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  • ONESHOTS ⊳ viktor x reader
    14.7K 294 10

    Oneshots of all sorts with our beloved scientist. NSFW warning. Contains 18+ content that is appropriately tagged and can be skipped over. Alternatively: a compilation of all writing ideas I have for Viktor that wouldn't fit into "Convergence".

  • Ink & Ashes // Arcane Fanfiction Viktor x Reader
    115K 4.9K 34

    For all you Viktor simps xoxo There's an appalling lack of Viktor stuff on here so 𝓋ℴ𝒾𝓁𝒶! Have some classic cheesy x reader fanfic. Enjoy. (If you wanna skip the vveeeeeeerryyy long slowburn (and miss all the very amazing writing, smh) then skip to chapter 31 hehehehe ;) ) [no gender-specific pronouns for all you...

  • As the World Caves In
    14.7K 767 16

    viktor x reader "I hated you at first, you know." "Why?" "Because from the moment I met you, I knew it was always going to be you. I couldn't think about anything else." I have never played League of Legends and frankly know nothing about the game whatsoever, so this is entirely based of the Netflix show 'Arcane' and...

  • CONVERGENCE ⊳viktor x reader
    83.5K 5K 28

    "You come to Piltover's most revolutionary lab and call our designs rudimentary?" "Yes. You seek to improve an ill fate. I seek to change it altogether." Alternatively: A Piltover doctor has their mind set on revolutionizing medicine, by combining it with the newly tamed force of the arcane. What better place for deve...

  • The Outsiders | Viktor X OC | Arcane
    44.4K 1.9K 45

    As Viktor and Jayce strive to improve the world through their Hextech, Professor Heimerdinger has grown increasingly worried. With Piltover's best interest at heart, Professor Heimerdinger calls on a favor from an old friend, one who knew of magic at some time, in hopes that she can help sway Jayce and Viktor from hur...