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  • Revelation | L.K Adaptation
    4.3K 203 15

    In college, Jungkook and Lisa were very different from each other----their paths would never cross. One was a free spirit, a moon surrounded by a myriad of stars. The other was a well-behaved and quiet girl, easy to be ignored. As she finished her assignments one after another in the library, she had no intention to l...

    6.6K 114 34

    LISKOOK ADAPTATION ---------------------------------------------- PLEASE DON'T VOTE AND JUST READ THIS STORY IS NOT MINE I JUST CHANGED THE NAMES ----------------------------------------------- AUTHOR: Night Breeze

  • Precious Sister Of The Villainous Grand Duke LK
    897 0 23

    Reborn as a sister of a villain with no blood or tears in a war-fiction novel. Anyway, that guy, who plays 'my brother' role, is a villain who will be sealed by the Main Lead after losing the war. So I just need to pretend to be his little sister until he disappears. No, at least that's how I think ... 'Something in y...

  • Royals in Luv •LK•
    1K 58 20

    Its said Princesses are meant to wear gowns and do all the elegant stuff but Lisa doesn't believe that in fact she does everything opposite to it. She is like a tomboy princess. She does everything that she is interested in no matter who thinks what and she is one strong princess! Will a prince ever fall for her? Find...

  • I Am Rich | L.K Adaptation
    13.9K 466 37

    Lisa, a third-tier actress who can't be popular no matter how hard she tried, eventually listened to her family and obediently went on a blind date. When her small group of fans found out about it, they expressed their sorrow one after another. "My Idol is too miserable. She can't make any money so she has no other ch...

  • We Against The World - L.K Adaptation
    15.7K 262 40

    Jungkook is a man who likes to go with the flow of his life. He hates woman and he always shows it. Just like his friend, he hates the idea of getting married. Being the youngest child, his parents wanted him to get married and have kids but that is really not his thing. Why would he need a woman and that would only p...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Love
    9.9K 210 24

    DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE STORIES OR CHAPTERS NOR I HAVE TRANSLATED THEM. CREDITS GOES TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER! PLEASE DON'T VOTE!! "Even if no one believes in me, you must, Miss Lisa. I am a man who has decided to become the Sultan because you are a woman who belongs to the Sultan." Lisa, who was a young flowe...

  • The Crippled Boss's Outstanding Substitute Wife
    97K 1.8K 150

    The once rich girl Lee Lalisa lost her mother when she was born. She was then dumped overseas by her own father when she was little to her own devices. Nineteen years later, her father personally took her home from overseas, and the reason was to replace her younger sister to marry her fiancé Jeon Jungkook, who had lo...

  • Set In Stone
    22.6K 662 86

    *THIS IS A LISKOOK ADAPTATION* They were known as childhood sweethearts. They say, first love is difficult to forget. He was her first but she strongly believed last love was THAT love. The type of love, which was set in stone. Absolutely Immutable. Jungkook was her first and she believed he will be her last, but a...

  • The Villain's Mother-{Liskook}
    11.5K 224 60

    Upon waking up, Ruan Lisa had transmigrated into a webnovel that she had stayed up all night to finish reading. She had become the villain's mother. In the novel, after the death of her first husband, the original owner of the body had hooked up with a Mr. Perfect at the fastest possible speed. Worried and discontent...

  • Mr Mermaid | LK Adaptation
    67.1K 922 95

    As a professional swimmer, Jeon Jungkook conquered the masses with his looks alone, earning himself the title 'Adonis of Swimming'. Every day, countless fans would run to his social media pages to leave messages calling him 'hubby', crying and shouting that they would like to 'have his babies'. One day, Jungkook relea...

  • 7 Rings
    2K 66 17

    Been through some bad shit, I should be a sad bitch Who woulda thought it'd turn me to a savage? Whoever said money can't solve your problems Must not have had enough money to solve 'em Black card is my business card The way it be settin' the tone for me - 7 Rings (Ariana Grande) *please remember this is just an ff a...

  • My Journey To Love
    6.2K 263 17

    A Liskook short story AU. When Lalisa Manobal pursues Jeon Jungkook, the Campus Heartthrob. "Watch as I make you fall for me." Copyright ©️ Queen LK 2022 All Rights Reserved.

  • Still Love | LISKOOK fanfiction
    7K 211 47

    Formerly Known as : 'Will You Still Love Me the Same?' "No turning back?" Jungkook assured Lisa with glistened eyes. "Definitely not." Lisa grab his neck and put her lips to his. Lisa and Jungkook only want to be a normal , but they only got to a rollercoaster of life with so much complicated past, present, and everyt...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hard To Escape • LK Adaptation
    18.2K 335 51

    NOT MY STORY! CLEARLY AN ADAPTATION! ALL CREDITS TO THE RIGHTFUL AUTHOR AND TRANSLATORS! Waking up after a car accident, the first thing I saw was Jungkook's handsome threatening face. It made me somewhat embarrassed. But in the end I had to be ruthlessly heartless, cursing while pointing at his shapely nose: "It lo...

  • Stealing the female lead
    17.1K 705 44

    Jeon jungkook is a bug of the books being the topper of the class wasn't enough to satisfy his intrest so he started reading novels But this time things are different Imagine reading a book and getting obsessed with the main character not so difficult to imagine right same thing happens here Jungkook here got obsesse...

  • Master devil do not kiss me (S1) [Lk Adaptation]
    880 35 7

    A bizarre twist of fate throws impoverished tearaway milk delivery girl Kim Lalisa together with an unlikely Prince Charming - ruthless know-it-all business heir Jeon Jungkook , known to his schoolmates as Master Devil. Tragedy strikes - Lalisa finds herself orphaned and homeless. THIS IS STORY IS NOT MINE!!!! LK ada...

  • My VIP Customer [Lk Adaptation]
    1.8K 57 7

    [{WARNING}: THIS IS NOT MY WORK IT'S AN ADAPTATION!! DO NOT VOTE!] This book is also known as Marry One Get One Free. A LK Adaptation "Is it you who slept with me and run away six years ago!?" Lalisa Manoban never expected she would ever meet this man again. Now her one-night stand has become a real trouble. The b...

  • Cold Heart Teacher
    5.5K 94 5

    This story content smut and coursing if you are not comfortable with the story im sorry This is my first book so im sorry if it not something you didn't expected. I hope y'all enjoy the book!

    7.1K 234 14

    Lisa returns to the country from which she ran away 5 years ago. But this time she isn't the old spoiled bratty little girl who'd throw tantrums all the time but a full grown woman who knows what to speak and treat people the way they deserve. And also a woman who doesn't hesitate to slit someone's throat if needed...

  • The Way I Loved You | LK ADAPTATION
    101K 1.5K 117

    DON'T VOTE! STORY NOT MINE! Credits goes rightfully to the owner and translator of the story. In her previous life, Lalisa Manoban had been saved from the bandits' cave by the General, and subsequently became the General's concubine. The General never lost a single battle, and songs praising him spread far and wide. I...

  • Just like a doll || Liskook FF
    205 16 7

    Lisa, though constantly at the end of her unnies prodding, still hasn't gotten a boyfriend. Being smart, pretty, kind and popular; any guy on campus is willing to date her. But she's... let's just say she's not as eager. She'd much rather just dance and study, until she finds the perfect person. Jungkook transfers to...

  • Become Husband And Wife According To Pleasure
    8.7K 114 20

    Lisa's mother died early, her father remarried, her father didn't care about her mother and didn't love her enough to live into her late twenties. But at her step-sister's birthday party, she was proposed to by a man whom her step-sister was bent on marrying. This man, dashing, highly respectable, with gentle elegance...

  • The Little Brat's Sweet And Sassy || LK Adaptation
    132K 2.7K 164

    The entire Yunzhou knew that the Ye Family had a new step-child in the house: Ning Lisa, a low-born and barely literate. However, when she looked at her 17 years old self in the mirror after coming back to life, she grinned. At 17, her step-siblings had yet destroyed her looks and stolen her glory-she still had everyt...

  • The Best Of You | L.K Adaptation
    92.7K 3.3K 115

    Everyone knew Jeon Jungkook so well. In this world, there would probably be no female creatures that could enter his heart. Even the most beautiful girl in the school was coldly rejected. Until one day, when there was a basketball match at the school. In the front row of the audience, there was a girl whose head was a...

    2.1K 31 15

    LISKOOK ADAPTION She was drugged by her ex-boyfriend and had her first night with a mysterious man. To take revenge her ex, she married this man, starting a new life being spoiled by his love. They drew a line at their relationship, yet he ignored it over and over again. "From this moment on, I will give you what you...

  • Master Jeon, Your Wife Has Reborn || Lk adaptation
    13.1K 191 21

    In her previous life, Su Lisa was conspired by her family. Her baby was born through Caesarean birth, she had her eyes gouged out, and died tragically. When she was reborn, she suppressed the invincible Master jeon. Her red lips lifted slightly as she said, "Handsome man, I see your yin tang has turned black. There...

  • I Became the Younger Sister of Mr. Jeon
    30K 1.4K 44

    Lalisa transmigrated into the world of the BL webtoon where she left her one and only spiteful comment. On top of that, she become the adopted younger sister of her favorite character: the obsessive male lead who is later regretful for his actions, but still dies along with the duke in the end. So, she was determined...

  • The Maid In The Reverse Harem Game Wants To Quit
    5.4K 134 15

    [Lisa × Bangtan Maknae Line Adaptation] I reincarnated as a side character maid in a reverse harem game. Even after going through all six endings of the game, I still couldn't return back to reality. So then I made up my mind on the seventh round- "Here is my letter of resignation. I'm leaving this mansion." -to quit...

  • Big Villain Want To Marry Me (Book 2) | L.K Adaptation
    11.5K 354 25

    BOOK 2 Before this please Read Book 1. It's Liskook Adaptation Disclaimer: Credits to the rightful owners.