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  • Veronica Stone
    464 6 20

    Sometimes we get so caught up in what the world expects of us we lose sight of our true happiness.

  • Silent Night
    949K 56.1K 2

    A dark night. An even darker mission. Mr Rikkard Ambrose is stalking the wintry alleys of London, doing something he has never done before... But does he do it for himself - or is it a sacrifice for someone special? This tale tells the story of an extraordinary moment in the relationship of Lilly Linton and Rikkard Am...

    107K 3K 61

    Three friends travel to a temple to ask Buddha for more wealth, love and good fortune. Featured humor story, and 2016 winner of a Watty.

  • The Chronicles of Barnia
    170K 6K 9

    Barney Conroy is an average guy trying to live an average life. He's just not as good at it as the rest of us. Each chapter of 'The Chronicles of Barnia' captures a particular episode in Barney's struggle to be socially acceptable. They can be read in any order. Barney's adventures continue in a full length novel ri...

  • SPOOK (Get Spooky #1)
    229K 664 24

    Book One in the Get Spooky series! Demon of Pride Ace Montgomery is up for a promotion at Hellion, Inc., but he's a bit distracted. Not by being transferred to Spook or by having to train his apprentice how to be a crossroads demon. No, he's distracted by the newly dead redhead in town. Paranormal investigator Daphne...

  • Down Came the Rain | ✔️
    276K 14.3K 39

    Hudson Caldwell is being stalked - but the cops don't believe her. Can she stop this scripture-driven madman before it's too late? * * * * * Someone is following Hudson Caldwell. The police won't take her seriously, but she knows she's in danger. Getting a gun from her s...

    Completed   Mature