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  • She Wolf (Underfell Papyrus x Reader) Lemon Unfinished
    83.1K 1.2K 18

    You become something you never wanted to be. You leave the surface by accident and fall into underfell. Find out more by reading.

  • Fire love (Underswap Papyrus X Reader)
    134K 2.7K 41

    (now on the surface) Your whole life was a mess until one sudden day when you meet some skeletons that change your life. You start to have feelings for a skeleton who lights up your life.

  • BOTTOM DREAM / MCYT ONESHOTS [Reupload+Revised]
    133K 2.3K 24

    They keep taking this shit down but y'know what, FUCK THEM!! Imma keep reuploading. If you've found this masterpiece again then feel free to Share×vote×comment I highly appreciate the attention, it inspires me to continue writing! Leave requests in my dm's, conversation tab, or on discord! Dm me to be let in the serve...

  • Bottom Dream Smut/NSFW
    34.6K 402 19

    basically smut of dream I found on archiveofourown yeah all smut maybe other ・▽・ #1 in goergenotfound ( 21:37/saeptember10th2022 ) #2 in goerge (21:38/ September10th2022 )

  • Undertale AU Sibling Scenarios
    229K 4.4K 22

    This will be similar to Undertale AU Oneshots only: They're your siblings! Yep, cute, edgy, or anything else! Feel free to request!(Requests are closed at the moment) No lemons, cause I don't do dat crap.

  • The daughter of Cross (Reader)
    82.1K 1.9K 41

    Your the daughter of Cross Sans. This story goes on to from Baby years, to Toddlers, to middle age, to teen, to adult years. Cross calls you his little X (the X will be in bold). Hope you like and keep on reading. Also there maybe a X-Event! Also when Papyrus is talking he ain't yelling... thats just how he talks.

  • A Bit Too Much (Easing off of HIATUS)
    88.5K 2.3K 39

    (I want to point out RIGHT HERE that this is NOT a Reader-Insert. I'm just to preoccupied to fix the description here, and don't want to rewrite the official first chapter again. Chances are once I start focusing all my time into the finale that I will bother changing the description.) You were planning on getting a B...

  • BITTY! NightMare Sans × Reader
    6.4K 264 9

    y/n was very sarcastic and would always tell someone what they didn't want to hear. If someone said they were a horrible person and they were. Y/n would not tell them that there a wonderful person. She would tell them what she thinks. This caused her to not have many friends since most the people she had met always wa...

  • Sucked in the game:au sans x Depressed!reader Discontinued
    5.1K 180 15

    This has been discontinued I will try to work on a re-write

  • The Faults in Our Souls ~ Gaster x Reader (Under editing)
    17.8K 527 28

    "Do you not want to go back home? To the surface?" °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° "No." °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° "Why?" °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° "Because my home is right here, sitting next to me." _______________________ You were used to the unfortunates of life. Everyone had them, it was normal, but life decided to take a lemon, freeze it, the...

  • Loyal Hellhound (Swapfell Sans × Queen Reader)
    937 34 7

    Royalty, riches, fame, everything everyone dreamed of. Y/n however is Toriel's adopted daughter and her eldest child. Chara is her younger brother, recently he turned 12. Only at the age of 24 yet her you sit on a throne, on the surface among monsters and humans. The leader of the royal guard catches your eye. Sans, y...

  • Smol sans and a fangirl (a bitty sans x reader story)
    21.8K 824 13

    This is an alternate version of you, from a different universe, and yes things in this universe will be different from your current universe. Anyways, now to the bitty, how this version of you comes to meet bitty sans is...bitty sans winds up traveling from the bitty universe to this one, via running away an...

  • Welcome to Underhigh. Underhigh x reader (Completed)
    60.4K 3.1K 86

    WARNING: STORY HAS VIOLENCE (Y/N) is a young 17 year old who goes to Underhigh, the biggest high in the multiverse. (Y/N) had no friends and a bad past. She's smart though. She's tutoring three of the most popular monsters in school. Sans, Red and Rus weren't her biggest fans, Error and Nightmare were her biggest bull...

  • Sanscest One-shot Volume 2
    135K 2.6K 161

    This is a continuous of my previous one-shot book. Like last time, One-Shots for any ships. Will do anything request, including •Angst •Fluff •Lemons •Crack May make into full books if wanted or feel inspired. All characters belong to original creators and Undertale belongs to Toby Fox

  • Ink x error one shot lemons~!
    340K 4.9K 60

    It will be whatever my imagination decides~ in this story there will be no pedophilia or rape I will probably post randomly and not often because I'm not into it as much as I use to but yeah

    4.4K 101 13

    𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ ˗ˏˋ after being called to action, julie finally gets to escape the life of being caged. only to end up in the middle of the ocean. 'ˎ˗ 『• • • ✎ • • •』 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ ✧.* dr. francis blowhole x oc. 『• • • ✎ • • •』 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐬 ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ ✧.* julie, phoebe, & mr. e belong to me. ❥ the pe...

  • Tommy x Purpled
    74.4K 1.8K 17

    These are mini stories of Tommy x Purpled platonic love. kissing and hugging yes cause pog Achievements: #10 Purpled #170 Tommyinnit #55 Platonic #683 DreamSMP #1 NiniDontForgetIt (12/05/21) #2 PlatonicHusbands

  • Bottom-Blade SmutShots [Discontinued]
    68.8K 694 17

    First time writing please don't judge Probably will mess up grammer Kind of new to the Dream SMP -no minors x techno [ART NOT MINE]

  • [DreamNoBlade One-Shots]
    88.1K 1.6K 16

    Dreamnoblade one-shots, where dreamnoblade one-shots lay undetected from the watchful eyes of non-shippers. --- Also bottom blade. --- The cover is not mine. --- I find this on Pinterest and always forget to check from who it is. I don't save this picks I only download them so in when I remember to search for the peop...

  • [TechnoBook]
    115K 2K 36

    BottomBlade...that's it --- I have made a discord server, for those who want to talk about bottom blade i guess. I'll probably post more quick prompts or ideas there as soon as they come to my mind. Here you go:

  • Undertale 2 (+16) PL\ENG (OBRAZKI,LEMON,FLUFF)
    15.9K 306 60

    Second part! Pictures mostly. Memes, Ships, Sins, fluff!! What else can I say? I got here some MEMES and other stuff, but Later on I have some pretty 'sinnery' stuff ;) Już druga część! Co jeszcze mogę powiedzieć? Mam tu trochę MEMESÓW i innych rzeczy, ale później mam trochę „grzesznych" rzeczy ;0

  • The Blue Hearted Hero (bnha x undertail fanfic)
    129K 1.7K 17

    " why dont you just take a swan dive off a building and hope that in your next life you get a quirk " was the greatest advice given to the quirkless boy izuku so he did and guess what he made it into the next life WARNING self harm suicide attempts lemon swearing I do not own my hero academia or under tale I dont own...

  • TMNT x reader fluff ,tears,LEMON and more🥵😂💋
    33.1K 500 28

    you and the turtles have known each other since you and your sister April, saved them from the victimising fire that struck your fathers lab. You all grew close but what happens when you fall in love with one of your best friend???💖 will your feelings for him end in a fairytale wedding or complete destruction? Will...

  • Sanscest Stories! (REQUESTS CLOSED FOR NOW)
    103K 1.2K 17

    Not just Sanscest anymore! Papycest and (brotherly) Fontcest are welcomed too! Basically a book where I pour out all my Sanscest, Papycest, Fontcest ideas that I just need to let my creativity go free, and Destruction. :3 You can request and tell me how you want them to go, with a few minor changes... my ideas just- B...

  • Sans AU Oneshots
    41.3K 634 23

    Smut = 🍋 Fluff = 🌸 Angst = 😔

  • Stranger Things Imagines and Preferences
    993K 13.6K 55

    This is just a book of imagines and preferences for the show Stranger Things. So I fell in love with season one and then, naturally, fell in love with season two as well. These are just some of my creative ideas and twists based on the show. I do take requests so please don't hesitate to send some in. I also appre...

    17.9K 312 7

    uhh.... idk how to write a story :< cuz I'm dumb asf so sorry if this doesn't make sense lol

  • Dreammare Oneshots
    238K 7.3K 54

    Disclaimer! Dream and Nightmare are NOT BROTHERS in ANY of the oneshots in this book. I do not see them as brothers, nor do I interpret them as brothers. If this still bothers you, then block me and go away. I don't support incest or any of that sort of thing. I am not happy with the lack of Dreammare content on Wattp...

  • Underfell papyrusx reader x sans
    2.3K 67 6

    playing a game of truth or dare with friends, you get dared to look into the hole on mt.Ebott.....only to get pushed by one of your backstabbing frenimes

  • Sanscest ships
    172K 1.7K 68

    This will contain lots of ships including errorink hatemare cream crossmare drink and idk what else hatemare is my fav tho. Might do sin if people want.