chloe's p.o.v. All I want to do is go to Caines and finish what we started. I walked into the pack house and smelt him in the living room but his scent changed a bit. More Woodsy. I wrapped my arms around his waist from the back but did not expect what happened when he turned around. It wasn't Caine. I took in every...

    2.8M 97.6K 59

    Finding your soulmate is a rare thing in a werewolf world. Those who are fortunate enough, find their significant other without much trouble. Marcus Novak, Alpha of the Blood Claw Pack has been looking for his mate for as long as he could remember to the point he is on the verge of giving up. Until one night while pa...

    1.4M 52.8K 71

    "As you walk out of that door, walk out of my life as well." I told him as I looked him straight in the eye. All the love was gone. All the good memories faded. In their places were anger, hatred and disgust. He looked at me as if he couldn't believe what I was saying. "I'm sorry, please give me a chance to be a fath...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Secret Child
    665K 13.7K 30

    Emma Sawyer is an eighteen-year-old girl who has been in love with her best friend since they were young. Carter, her best friend decides to throw her a huge going away party the night before she leaves for college in New York. But after too many drink they somehow end up sleeping together. And she remembers but he do...

    117K 3.6K 67

    A girl who doesn't know the reason why she was born in the first place. She is the kind of person who doesn't care about anything else except for this old person.............who helped her to survive all the shits thats been happening in her life As time goes by......she will meet new people that will have a great imp...

  • Jonaxx Stories
    89.3K 677 21


  • Over My Dead Body
    36M 1.1M 68

    Deadly assassins Allegra and Ace have been trying in vain to kill each other for years. With a mutual enemy threatening their mafias, they find themselves in an unexpected alliance, and soon discover killing each other isn't the only temptation they need to resist... ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Assassin's Mate
    940K 29.6K 47

    Darshana Cameron is 19 years old. She was taken at the age 7, by a group of rogues. they took her captive and tortured her for 6 years. She found the courage to escape and bumped into a man called Derek, who took her in as his family and trained her for three years. She joins an agency at the age of 16 and has been...