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  • Adventure mayhem(Young male adventure x Yandere Dog knight girls)
    24.9K 568 13

    Y/N Is a solo 12 year old adventurer when his parents died on one of there adventures he didn't want to be paired with anyone else that was until Rory and her crew came along and saw him going out alone and saw he was nothing but a mere child and saw that they wanted to have him but he kept pushing them back but they...

  • De Som Kom Fra Tidens Slutt
    374 9 2

    An advance civilization at the end of time witnessing their host star, now a neutron star, final gasp. As it explodes into a supernova, an unexpected temporal anomaly happens and send everyone, all 50 trillion individuals, back in time towards now, 2021. How will we react when a dyson swarm suddenly manifest on our s...

  • The Rogue Robot | Military Robot Love Story | discontinued
    8.1K 123 6

    I was built in a rather sot out place, a lot of people seem real interested in seeing what goes on inside this place, Area 51 wasn't really a home per say, in my eyes, it was just a place I was born, a hospital of sorts. An the entire time I remained their, tested on, improved upon, worked on. It was all just apart of...

  • 1471's DM's
    2.1K 29 3

    This is a smut story about a young fennec sleeping with his best mates strange girlfriend.

  • male russian wastelander x female deathclaw
    19.6K 278 6

    brontoslav Kalashnikov is the name of our russian wastelander we follow him as he meets a severly wounded deathclaw he doesn't wish to end the life of a powerful beast in such away so what will he do

  • Fnaf x Male reader(Discontinued)(Remaking)
    20.8K 205 6

    You first earned job after job on any freddy fazbears place, except you turned into an animatronic for trying to catch springtrap, also known as vincent, who you know killed them. You go into your own modified fredbear suit, still with your name, but cooler looking. And you fall in love with springbonnie, a female rab...

  • Our Human~( Male Human Reader X Female Furry)
    23K 178 4

    (Y/n) never had the best life until he got adopted by his new family and got really close with his older adoptive sister and her friends.