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    76.9K 1.6K 39

    This is A Cross over of MHA and Fate . Where Izuku has been transported to the World of Master or say Grail War . Izuku will meet new people , he will learn about them . Stop things what was not supposed to happen . Let's See How Our Hero Saves the World of Mages . Also Remember , Izuku is A Number 1 of His World...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fate Zero x Akira OC Fanfiction
    25.7K 449 17

    In the 4th holy grail war the tohsaka family mage manage to summon the king of heros himself Gilgamesh but what if they were to summon the other king of heros related to Gilgamesh. Follow Akira through the grail war for comedy, action and perhaps romance Disclaimer: I do not own typemoon

  • Fate Stay Night Saber X Akira OC Fanfiction
    11.8K 169 18

    It's been ten years since the 4th holy grail war and Guess who's back? that's right it's Akira and he is back for round 2 in the 5th holy grail war. Follow Akira in some of the best parts in his Adventures maybe he will meet his child again? or perhaps his lover? or maybe both? find out in this story Disclaimer: I do...

  • Fate Grand Order x Akira OC Fanfiction
    29.1K 453 32

    After the Fifth Holy Grail war Akira is now in the throne of heros waiting to be summon but little did he know he is going to be on the biggest adventure of his life Disclaimer: I do not own Typemoon

  • Fate/ Dire Paradox (Jeanne Alter X Male Reader)
    122K 4.3K 54

    Your research on the Grail has made you enemies and all of them happen to be from the church that once exiled you. They will stop at nothing till you breathe your last breath... leaving you to do the unexpected and shock the laws of reality and break the System of the Grail as you know it.

    Completed   Mature
  • Fated Destiny
    37K 835 18

    In the year 2023, Chaldea Security Organization has completed the Fate project and has assigned Christopher and his sister as Masters to Holy Spirits with the simple mission of destroying the Holy Grails when they appear and stop the servants and masters it has summoned from causing any damage or harm, and prevent the...

  • Double Trouble ( Mordred x Male Reader )
    26.2K 541 13

    Meet Y/n, a high school delinquent who is living in Fuyuki City, which was once lit up in fire by the 4th Holy Grail War. Ever since he discovered about the incident that left to his family's demise, he decided to learn Magecraft to participate in the 5th Holy Grail War to prevent the incident from happening again. Du...

  • A Hero Turned Into A Servant(Fate x Izuku Midoriya)
    249K 6.9K 31

    Izuku Midoriya, the boy who's next in line to becoming a hero that he ever dreamed of. Until something happened... He suddenly disappeared but nobody is there to notice it. He opened his eyes, shocked and confused to where he is. Then, a vision appeared into his mind as he saw many battles of warriors. He was confused...

  • My King [A Fate Series Fanfic] [Author's Edition]
    70.1K 1.3K 28

    After summoning the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh, for the Sixth Holy Grail War, Vivi has to learn how to create a bond with him correctly before going out to fight. "Sheesh, out of all the servants I can summon, I ended up with the most arrogant one of all." "Out of all the mongrels in the world, you're the most annoying...

  • What happens when you summon Emiya Shirou in Chaldea
    311K 4.9K 131

    What would happen when Ritsuka summons Emiya Shirou in Chaldea? The result: chaos. Crack fic. (NOTE. THIS IS A COPY AND PASTE FROM THE REAL FANFICTION ON FANFICTION.NET I DO NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF THIS TLDR:support the original author he's going thru shit so be good people!

  • Lancer Knight of Queen Mordred {Male Reader X Fate Grand Order}
    216K 5.1K 78

    Multiverse theory is bullshit.

  • The Eternal Knight (Mordred X Male Reader)
    38.6K 321 8

    A eternal Knight who is forgotten by the history appears during a Holy Grail War and meets an old friend. What will happen this time? This is a fanmade Story, i will take parts, places and Character from the Fate Series including Zero, Apocrypha, Stay Night and Unlimited Blade Works. I'm not owning anything of the act...

  • The Mysterious Assassin (Fate Apocrypha x Male Reader)
    29.1K 655 7

    Set in the world, Fate Apocrypha. The Magus from clock tower hired not only Kairi Sisigou but also someone else to be brought into the Greater Grail War. That someone is you, (y/n) (l/n).

  • The King Of S.A.O
    54.4K 784 6

    You are Gilgamesh from the Fate series.

  • Isekai Le Fay~ Familiar of Fay [Abandoned]
    243K 9.9K 45

    [This story slowly descends into a crack fic, you've been warned.] As a Guardian, it's his duty to follow orders. Especially protecting mankind's extinction. And yet, here he is, doing the opposite. Why him? Especially given the fact that he's in a world of magic where the battle of the Demon Lord and King fight. But...

  • Fate/Genshin Impact
    11.6K 232 36

    A Rayshift goes wrong and sends Servants tumbling into the world of Teyvat. A teleport goes wrong and sends vision-wielders into Chaldea via the Grail System. That's how the two worlds first met. And it wouldn't be the end. This is a collection of stories where characters get sent across worlds. Lumine is the active t...