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  • The Gift From The Abyss
    83.8K 1K 13

    Izuku and Izumi Yagi Two half Siblings. They are very excited about finding out their quirks. Izumi has a very powerful quirk while quirkless....(Inspired by Fake Smiles and other neglected stories.)

  • Cafe Love (Harem x Male Reader) [+18]
    199K 1.8K 6

    You work as a part-time waiter in a small cafe, known as the Starbucks Royale, and one of your co-workers decided to mess with you by slipping a love powder in the coffee machine, causing every woman (who drinks it) to fall deeply in love with you. There are also some side effects to this, so you'll never know who you...

  • Coping With The Family (Step Family x Male Reader)
    71.4K 1.7K 12

    The bond a family has is always unbroken, no matter what. And with Y/N, he relied on those bonds more than the average child, especially since he is adopted. Being cheated on isn't the greatest thing. With everyone going through change, the only thing they could do together was cope. This new bonding leads to crossing...

  • Hero of Radiance: Apollo [HOLD]
    35.4K 1.6K 33

    Izuku Midoriya was said to be a child hated by fate and sometimes he believed that to be true for how much pain and suffering he had gone through and would continue to go through. However, this didn't stop him from pushing forward on his path as he had already lost too much to turn his back on those that fell beside h...

  • The Story of Zhang
    5.4K 204 10

    Ch'en has a child as a single mother. However, she immediately realizes the problems of keeping a city stable and parenting a son at the same time. Can she manage it?

  • Futanari System
    120K 4.6K 164

    Genius Made a mistake and pays for it. The gods bring her into their game for entertainment Join us in Watching the game of the gods. I would like to Sincerely dedicate this to all those who support me in my life and allow me to continue to Write. I especially appreciate those who support my works financially. I would...

  • Azur Lane Lemon Book
    92.7K 689 10

    Title says it all (all lemons in this book are not related to my Azur Lane book or any future Azur Lane books)

  • Fracturization (Honkai Impact X OC/Male Reader)
    32.7K 1.4K 22

    A boy saved by the First Herrscher made it his mission to follow in his savior's footsteps and fight against the threat of the Honkai. However, he soon learns that in order to achieve his goal, sacrifices have to be made. (Disclaimer: None of the pictures/videos used in this book belongs to me unless stated otherwise...

  • My Papa's...harem!? (Helltaker Fanfic)
    221K 5.6K 19

    You went home to your old town, visiting your father, his not your biological father but his your father, Helltaker. As you enter his house your life will now turn into....HELL? (this is GxG and has 18+ theme, it also has futanari)

  • Lightning and Shadow (Dekuxoc au) *ON HOLD*
    75.2K 1.4K 25

    Izuku Midoriya liked class 1-A and thought they felt the same way. However, after hearing his girlfriend Uraraka admit she's cheating on him with Bakugou and listening to the class making fun of him for aspiring to be a hero, Izuku decides to leave to America for a while. What happens when he comes back to UA stronger...

    Completed   Mature
  • All For One's Successor
    256K 4.8K 35

    Most of people would think that being son of no.1 hero AllMight must be like dream, but none of them would guess what nightmare it can really be. This is story of Izuku Midoriya, who lived in that nightmare. Or atleast was, until man in black suit found him and revealed secret that was hidden for years. (I don't own a...

  • Deku The Super Saiyan God
    34.1K 439 19

    Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball Super are owned by Funimation toei animation and Akira Toriyama

  • Izuku Midoryia- The Last Uchiha
    29.1K 422 10

    Midoryia Izuku, not much known but he is quirkless and he is good, looking quirkless kid and that his father is All Might and he is a nobody

  • solo leveling deku
    16K 174 14

    So, here there will be no dungeons but there will be heroes from E to S rank including villains ranked from E to S according to how strong or dangerous they are. This will be story of izuku midoriya who has the power of leveling system to change the world how he desired.

  • Time hero: Scarlet devil [DISCONTINUED]
    22.8K 302 9

    Izuku Midorya was a less than normal kid with a less than normal quirk. He had a quirk that could stop and slow time. But when Izuku returns home to find his mother dead, he takes a different path than intended for him finding a new part of his quirk. A deadly one. He becomes the scarlet devil. Known for his shining b...

  • Izuku the Slave of UA
    108K 1.6K 23

    Izuku is a male in a world where girls are entitled and have quirks while male do not this did not stop him for wanting to become a hero which he was berated for by his people he used to call friends. Yet when he turned 11 he showed strength that should not be possible for his age when he helped his mother begging the...

  • The Hero's Return (MHA x JJK) [ON GOING]
    54.7K 1K 24

    "Izuku Midoriya, after being betrayed and killed, vanishes leaving hurt people behind.... After 2 months and a Hack, he come back... changed. How will the class react ? Is he going to forgive them ? What is his new power ? What would happen next ??? " It's a betrayed/framed deku with gojo's power story. The ship is...

  • Azur Lane: A Lemon Story
    58.5K 703 9

    Azur Lane X Male Reader

  • A Way To Tomorrow: A Honkai Impact 3rd Fanfic
    17.4K 571 17

    A boy is reincarnated into the world of Honkai as a member of the fairer sex. When put into the Cocolia Orphanage and paired up with the most sadistic of them all, just what would happen between the two? When given power operating beyond the world, just how far will our protagonist change this world? Will she steer i...

  • My Hero Academia: My Fire Dragon Hero
    4.4K 119 8

    The world was filled with 80% of people who have a power called Quirk making them become a hero one day, and 20% of people who have without a Quirk making them known as "Quirkless". But one person who has the power was so different from the people in this world, why? Because the person who has the power came from the...

  • Overwatch Abuse Hero
    163K 2.2K 21

    Izuku is quirkless meaning he cannot become a hero. His parents neglect him for being useless. His sister and friends use him as their own punching bag. He lives in world entirely made of heros. One day he's found by Overwatch agents. After explaining his home life they take him. His family won't see him until UA Univ...

  • Izuku Midoriya: The Star Hero
    127K 3K 23

    The night before Izuku Midoriya would visit the quirk doctor he saw a shooting star from his window. As the young lad got up as clasped his hand together and made a wish. "I wish to be a hero that will protect those in need and one day eventually be the next symbol of peace" Little did our young lad know. His wish wo...

  • GranBlue Hero (Izuku x GranBlue)
    1.5K 61 3

    Izuku Midoriya reincarnates at GranBlue world? Check He have a harem? Check He is op? He will become op simultaneously,but check Author of this fic is handsome? Yes and check He has OFA? Yep! So basically it's GranBlue x Izuku Midoriya fanfic. where he dies after Lov attack but reincarnates in another world and in Isl...

  • Genshin hero
    171K 4.5K 64

    Izuku Midoriya can be called the boy with saddest life but no matter what he always smile he's kind shy selfless and cute. But he couldn't take it anymore and got advice of his bully and dive off the roof but when he opened his eyes he saw himself in forest let's see where does his journey in a new world will bring h...

  • Balance (Genshin Impact x OC)
    8.4K 152 9

    A Genshin Impact with a male OC as the main character. It may not be the greatest piece of work you read, but please bear with me.

  • The strongest and the Weakest (Durandal x Male Reader)
    24.6K 1.1K 11

    The strongest Valkyrie, Durandal, able to overcome any Erruption by herself. But even her, can be beaten by someone, and this person is Y/N, the weakest fighter of Schicksal

  • [Rework]The Medic (Honkai Impact x Male reader)
    80.9K 3K 23

    The Honkai have always been stronger than Humanity. But one day, someone will change that destiny

  • The Betrayed and Broken
    50.7K 677 7

    They say your friends will always have your back and be there for you. Well that didn't happened for somebody. Izuku Midoriya a very nice boy trying to become a hero was accuse of stealing files and sensitive information and giving it to the League of Villains. His friends didn't believe him. Only a few people believe...

  • Another Enterprise:Another world
    39.3K 622 16

    This is my first story wattpad so please expect that i not really good at this About the story There is another dimension where war between humanity and siren exist as well but the different thing is that the ship can take both the form of female and male At that world the war has ended... And the results... Both has...

  • Life Got A Bit Brighter
    20.2K 395 14

    y/n a 25 year old working a 9 to 5 at a hotel in Hawaii. despite living on a tropical island it isn't paradise for him. the only bright thing in his life was a mobile game Azurlane and how he wishes they can exist. let's see what fate has in store for y/n #12 IN AZURLANE