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  • Sing To Me (A Riren Fanfiction)
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    Liquid Music. A clear, shimmery liquid in a 2.657 ounce cylindrical bottle sold for 1.98 U.S. dollars in every store all around the world, and no one knows who manufactures it. What does it do? When you put in a finger (or a hand) into the solution, it plays music. The music changes depending on the amount, the finger...

  • Help you smile [Attack on Titan-Ereri/Riren]
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    This is an Attack on Titan High School AU. This is also as the title says a Levi x Eren so if you don't like stuff like that please do not read. Also for some reason I started writing this in first person, present tense which I find really difficult, but I'm to lazy to change it. I wanted to experiment with Eren havin...