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  • [ a spicy night in the rain. ] ♥︎ an eruri special! ♥︎
    341 14 3

    - plot: you are levi on a midnight mission with erwin, then a sudden storm came. you have no choice but to stay at a village, overnight. however, will sparks fly? or will it be an average night for you two. !!IN EDITING/BEING RE WRITTEN!! - tw: heavy smut.

    Completed   Mature
  • At the tailor's - EruRi
    29.4K 1.1K 11

    This is the story of how the commander from the survey corps Erwin Smith and a poor Tailor in the capitals underground Levi Ackerman fell in love. Erwin finds out about Levis past and the condition he's living in and tries to save him from hell. That will be hard tough... This story will contain also a bit of smut lat...

    Completed   Mature
  • Project Eruri
    87.9K 4.2K 22

    "The other life," that's what they call it. Levi Ackerman is a 21 year old in his third year at college. He had long sense given up his search to find his lover from the other life, Erwin Smith. But when Erwin turns up in the most unexpected place, Levi is overcome with joy. There's just one problem. Erwin has no r...

    Completed   Mature
  • The newbie (Eruri!)
    12.4K 404 12

    The first day in his new school, and Levi already is confused. This one guy, this one fucking guy who showed him around. --"you just seem interesting."-- Fucking Asshole.

  • Only The Two Of Us • Eruri
    9.8K 361 9

    (COMPLETE) Erwin is a important general who lost his arm during the civil war. He has a personal doctor that lives with him in a cottage on a creek far away from the battle field where Erwin is recovering with the help of his doctor Levi Ackerman. Will their life stay peaceful forever?

    Completed   Mature
  • → softly | eruri
    133K 6.1K 29

    [MODERN HIGH SCHOOL AU] Levi Ackerman, a student who achieves at below average level in his studies and has a bad attitude, is disruptive and disrespectful to everybody. He spent his existence keeping people out of his life. Erwin Smith, the well-known smart student in Scouting Legion High. He's a loner but he's close...

  • Keep you safe [Eruri]
    161K 5.7K 26

    Levi sustains an injury in an expedition outside the walls, and for the next six months, Commander Erwin makes sure he doesn't go on any more missions. The question is why? Even though Levi was now healed, why was Erwin keeping him from going? Contains: -spoilers for AOT anime -spoilers for A Choice With No Regrets OV...

  • Ackerbond [Eruri] [COMPLETED]
    7.4K 328 13

    [COMPLETED] [AROUND 14,000 WORDS] Ackerbond. An Ackerman is bound to a "liege". Someone they must obey and protect at all costs. Erwin doesn't know about Ackerbond being a thing, much less HIM being Levi's liege. On an expedition, Levi fails to complete a hard task, losing 2 very important lives in the process Overwhe...