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  • The Wand (Harry Potter Fanfic)
    31.4K 654 17

    This story is based on Harry Potter. The characters belongs to J. K. Rowling. It's the twisted version of what happened in the book. It's main characters are Bad Dumbledore. Good Gellert. Good Tom. And of course elder wand. No hp facts just my weird mind😜. I am very bad in description so read it to know more😉.

  • binds
    134K 4.3K 42

    Where harry is born with more bad luck. Or where harry doesn't understands what he did wrong to get in the wrong of side of his parents untill he does. (I am bad at description)

  • Playing with Knives/Hanging by a Thread- Extras
    305 22 7

    Art, bonus scenes, unused scenes, etc etc All Silly Scenarios have spoilers. SSs 1-5 were in PwK, meaning if you've finished reading that, you'll have seen them already. I will let you know if there are spoilers and what you need to have read at the beginning of each part. The title of each part will say which story t...

  • Playing With Knives- LoZ
    80.4K 2.2K 153

    dont read this one either Warning: this has like all the angst imaginable dude. i dont even remember all of it. here some of the big ones tho: suicides (plural), self harm, self hate and deprecation, depression, etc. all badly handled/written This place is a message... and part of a system of messages... pay attention...

  • Harry Potter and The controller of Horcrux's
    25.8K 735 4

    Harry in second year enough was enough that he was going to control his own life no one else is, so now he decides to collect and protect the Horatio's instead of killing them and voldemort - C.W.

  • Harry Potter: The ghouls awakening
    198K 4.6K 80

    Harry's time with the Dursleys before his first year is horrid to say the least. This takes place when Harry is seven years old and had used accidental magic. The Dursleys were outraged so they forced Harry to the basement and chained him to a chair and tortured him hoping to either get rid of his magic or kill him. H...

  • The Swordsman in Black Version 2
    979 21 4

    Look at the Author's Note

  • blade of justice ( male swordsman x off brand,anime and crossover harem)
    50.9K 493 8

    in the world we're humans lived at day and monsters at night, lust was everywhere and Ready to Let it out, but what if someone Actually prevent the girls to be rape from anyone? a boy name Y/n who Is the son of a legendary swordsman who cut down anyone by the legendary blade Yamato, a transfer student now Is among of...

    2.3K 52 12

    After the attack on the Jedi Academy, Luke Skywalker has hidden his younglings from the clutches of the First Order and has begun to train young Phai Wren. Little do the Jedi know that the First Order has been building a weapon, one even more powerful than the two Death Stars that came before it. If Luke is to succeed...

  • Star Wars Rebel: A Skywalker Broken Heart Healed By A Princess
    26.7K 203 6

    Ezra Bridger left after his heart broken when Sabine cheated on him with Wedge. Ezra then leaves home not wanna deal with the emotion finds His true identity as son of Anakin Skywalker who then finds his Son Ezra And find his twin Brother Luke and his real mother Padme and they go into hiding. After Ezra becomes 18 y...

  • Star Wars Rebel: A Broken Jedi (Discontinued)
    14.1K 86 8

    Ezra Shan and Anakin Skywalker the two escaped prison. Anakin took Ezra under his wing treat him like his son after being abandoned by accident by some of his friends. The Emperor tortured Ezra too much that it scar him not to trust anyone but his master Anakin and selected few who he knows always got his back. Anakin...

  • If It Ended Differently
    32.7K 595 10

    What if the Republic and the Jedi's had won the war?? Order 66 would have never happened. So how would the Ghost crew meet one another?? How would Ezra be found and trained to be a Jedi?? And what enemies would they have to face if the Empire never won?? Kanan, Anakin, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin are assigned a mission...

  • To Be Little
    288K 6.3K 11

    Harry Potter was severely abused. He is a little and afraid of what will happen when others find out. Snape is the first to care for him as Harry, not as the Boy Who Lived.

  • Star Wars Rebel: Family Reunited
    2.3K 17 2

    That was the last day for any of the Jedi to ever see the second twin of the Skywalker family. Luke and Leia still has hope that Ezra is out there and looks in his free time to find his twin, one day he stumbles across some information of a Rebel group that has a member around the age that Ezra would currently be. Whi...

  • Star Wars Rebel: Jedi Master Ezra Skywalker
    2.5K 21 1

    Au where Ezra is adopted by Anakin Skywalker after the ghost crew abandon him from a fail mission. He gets an older protective brother and a caring Mother with a lovable father who trains him to be the best. What happens when the ghost crew returns to get their 'Ezra' back. Will he show why he is a Skywalker and not a...

  • Princess of Darkness
    1.5K 13 4

    After the events of Endor the New Republic have rosen up and has A new clone army with Grandmaster Luke and second to him Ezra Shan. Ezra and Leia were close friends which didn't agate Han. But after Leia finds out Han cheated on her when they were yelling she was severed hurt and it add the pain as Ezra disappeared...

  • The One Who Never Told | P5
    87.2K 2.6K 58

    And what about the boy who sat behind the phantom their leader and didn't tell a soul? What if he wasn't so passive, but instead worked the courage to join Akira and the thieves? Wouldn't it be a totally different story? Started: March 03, 2018. Status: Incomplete - Indefinite Hiatus Highest Ranking: #1 in Persona/#...

  • Chaos (Tomarry)
    569K 18.6K 74

    ⚠️ Blood and torture ⚠️ Hadrian Sirius Potter, goes into a Creature inheritance because of his older twin, brother and sister. His mother and father always praised his siblings on being perfect, in their eyes the twins could do no wrong but Hadrian was the problem child. They insist that he is a squib but when it turn...

  • King of the Street(A Harry Potter Fanfiction)
    145K 5K 26

    Summary: Harry is taken to an orphanage by the Dursleys the day after his is dropped off at their door. Harry becomes a master thief with his friend Seamus and they grow a reputation for doing the impossible. What happens when a wizard boy with the skills of a master thief has to defend the magic world against a Dark...

  • Black Red and Black Green
    17.3K 475 12

    *WARNING* VIOLENCE AND GORE *WARNING* Everyone knows about Creepypasta. Everyone knows about the Boy-Who-Lived, Charles Potter. But no one knew about Harry Potter. Harry Potter was sent away to the Dursleys' when he was only 4. Abused and neglected, he snaps, torturing them with never-ending nightmares at the tender a...

  • Ben Drowned (Story Of Ben Drowned )
    4.9K 73 15

    Benjamin is just an ordanary teen. What happens to him changes his life Read to find out I made this origen myself but... ENJOYYYYYY!!!

  • The Wrong One
    552K 13.4K 42

    We all know that when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Names attacked Godric hollow Lilly and James died while harry lived and was sent to the Dursleys, but what if Harry's parents lived? What if Harry had a twin who was mistaken for the Boy-Who-Lived and they sent to him to the Dursleys so they could focus on his brother, what if...

  • Shadows Begin With Light
    163K 5.5K 26

    Nico Di Angelo is one of the most powerful demigods alive; Son of Hades, Ghost King, Heir to the Underworld, etc. One day on a casual trip to New York, he is accidentally harassed by someone he never thought he'd see again - his childhood friend, Tom Riddle. But Tom is different now, he's... crueller. Less humane. And...

  • Pleasure - HP
    17.5K 285 1

    What if Harry loses the war and he and his friends become slaves to the most loyal follow on Voldemort side including Voldemort himself - C.W.

  • A Potter for Each
    81K 2.4K 7

    WBWL, After believing his brother to be dead for three years Alex discovers that his twin Harry is in fact alive and a deatheater. When Harry unwillingly answers his question of why how will the supposed Boy Who Lived react, has the world's actions come back to kill them all? Dark!Harry

  • Ninjago:Goodbye
    13.7K 331 7

    The overlord was back,he tricked Lloyd and made him make a choice.Saving himself or his father.He chose his father and ended up saying goodbye to him forever.Unless...It was goodbye to the Lloyd we all known.

  • Give The Ghost Kid A Chance (Rewritten)On Hold
    14.5K 344 13

    What if Morro didn't make it off the Wailing Alps at least not with the right team I'm terrible at descriptions Morro gets captured by the ninja during the get the sword of sanctuary mission (I DO NOT own any Ninjago characters this is a rewrite of a fanfiction I wrote and thought needed one too many changes)

  • Lil' Ghost
    24K 785 9

    After Lloyd and Morro were separated, and unknown side affect of the possession caused Morro to change. could this be a second chance for him? Ranked #1 In Morro 5/11/18

  • "I'm Fine" A Ninjago Fanfic
    59.8K 1.1K 22

    SO I see a lot Ninjago Fanfics of Lloyd and they see him as a happy cheerful kid, right!? But this is a story about Lloyd isn't fine. !WARNING! This story contains Self-harm, cigarettes, abuse, depression, rape, is not suitable for young kids.

  • The power that lays within
    9.2K 276 18

    This is a greenflame story In this story Lloyd has a bad fall in a battle and everyone in Ninjago is scared for his life......will he live and have awaken a power he and no one knew he had. Lloyd is dead to Ninjago. He's known as someone else something else he now goes by Shadow. No on knows where he came from or wh...