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  • Land's End
    15.7K 1.4K 24

    After being jilted at the altar, Amber Gardner finds herself in a small beach town and stuck rooming with an unlikely person-her childhood nemesis Cameron, the man she is supposed to hate. *** Amber Gardner and her fiancé were together for two years before he jilted her at the altar, leaving in his wake nothing but a...

  • Every Last Piece
    332K 16.3K 19

    Everyone in the small town of Hull knows two things. One: Jill Williams doesn't date, and two: Carson Blue is addicted to drugs. When Carson decides to clean up his act and apply at Jill's family restaurant, she's less than enthused. Between school, working on her music career, helping out her mom, and taking care of...

  • Endless Summer
    1.1K 83 2

    Aspen Emery left her high school boyfriend, Everett, after graduation to pursue her dream of an independent life in the city. Six years later, she lives a life that looks perfect on Instagram--but is far from it IRL. Travelling the world, working in the fashion industry, all looks good online... but she knows the trut...

  • Solar Power
    35.5K 3K 33

    [camp nano 2022 winner!] [18+] When an up-and-coming surfer with a jaded past and a pop star with party-girl problems are caught in a compromising position by lurking paparazzi, they realize they each have something that the other wants and decide that staging a relationship might benefit them both...until jealous exe...

  • Final Room
    5.6K 385 15

    Wendy is the final girl. Surviving is what she does. ***** Following the tragic Incident that claimed the lives of all her friends, Wendy Collier only has her status as a Final Girl to give her some sense of self--it tells her how to behave, how to fee...

  • North Star
    3.9K 614 16

    In the tranquil waters of Hawai'i, Hokulani and Nikau wonder if it's possible for a song to go on forever. [ updates every wednesday ] ***** For as long as Hokulani can remember, she's always felt like she's treading water. E...

  • Gold Dust
    2.1K 217 10

    August did not belong to Shiloh. And Shiloh did not belong to August. They belonged to themselves but they loved and loved and loved...but it wasn't enough.

  • The Last Place to Hide
    1.7K 207 6

    Frankie Russo is better known to most as the daughter of Giovanni Russo--an esteemed crime writer and true crime podcast host with a legion of fans. But Giovanni's legacy was cut short when the very serial killer he was writing about killed him, becoming one of the most high-profile cases in Colorado history. After th...

  • Kiss and Cry | on hold
    9.9K 860 15

    Claire Moore's life revolves around figure skating - that's why she accepts to play with fire when she needs a new partner. In order to win, she has to trust Ryle Gilbert - the boy who broke her heart. When it's all over, will she be the one to kiss or cry? 2022 | beautlies

  • Cruel Summer
    2.7K 125 2

    After an unexpected late night encounter, a connection forms between Leia and her long-time secret crush Tyson, but with only one summer left at her family's vacation home, Leia is determined to make the most out of her time with him...and learns that summer can be the cruelest season of them all. [extended summary in...

  • Profit and Loss
    1.4K 148 8

    Calista Rossi leads a double life: studious accounting major by day, raunchy romance writer by night. Usually well-loved by her fan base in the thousands, Calista is surprised when she receives a barrage of hate messages claiming her romance is unconvincing, but deep down, she knows whoever sent them isn't wrong. She'...

  • Riptides
    216 19 6

    Escaping is the easy part. Surviving is the hard part. And Regina is about to learn that you can run and hide from your past, but the things we want to escape are always the ones pulling us back the hardest.