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  • Can't Be Saved (Saving Elliot OneShot)
    2.6K 85 9

    The dead have been waking for years now, and I still haven't gotten used to the smells. The sound. The feeling of dead things watching me as I eat, sleep, breath. It started three years ago, I think... yes, this is the third summer. Ugh, summer. Summer is a cursed gift. They rot away so much quicker, but the smell...

  • The Stars Around Us || One Shot Contest
    886 21 1

    For the Saving Elliot one shot competition! I take no credit for the characters. The story is set in the future, where it is Fintry's and Elliot's first time on Earth.

  • Risk It All (SE One Shot)
    1.7K 32 1

    Violet and Arthur's love story. My one shot entry for Saving Elliot by northbynorth.

  • supernova [saving elliot one shot]
    931 27 1

    "Junior year consisted of the two of us falling prey to our demons." In which Elliot Fintry experiences the storm after the calm.

  • Weddings & Re-connections
    817 18 1

    Five years after the end of Saving Elliot... One shot for NorthbyNorth, author of Saving Elliot. I do not own any of these characters, all rights go to her.

  • Homecoming (Saving Elliot One-Shot)
    624 15 1

    The 45 minute car ride to the Manchester Airport had never felt longer than it did that September. And, as surprising as it is, it wasn't because Mac and Arthur were sitting on either side of me, blatantly trying to annoy me as much as humanly possible. ~~~ One-Shot for Saving Elliot by northbynorth

  • Cluster ✔
    1.5K 30 1

    WARNING: This is a Saving Elliot One Short by Terry J.

  • Finley First Dates
    298 5 1

    My official entry for the Saving Elliot One Shot competition. It's all about the wonderful Finley. Such a cutie.

  • A Sky Full Of Stars
    1K 46 1

    [in the point of view of one Lewis Jenson-Fintry]

  • Im Coming Back For You
    540 6 1

    A very cheesy epilogue for Saving Elliot

  • Saving Elliot - One Shot Competition
    691 12 1

    A one shot about what happens to the Elliot's after the end of "Saving Elliot" | by violentcaramel (cannonfire)

  • So Is That It, Elliot?
    297 8 1

    To help us learn that love is complicated and isn't always the happy ending. (Part of the Saving Elliot One Shot competition.)

  • Sincerely, Elliot.
    467 16 1

    This is a Saving Elliot one shot. Thanks to Rose North (northbynorth) for writing the whole freaking awesome book - Saving Elliot - that I had spend months hyperventilating about. Enjoy. NOTE: This is a work of fanfiction. I do NOT own the characters in this one shot and every incident that seems oddly familiar to any...

  • Found Again
    373 9 1

    Saving Elliot one-shot

  • SE One Shot
    270 7 1

    This is a One Shot about the book Saving Elliot written by northbynorth. People could comment is it good or do i need some corrections or what i could improve in!!! I would Love to read what you think about this One Shot Chapter

  • SEoneshot
    310 10 1

  • One - Shot
    600 21 2

    One shot submission for Saving Elliot

  • Never Let Me Go (Saving Elliot one shot)
    1.3K 35 2

    Heaven is a place on Earth with you -Lana Del Rey

  • Once Upon an Elliot Christmas
    366 14 1

    Christmas. Everyone's favorite holiday. Presents, snow, decorating the Christmas tree, out of tune carolers, waiting for Santa Claus, what's there not to love? Of course, that wasn't the Jensens' case. For them, Christmas meant chaos, and this year was no exception. But a family that fucks up Christmas together stays...

  • SEoneshot
    559 15 1

    THE DAY (Fintry's POV)

  • Saving Elliot (One-Shot)
    360 6 1

    A one-shot entry for northbynorth's Saving Elliot.

  • Saving Elliot {One Shot}
    309 5 2

    "I’m coming back", Or so he said...

  • Indirect Idiot:A Saving Elliot One Shot
    441 11 1

    "Fintry!", I called. He was nowhere to be found. I repeatedly called his name til I saw something that made me stop dead in my tracks. I saw him. He was there! He was standing in the same place I'd seen him that New Years Eve party 3 years ago. "Our first kiss" I thought. I wondered to myself if he even remembered tha...

  • Saving Elliot One-Shot | For the First Time
    3K 112 1

    In which Violet Fintry and Arthur Jensen go on a date. For northbynorth's Saving Elliot one-shot competition.

  • Saving Elliot One Shot
    439 5 1

  • |||Of Stardust and Star Fragments|||
    192 6 1

    This is for @northbynorth 's one shot contest for Saving Elliot. Hope you enjoy!

  • Colored Lights
    6.5K 264 1

    a one-shot for Saving Elliot

  • Saving Elliot One-Shot: Just Listen
    1.3K 64 1

    elliot fintry promised to come back and elliot Jensen believed him. "Saving Elliot" by northbynorth one-shot. disclaimer: i do not own any character of this one shot, they're all @northbynorth's