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  • Banished
    153K 2.2K 55

    Artemis has been handed in marriage to another god. When she protests, she is banished to the mortal world without her powers. Percy is now a minor god, and single.The two meet, help each other out, and eventually start dating. [Percy/Artemis]

    Completed   Mature
  • The Ticking Clock
    56.2K 749 23

    Percy Jackson, the beloved demigod who saved the world not once, but twice is shocked with the sudden death of his longtime lover Annabeth Chase and makes the move to accept GodHood and become an Olympian. However, his luck does not leave him, as more calamities arise in his life.

  • A Fire Burns Within Me (completed)
    331K 6.8K 30

    Credit goes to @Essie-S-Nix for coming up with the idea, I am just continuing/finishing the story. This is a Percy Jackson fanfic Percy is betrayed and lost until he finds a new mother, the goddess of the hearth herself. He creates a new identity and goes about helping people. But something feels he still...

  • Let Them Think That
    40.5K 659 20

    Percy and Artemis were enemies, that is, until they start pretending to date to ward off suitors. It is the worst plan ever. The two gain feelings for each other, but are confused, reluctant, and bothered. [Percy/Artemis]

    Completed   Mature
  • Percy Jackson Primordial Power (Completed)
    900K 15.4K 55

    Betrayed and Cheated Percy Jackson runs away only to find his real father is chaos. He disappears for a while before returning to defend the place he once called home. While he is back a certain silver eyed godess catches his eye and then his heart. COMMENT VOTE AND FOLLOW

  • When Things Fall Apart
    107K 1.2K 20

    Percy and Annabeth suffer after defeating Kronos. Then Annabeth dies, and Percy stops at nothing to avenge her death. He does something that gets him in trouble with the Fates themselves. PERTEMIS Don't mind the cover art, I'm not a professional stick figure master... #1 on #percyxartemis !!! Thank you guys so much f...

  • Pertemis A Moon's Tale
    77.5K 1.7K 39

    ✅ completed story "I've known you thrice and thrice I've fallen in love with you." The peaceful life doesn't come as Artemis expected. Soon after the relationship between Artemis and Percy advances to another stage, their dooms follow. Wars break through and bloodshed range through. The Seven Clans return once more f...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sea and The Moon
    173K 2K 25

    Perseus Jackson is the only one left. All of his friends are dead and he has nobody to rely on anymore. A certain silver-eyed goddess has lost all of her hunters and her only real family. Will they find a way to overcome their differences and work together to defeat an ancient threat that rises from the depths Tartaru...

  • Pertemis A Wolf's Tale
    414K 8.8K 48

    ✅ completed 👌 The full moon slave with the unbreakable curse, Shall returns and the family will divert. Vengeance and hatred he shall seek to pay, Olympus shall be his and his companion's prey. For an oath that made must be believed, Thus, decision contained or blood shall be sheathed. Three times leave and three...

  • Pertemis: Rise Of The Primordials
    268K 3K 29

    "PeRcy JackSon thE tWice hEro aNd SaviOr Of OlyMpus. BetRayeD. UnwAntEd. FoRgotTen." Is what this previously said, when I first started it three years ago. So now I'm going to change it. Percy goes through the typical storyline of being cheated on, his mother dying, blah blah. Meanwhile, the primordials might have...

  • The Silver Ring (A Percy Jackson Fan-fiction)
    267K 3.8K 46

    Participating in two important wars, and with a millennia of demigod experience condensed inside of him, twenty-year-old Percy Jackson thinks he's done with all the bloodshed and sadness. Little did he know, the Fates still had something up their sleeves. And it was something he never expected.

  • Percy Jackson to the rescue
    49.5K 566 26

    Percy has a strange dream in which all his friend's lifes are at stake. When he tries to rescue his friends,he is enrolled in a quest with the Man-hating goddess Artemis which causes some problem on its own...Pertemis #1 in pertemis #1 in percyxartemis

  • Percy Jackson || The Curse Of Kronos
    553K 10.4K 32

    (COMPLETED) Under editing "Ah.... it's me Lady Artemis, Percy? You know, that guy who held up the sky for you so that you can kick Atlas' ass? That guy?" "What are you talking about, boy? I have never held up the sky or even seen you in my life." 'Wait what? How can she not remember that? How can anyone not remember t...

  • Perseus: God of tides and childhood
    355K 6K 39

    Perseus Jackson is not the demigod son of Poseidon, he is the son of Poseidon with Hera much before the both of them were married to their respective spouses. He must live in exile due to Zeus paranoia, only for Artemis to know where he is. What will happen between the two gods?

  • Not Your Hero ✔
    540K 9.8K 48

    Athena said Loyalty will kill him. Loyalty will kill. Maelstrom will destroy. Mystique will torture. He is Perseus, the worst of them all. ----/----/----/----/ His name was Percy Jackson. He was loyal. He was brave. He was powerful. He was betrayed. He was the hero of Olympus. Now, he's Perseus, or sometimes Mystique...

  • Pertemis: Amnesia boy
    637K 10.5K 39

    ***REWRITTEN JUNE 2021*** Percy was Artemis' guardian. They were best friends, but they never got the chance to tell each other how they truly felt before Percy died in the war. Centuries after his death he was given a second chance to live. But he has to start from the very beginning. He will be reborn and have no kn...

  • Guardian of the Hunt
    359K 6.6K 46

    Percy Jackson did not get the praise he deserved after saving everyone from certain death twice. He did not get the recognition he should have been awarded after returning to Camp Half blood. And the respect he had thought he'd earnt was was not given. Instead, he was treated with harsh words, brutal beatings and thre...

  • The Moon's Lover
    112K 1.2K 25

    Poseidon and Zeus arrange a marriage between their favourite children to signal an end to their feud- Artemis and Perseus. Tempers and emotions are running high, in a time where Zeus is perennially drunk. [Percy/Artemis]

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sound of Moonlight
    14.5K 240 12

    COMPLETE - 13000 WORDS Percy likes going for a run every day. He has a particular trail he likes. Well one day some very pretty girl is also walking, so Percy is presented with a life changing question. Does he: A) Run past her and continue on with life B) flirt with her? Written as part of a Discord Pertemis chall...

  • An Unusual Proposal
    13.9K 221 4

    The hunt had just completed a particularly tricky hunt against the infamous Kalydonian Boar so were stopping in at Camp Half-Blood to rest up, and of course further their winning streak in Capture the Flag of course. 19 year old Percy was stopping in order to catch up with his cousin and the hunt. How can a simple spa...

  • Percy Jackson's New Side - Order: Reborn To Return
    182K 2.1K 38

    -ORIGINAL WORK- Perseus Jackson is reborn. And no, he doesn't get a new body. But his life changes. Not only he is unpredictable, but so his is style. From one moment, he's all happy, loyal, playful, the typical seaweed brain. But so much can happen in such little time. And he becomes distant, shunned, his life twiste...

  • Beyond Powerful (A Pertemis Story)
    11.9K 118 12

    In this story Percy is broken from the inside and shattered to pieces when Annabeth cheats on him. He doesn't know what to do and asks Zeus if he can give him a purpose in life again... Percy was a powerful demigod before but in this story he becomes.... well you will have to wait and see ;) Disclaimer : This is my fi...

  • Percy Jackson and The Sands Of Time
    151K 3.7K 22

    In a fit of rage, Kronos curses Percy before he disappears. The curse, forever tied to Percy, will send him through time at random, and there is no way for him to stop it or is there? Find out in this exciting collaboration between CSP2708 and *Dylan_Walts*

  • Betrayal and Redemption
    307K 5.9K 47

    Annabeth cheated on Percy his parents are gone and he has nothing left. The camp is filled with pain, why would he stay? He doesn't he goes alone. His new life is filled with adventure , secrets, and unexpected friendships that might become more.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Unknown Allegiance
    114K 2.3K 22

    After a war, everything should be at peace. Everything should be still or settling. But it wasn't. It may have seemed that way, but not to Percy. For him, everything was getting worse. Must have read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and the Heroes of Olympus Series to understand this story. Also must have r...

  • Percy Jackson: The Guardian
    379K 5.2K 17

    Percy was betrayed by the ones he loves most. Now he has a decision, Become the Guardian of the hunt, or try and survive on his own. ***I know this has been done a multiple of times, I just wanted to make some of my own changes to the plot. Some stories have a rushed beginning and I don't like the way they play it out...

  • The Date
    45K 495 10

    The Giant War is over, during the celebrations, Percy finds Annabeth cheating on him. Minutes later, he manages to secure for himself a date with the man hating moon goddess, Artemis. How will things proceed from there? [Percy/Artemis]

  • The Unknown Guardian
    539K 10.1K 17

    It had been many years since Perseus Jackson, the Saviour of Olympus, had been sentenced to death. The life at Camp Half-Blood went on as usual, and the Immortal Heroes passed on their techniques to the younger generation. But what will happen when Artemis and her Hunters face imminent danger? What will happen when...

  • King of Zacron [Percy Jackson Fanfic]
    29K 851 41

    Being cheated by a girlfriend is bad enough. But being cheated by your fiancée? Wow, that's a whole new level. And that was exactly what happened to Percy. Add a little more of the Olympians not caring and abandoning him. He finds a new life with the Creator himself. But of course, with his luck, there's definitely...

    Completed   Mature
  • Acceptance
    32.4K 439 15

    All the immortals on Olympus are fading. So, Zeus forces everyone to marry, and start having children. Artemis is not happy about the decision. But what happens when Artemis starts getting feelings for Perseus, who she had chosen for a mate? And Zeus ruins everything like he always does? [Percy/Artemis]

    Completed   Mature