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  • Defiant Youth Series #1: Abiding Dismay (COMPLETED)
    7.8K 234 30

    [PUBLISHED UNDER PAPERINK PUBLISHING HOUSE] (A Collaboration Series) Life is full of dismay, failures, and setbacks. Sometimes, we create our own heartbreaks through intentions. As they said, foreseeing too extensively can guide to so much dismay. Fearful of dismay, Amara Venice Cuarez will achieve everything to keep...

    Completed   Mature
  • Defiant Youth Series #3: Her Unwanted Life
    837 117 26

    This story is related and pertinent for what is happening to the youth today, how they gave up and learned to fight. How they went down the wrong path to right path of their lives. Zaphria Alonzo is an innocent child who is peaceful and happily living with her grandmother who took care of her for a long time. She rea...

  • Heart-Rending Fantasy
    5.4K 792 34

    (SOON TO BE PUBLISHED UNDER PAPERINK PUBLISHING HOUSE) Note: Complete version of this book, including 2 special chapters, will be available to read on the book version. A collaboration: [Defiant Youth Series #4] "They are not juvenile delinquents. These are the children who have been taken from homes that were bad fro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hope Beyond Deprivation (Defiant Youth Series #8) [COMPLETED]
    2K 337 35

    Hope Beyond Deprivation (DEFIANT SERIES #8) Safira Ellison was raised and lived all her life without the fantasies she desire. If there's one word that describes her life it was pure distitution. Indeed, she was a strong independent woman but she was standing with her own beliefs in life. Her life is a bag of surpris...

    Completed   Mature
  • Deafening Solitude [Defiant Youth Series #9]
    3.8K 375 30

    (PUBLISHED UNDER PAPERINK PUBLISHING HOUSE) COMPLETED All of Dalen's love and hope crumbled down when the people whom he regarded as family, destroyed not only his body, but also his dignity. Carrying his new hope of turning his life upside-down, he tried to make money by selling candies and rugs in the slums. But as...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unyielding Dreams (Defiant Youth Series #11)
    1.4K 208 32

    (SOON TO BE PUBLISHED UNDER PAPERINK PUBLISHING HOUSE) Blaine Angeles is a responsible daughter who is also a competitive, goal-oriented student and a dreamer. Coming from a poor family, unlike other teenagers who live in fairytales, was one of the challenges she faced in life. Despite her status in life, she still co...

  • Defiant Youth Series # 12: Unwanted Justice (COMPLETED)
    4.2K 372 34

    PUBLISHED UNDER PAPERINK PUBLISHING) Defiant Youth Series #12 (A COLLABORATION SERIES) COMPLETED Years ago, there's a guy named-Laxxus Harris who was being addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. He's just a high school student back then when his friends influenced him to do such things. He used to skip classes and about...

    Completed   Mature