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  • Total Drama Marriage?!
    25.4K 546 10

    Live from where it all started it's Chris McClean on our favorite, freshly rebuilt and nontoxic Wawanakwa Island, with the newest season of Total Drama, Total Drama Marriage! We have some of our classic 22 campers, and others from Pakitew and Revenge! We even have some stars of The Ridonculous Race! In this season, we...

  • DUNCNEY oneshots
    45.5K 619 31

    Hey guys welcome to my new story, this is an duncney oneshots. this brings sexual, desspresion, abuse and other shit.. But I hope you enjoyed it

  • Hate at first site
    2.2K 48 7

    Dawn and Scott haven't seen eachother in three years. However when Dawn moves to the countryside things might change...

  • Sweet as Vanilla, Sour as Salt (Dott Fanfic)
    6.1K 173 8

    Outcasts are outcasts, no matter what way you put it. And outcasts don't interact with other people, especially other outcasts. Or do they? (Total Drama is owned by Teletoon and Fresh TV, all rights go to them)

  • Finding us (dott)
    21K 658 21

  • Love goes on (Duncney sad story)
    3.8K 74 5

    Just a sad story I decided to write because I was bored. It is based off of the song "Whiskey Lullaby" By Brad Paisley. I love this song and even though I dont think the story is that good, I hope you enjoy.

  • Snapshots of Duncney 💚 Limes
    17.4K 215 8

    DUNCNEY LIMES 💚 Total Drama Fanfiction, Duncan x Courtney (Duncney) One Shots... Snapshots of Their Life. Most of Them Are About Their Life Being Together (A Couple). Cover made by me :) Disclaimer: Mature Topics. A bit of lemon but not in detail! 🍋

  • Duncney Lemon-Shots 🍋
    58.9K 627 23

    Out now! 💗 Updated 2022 LEMON, which means... you know what. Disclaimer: May be uncomfortable to some people 🔞 Story cover image made by me ! Rated M - Mature •~~~~•🍋•~~~~• Highest ranks: #1 of 669 in DUNCNEY ! 🥇 #1 of 59 in DUNCANXCOURTNEY ! 🥇 #11 of 1.46K in TOTALDRAMA ! 🏅 #4 of 1.48K in COURTNEY ! 🏅 #1 of 32...

  • FAMILY / duncney
    33.3K 742 18

    The former reality TV stars Courtney and Duncan Evans now have kids. Two 14 year olds named Alex and Aspyn And a 6 year old named Susie See what it's like to live in the Evans household...

  • Total Drama Fantasy
    16.6K 317 16

    I found a comic on Google that didn't really have an end to it, so I figured I'd make one of my own! Princess Courtney is ready to become queen. Well, sort of. Lady Heather is after her throne, along with her evil lover, Alejandro. But Courtney has friends. Read it to figure out how Bridgette, Geoff, Gwen, Trent and D...

  • Lowlife
    37.1K 981 21

    Courtney Barlow, freshly engaged has the realization of her life when she finds her best friend naked in bed with her fiancé. Now single and with no one to turn to she moves in with Duncan Nelson, a tattoo artist who she meets at the bar.

  • 'Opposites'
    37.5K 665 30

    hey guys this story is about Duncan and courtney.. there in same high school and if you dont know them there from total drama series 'opposites 2' is out :

  • Love & Betrayal (Dott fanfic)
    6.7K 166 14

    Dawn is so happy about her life so it's a bit of a bombshell when her boyfriend, Scott, is going to move to Hollywood to forfill his life long dream of becoming a actor. A few years later when Scott is world famous he travels back to Toronto to see how everyone was doing, Dawn is thrilled but for some reason she think...

  • why did I try (a total drama story)
    1K 18 5

    Scott was in the playa after his elimination from total drama revenge of the island when he realizes his feelings for a certain someone.

  • started out with a kiss (dott fanfic)
    12.6K 278 9

    they kissed, they don't know why or how it happened, it just did. Will Scott and Dawn's 'mistake' be kept a secret? Will it become anything more? read to find out.