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  • Fast Forward to us
    1.2K 409 66

    What if you found an iPhone in 1999? Jeremy is worried about the future. Emma is stuck in the past. Both are about to graduate high school and move on with their lives. Jeremy is worried about which college he'll attend in the fall while crushing on Hailey, the prettiest girl in school. Emma is afraid of moving on and...

  • Murderborne
    2.9K 289 36

    There are three species in Esternia, and there always will be. All Demons, Angels, and Humans live in their own, segregated kingdoms, and while there is constantly tension in the air, war has been avoided for many years. That is, up until four years ago, when the Holy Wars began. Gavin was born a Devoln. He should hav...

    Completed   Mature
  • When I Was Alphie
    2.4K 368 17

    Eighteen years ago, I was born and then I was created with careful stitches to be a son, a brother, a specimen. My decision was made for me; a beautiful boy brought into a haphazard world. I would become used to the long stares, the gloved hands, and the sense of misplacement amongst my peers. I was made in grief and...

  • The Hollow (UNDER EDITING)
    3.2K 1.2K 50

    Some wield the Stones for power, some for protection, some by force. But they all stay because of the feeling. That impossibly blissful air of peace that settles over their bones. Addiction sets in before common sense can, leading them to want more until their need consumes them. It's a game of thrones within the real...

  • *HIATUS*Relapse
    1.4K 307 28

    Death is a reoccurrence and life is but a toy. Throw yourself into death and you will simply regenerate- a phenomenon known as the 'Relapse'. People take advantage of this so-called power by killing themselves in the most bizarre ways, opposing the beliefs of a certain group of people - The Restorationists. The Resto...

  • The Warrior And The God ✓
    14.8K 2K 90

    A soldier who wants to protect her home. A forsaken god who seeks to find his purpose. What happens when destiny links them together in a war-ravaged land that has witnessed the wrath of the gods? The land of Stormvale prepares for yet another devastating Grand War, with the Apocalypse looming over the horizon. Troub...

  • Under Changing Skies
    13.3K 1.1K 41

    In a nightmare world ravaged by misery, the Imperium offers utopia to a select few. When Arya and Everett are recruited into this elite society, they choose to leave their homes against their families' wishes. Naive and young, Arya and Everett are blissfully unaware of the fate that awaits them in the Imperium, one t...

  • Cursed to the Bone
    7.2K 1.4K 64

    Eighteen-year-old witch, Vera Tate, attends a magic university where she meets vampire prince Lucien Lacroix. After being the victim of an assault, Vera finds herself in the middle of a century-long feud that results in murder. Now she has no choice but to work with Lucien before she becomes the next victim. [Story c...