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  • 失敗続く日々(part 2) [scaramouche]
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    Part 2 »---------------------------« Part 1 is under massive editing. Edited chapter will be uploaded one by one Part 2 of my scaramouche fanfic. its a continuation from the first one so i recommend reading that first. All the description is there so im not gonna say anything much <3 All the art & characters -excl...

  • The pretty student | scaramouche
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    ➶︎ ι ℓσνє уσυ. ➶︎ - Modern AU - School AU - GN!Y/N x yan!scaramouche - poor writing, cursing, smut, mature themes (death). ! Disclaimer. Characters used in this story (From the game) are not mine. They belong to Hoyoverse, Genshin Impacts' creator. I do not claim that these characters are mine in any way !

    Completed   Mature
  • White Lies || Scaramouche X Reader
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    ⇒ "Well, who are you then?" You are an Adventurer for the Adventurer's Guild who was commissioned by the guild itself to research a series of meteorite strikes happening as of late. Thats when you meet him. Is he who he says he is? Or is he somebody completely different? 『Y/N is gender neutral (so I'll be using they...