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    17 years old woman gets reborn into her favorite tv show when the plot starts. With a chance of changing things and give her favorite characters better futures, she takes the reins and makes the lifes of the Mystic Falls recidence more diff- Entertaining. - Pairing is Elijah x Elena x Niklaus Spam = Mute/Block I do n...

  • The Heretic & The Hybrid
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    The Heretic and The Hybrid • A Klaus Mikaelson FF Maliyah Salvatore just your ordinary girl right? No. She was a Heretic who fell for the wrong man...sorry, hybrid. Creds to (natashazbae) for the book cover <3 STRONG LANGUAGE AND MATURE AUDIENCES TO READ. Sexual scenes occur quite a bit Swearing is included a lot V...

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  • Crescent Queen {2} Mikaelson or Kenner
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    Sequel to Wolf Queen After leaving to find out more about herself and family, Isabel a teen mom gets more then she bargained for. Now there's ghosts from the past, children, a pack, love, betrayal, more friends, more family, and a whole lot more drama. And it's right here in Crescent Queen... The alpha or the psychoti...

  • 𝟏| 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐨𝐥𝐟 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞 » klaus mikaelson
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    alone. Is apart of who I am. [ the vampire diaries ] [ season 3 ] [ first book in 'the wolf' series ]

  • Moving Forward ~1
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    Mystic Falls has always been the same. Nothing happens here. Everyone knows each others business if you like it or not. It wasn't until I discovered my towns dark history that I realized I have been living a lie. One way or another I'm going to keep moving forward and never looking back. ****do not own TVD plot or cha...

  • SINNER - Klaus Mikaelson
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    Adeline Andrew's was living a normal life in Mystic Falls, until the most feared vampire in the world showed up. Klaus Mikaelson thought there was only one thing he wanted in that sleepy town, but then he laid eyes on Adeline. | Klaus Mikaelson Love Story | |TVD AND THE ORIGINALS| *Mature Themes* #1 in the vampire di...

  • Adeline Petrova: Klaus mikelson fanfic
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    We've all heard the story of katerina Petrova but what if I told you there was another Petrova sibling and Klaus Mikaelson wants her heart just as much, just in a very different way..........

  • Baby Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)
    500K 9K 33

    Rosanne Gilbert. A name everyone in Mystic Falls knows. She brights up everyone's world, she's cute, adorable, small and innocent. But everything changed the night her parents died in the crash, and not only that she is also carrying a big secret around Mystic Falls. Will they find out who Rosanne Gilbert really is...

  • Littlest | Ruby Mikaelson | The Originals
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    Ruby Mikaelson, the littlest Mikaelson. She may technically be the youngest but is the most powerful of all. Born a witch and turned to a vampire and every supernatural creature knows you cant be both, but something went wrong. When she turned she never lost her witch powers they got even stronger. Now shes an Origina...

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    Ashley Forbes, Caroline Forbes older sister, comes back to mystic falls after 2 years with a special edition. little does she know she has just walked into a mess. who knows she may fall in love with a certain someone.

  • Wolf Queen {1} Mikaelson or Lockwood
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    After being kidnapped, Isabel Donovan a high school student is forced to endure the supernatural of her world. And it gets worse. Her enemies are a part of her history. Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Doppelgängers and that's only the beginning. Hybrids, Parabatai's, Originals, Cures, etc. And it's all in Wolf Queen...

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  • Rose Petals (Discontinued)
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    "Why? What's the problem? I thought you didn't love her anymore," Klaus grips Rosalie's hair. She winces and holds onto Klaus's wrist. Stefan glances between the two frantically. "Klaus...Please. Just let her go. I'll do whatever you say, just let her go" Klaus pulls Rosalie up from the ground by her hair. Rosalie yel...

  • Everything I do is for you - Elijah Mikaelson
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    The Mikaelson family have moved back to New Orleans to reclaim their home, save Klaus' unborn child and to get a young witch held in captivity by Marcel. Although Elijah has his heart set on keeping Hayley and the child safe, has he got his heart set on someone else to? Will it be a happy ending, or will everything ge...

  • When Blue Met Brown
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    Hayley Marshall and Elijah Mikealson have a child.... She's a Tribrid, feisty and best-friends with the Lizzie and Josie Saltzman I mean how chaotic can it get? Add the Mikealson's enemies into the mix as well as The famous Salvatore brothers I say its a perfect cocktail for a disaster. Rankings 1- Mikealson 8th March...

  • The Vampire Diaries: Two Is Better Than One
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    What if there was someone who can even the odds, someone who can give klaus what he wants and fight him at the same time. Mya is Elenas twin sister, when her parents died on the bridge she went down with them and died, well thats what everyone thought. now she's a badass vampire slayer, and is back in Mystic Falls to...

  • The Craziest Doppelgänger • TVD [COMPLETED]
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    "Not all doppelgangers act the same." *I do not own any TVD or TO characters. I do not own Efah Nomed, she is @the1andtheonlytifftiff's character. I only own Bria and Achlys, and my ideas* [Seasons: 3-4] Started: 12/25/15 Ended: 9/15/16

    Completed   Mature
  • Last Love (Klaus & Elijah Mikaelson)
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    Elijah Mikaelson. He is the half brother of the most powerful vampire in history, Klaus. He's been trying to keep his brother sane for many centuries now, but when Klaus decides he has nothing to live for, Elijah decides desperate times call for desperate measures. Elijah knows that Klaus bonded with his old best fri...

  • Years // [klaus mikaelson] [sequel to Centuries]
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    The two hybrids that have been together since 1114 are back, and this time, they're remarried, and who knows what's going to come their way next. Part 2 of the 'Centuries Series' cover by @oberyns!!

  • Always and Forever (A Joseph Morgan/Arranged Marriage fanfiction) - DISCONTINUED
    3.5K 99 5

    She's a college student and she thinks he's just a simple guy from New Orleans but little did she know he's an actor. As secrets reveal, they recieve an information they never expected. Her mom and his mom had already arranged their marriage. Will they fall for each other or will they disagree on marrying each other? ...

  • Damons Daughter (TVD Fanfiction)
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    Aria Salvatore is Damon's daughter. She is his impossible daughter. So when she shows up only after a week of being a vampire at his house he is stunned. She has never see her father before and for good reason was he keeping his distance but when they finally meet truth gets spilt and secrets get told and blood gets s...

  • Lexi's Twin (An Elijah Mikaelson Love Story)
    160K 3K 27

    What if Lexi had a sister that fell in love with Elijah Mikaelson. How would everyone react? Read to follow Alyson and Elijah in there twisted life.

  • The Secret Mikaelson!
    233K 4.8K 48

    ~COMPLETED~ The Mikaelsons, they are the oldest and most feared family of vampires the world has ever known. They are also the most broken family who carry a lot of baggage. That's where Juliana Mikaelson comes in. You know Niklaus, you know Elijah and Rebekah, you even know Kol and Finn and the terrible parents. But...

  • The Hidden Mikaelson
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    *Sequel to The Secret Mikaelson* {COMPLETED} It's been three years since the battle with Marcel where the Mikaelson family was defeated. Three year since Juliana made a sacrifice to help save the rest of her family. But now that the three years are up, the Mikaelson family is back, ready to wreck havoc once more. But...

  • Damons Daughter
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    Jasmine is a 16 year old girl who thought that she was just a regular teenager but then her and her "mom" move to mystic falls and her mom dies and jasmine finds her father who she has been looking for and finds out that she is a vampire and her father, her uncle, her and her fathers 'friends' all face everything toge...

  • The Other Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries)
    282K 5.2K 22

    Mystic Falls. A place where the dead are living, and the living are just as good as dead. Love for the small town has come crumbling down after a few certain vampires have returned. Roxanne Gilbert will take a long journey through the world of supernatural creatures, beginning with vampires. To keep everyone she loves...

  • Bow Down - the originals [1] ✔️
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    we all know the famous Marie Antoinette, but what if she didn't actually die after her execution in 1793? Former French Queen, now immortal, suddenly begins to walk the streets of New Orleans with an entitled, snobbish attitude. Will her former life haunt her forever or can someone help her see the present. "It's goo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Amy Mikaelson
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    Amy Mikaelson, daughter of the original hybrid Klaus Mikaelson and Haley Marshall is a sixteen year old girl who loves fun. Her best friend is Davina Claire & she's secretly dating the sociopath Kai Parker. Follow her adventure and how she keeps her dating secret from her father.

  • The Salvatore Sister (A Klaus Mikaelson Story)
    709K 14.7K 40

    The name is Evangeline Salvatore, my goal is survival. In a world of vampires and werewolves it's survival of the fittest, that's something I learned early. but when you have the world's most feared vampires on your tail, things get difficult.