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  • A million years to love you
    5.9K 235 21

    Alex and Norma both want to start a family together but due to Norman dying a year before Norma didn't want anymore children herself so Alex and Norma both settled on adoption. But will the decision of adoption be the best option?

  • The Hurt Locker
    3.1K 108 8

    Alex meets Norma and they start seeing each other. But after a while he starts to realize that there is something very off about her. She's keeping something from him. She's keeping something from everyone. (This will only be about 7 or 8 chapters long).

  • Don't Play With Me
    2.2K 64 1

    After marrying Alex and taking Norman to Pineview, Norma had been having a hard time coping with all that has happened. Through countless efforts of trying to get in touch with her son, Norma finally had the opportunity to talk with him, but instead told her that he could never forgive her for making him stay at Pinev...

  • Change
    9.4K 370 19

    Change. It can be either a good or bad thing. For Norma, it's terrifying, but this new feeling and safety makes her think change isn't as bad and scary as she thought.

  • I Love You
    5.5K 175 10

    Just another Normero story

  • The Life Of Norma Bates: A Cautionary Tale
    2.9K 151 10

    Set back in the 1900's. Norma Bates is married to a man named Sam Bates who is a captain of the army. She and her two sons fend for themselves for the most part until a certain dark eyed man changes their world. I thought of this idea whilst watching Boy In The Striped Pajamas if that says anything.

  • Trapped
    9.9K 474 21

    A few members of the cast of Bates Motel get sent to the universe of the series itself. They face obstacles of getting to know their character and having to think like them while trying to figure out who is an actor and who is from WPB. The story is better than the summary.

    1.8K 93 10

    This story is about Norma Louise bates and the story that drove her to be a broken soul . Caleb,Sam her mum and dad . Everyone drove her to be broken everyone except her self she always shut people out . When ever she ended up trusting people she loved they always found a way to hurt her brake her shove her under the...

  • Her Eyes
    46.9K 1.7K 78

    When Sheriff Romero meets Norma Bates he is filled with an immense irritation towards her as well as an overwhelming need to protect her. Will Romero break free from the force that is pulling them together? Or are they both doomed in the end?