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  • MLP: A New Life (Cancelled)
    188K 2.1K 30

    Story is cancelled due to lack of interest in continuing it. Male Alicorn Reader X MLP Harem. F/N L/N is a Brony who lived an normal yet lonely life until he dies when he sacrificed his life to save another but the Pony Goddess of Equestria gives him an second chance and revives him in an Equestria as an Alicorn of al...

  • The Savior Of Equestria (Season 1)
    42.1K 730 11

    (MLP Harem X Alicorn Male Reader) Legends throughout Equestria told of a pony who appeared and disappeared so suddenly to save those who needed the help. A pony who had wings and a horn making him an Alicorn. This pony turned out to be you. For a time, you enjoyed saving damsels and taking down horrific monsters that...

  • MLP FiM: The Hero of Equestria (MLP FiM x Male Pony Reader) (Season 1)
    451K 6.7K 21

    After 17 years of living on Earth, (Y/N) is sent to Equestria as an Alicorn pony and he along with the Mane 6 must overcome various adventures and lessons of friendship in life. Twilight Sparkle: Wow! Nintega, you sure are ambitious. The Nintega Guy: What were you expecting from me? A oneshot? No, no, no. This is a ch...

  • MLP FiM: The Hero of Equestria (MLP FiM x Male Pony Reader) (Season 2)
    250K 3.9K 19

    The story of (Y/N) and the Mane 6 continues in Season 2, as they face more challenges in friendship together such as trying to change someone's personal image, going through one's feelings, and facing off against villains, Discord and Queen Chrysalis. Twilight Sparkle: So it continues huh? The Nintega Guy: Eeyup. It's...

  • MLP FiM: The Hero of Equestria (MLP FiM x Male Pony Reader) (Season 3)
    149K 2.3K 13

    After living in Equestria with his friends for a long period of time, (Y/N) has finally gained feelings for all of the six Elements of Harmony. What he is afraid of is that will they reciprocate the same amount of affection or will he be stuck in the biggest conundrum that he has faced yet. All of the answers that you...

  • MLP FiM: The Hero of Equestria (MLP FiM x Male Pony Reader) (Season 4)
    160K 2.3K 24

    When (Y/N) and the Mane 6 finally unite with their true love for each other, they must now overcome more obstacles than just friendship lessons now that Prince (Y/N) and Princess Twilight have been crowned. Things will be challenging from here as the Mane 7 must find out the dark secret of the Everfree Forest, discove...

  • MLP FiM: The Hero of Equestria (MLP FiM x Male Pony Reader) (Season 5)
    81.9K 1.6K 24

    The magic of friendship continues to grow as (Y/N) and the Mane 6 must take on a brand new task now that they see themselves as Equestria's biggest heroes. They must travel around the entire world tasked by The Cutie Map to seek friendship problems from the Caste of Friendship. They will need to do what they do best a...

  • The Savior Of CHS
    296K 4.2K 62

    (EG Harem x Magical Male Reader) Since day one, you were gifted with magical abilities. You weren't sure where they came from or how you got them, but they've been a part of you. Besides having powers, your life has been relatively normal. That is until you had arrived at a city called Canterlot and went to its high s...

  • The Party Girl That Needs Your Love (EQG Pinkie Pie x Anonymous Male Reader)
    31.8K 380 9

    Pinkamiena Diane Pie, also known as Pinkie Pie, has always been someone that was special to you. Why wouldn't she be? She was sweet, bubbly, funny, and cute as can be. So why in the world would her boyfriend just up and dump her out of nowhere? Especially when it seemed like they were great for each other. You decided...

  • The Prince of Canterlot High & His Princesses (Cancelled)
    493K 5.6K 73

    Equestria Girls Harem X Male Reader. F/N L/N may seem like your average teen but he has a secret, he can use magic! F/N has been able to use magic ever since he was little but he keeps it a secret so he can fit in and not be treated as an outcast but then F/N and his family move to Canterlot where F/N becomes a studen...

  • Reborn as an Alicorn
    67K 1.9K 9

    I was relatively normal in my last life. Teenage guy, little sister, okay parents, and a few good friends. The only thing I would say was abnormal in my last life was how much I watched My Little Pony with my sister. I wasn't really a brony, though I did learn to like the show. But I didn't want to be PART of it! Aft...

  • The New Male Alicorn Colt (Y/N) in Equestria (My Little Pony)
    17.6K 333 15

    A New Alicorn was Born in the Everfree forest. Nobody knew he was there..... Not even he knew Citys outside the forest existed Can he be brought to where he should be? or will he be lonley forever? I Do Not own anything in MLP and everything belongs to Hasbro.

  • MLP✓Mare of the Stars: Child of the Moon
    5.5K 108 7

    If Twilight Galaxy Moon Sparkle was the daughter of Princess Luna. But when she was banished Twilight's aging slows down as she plots revenge against her aunt. Every day quietly hating her aunt until her mother returns.

  • The Past Of Luna's Faltering Stars
    963 53 10

    Princess Luna, a beautiful alicorn princess of the starlit night goes through an endless adventure of fun, magic, banishment, and more.

  • An Alien In Alola
    135K 2.2K 104

    The story is about a young person who was once a hero and a human in his dimension, but was stabbed to death and his soul is now in the Omnitrix and his home dimension is gone. Now he ended up in another dimension where these weird creatures called Pokemon that roam around the world and he's in a place called the Alol...

  • Omnitrix in the Teen titans
    2.9K 45 5

    Zeke is an orphan whose parents died in an accident. After his parents died he retreated into the world of t.v. After 7 years he was tested by Gaia as well as Truck-san to see if he is eligible to reincarnate into another world. He goes into the world of the Teen titans with the omnitrix(Biomnitrix). I do not own Ben...

  • An Alien in Fairy Tail: Remaster
    890 27 2

    When the line between worlds is blurred, and everything is thrown out of order it is only natural to expect such events to occur. Such is the same for Ben Tennyson as one day he finds himself in a completely new world. A world where magic exists, and one can find mages in every corner, and when one meets the mages of...

  • An Alien In Fairy Tail: Book 1
    58K 806 12

    When Ben Tennyson, the wielder of the Omnitrix, gets sent to a different universe, he ends up in a weird world where there are wizards and magic. Ben finds the wizard guild Fairy Tail filled with the weirdest people that let him join. Together they must find a way to stop the dark guild Dark Howl and their plans. Will...

  • Aliens, Gods And Girls!: OP! Omnitrix Wearing! OC X Massive Harem
    194K 2.4K 201

    When the Wearer of the Omnitrix Jackson Moonshade moves from Seaddle to Canterlot he brings all of his enemies with him and he begins to meet all sorts of girls Begins with the Humane7 and it grows from there as he seems to have an Inert ability to attract women wherever he goes but he also has to fight bad guys at th...

  • Alien Hero of Paris (Male Reader X Marinette/Ladybug)
    40K 521 24

    Y/N L/N was a normal 10 year old boy, but he finds a mysterious Alien watch that turns him into 10 different Aliens. Now Y/N is a 15 year old with his Twin sister are moving to Paris to live with his Grandfather, but what will happen if they meet a certain Ladybug and Black Cat? What will fate have in store for the si...

  • Half Genie and 10 Alien Heroes, Ben and Shantae and the Seven Sirens
    1.2K 12 3

    Set after the Omni Force event, life in sequin land has been relatively peaceful. That being a recent raid from the various barons, Risky's Tinker bat pirates and some of our favorite shapeshifter's rogue gallery making a come back. Thankfully the dynamic duo of Ben and Shantae, the current protectors of sequin land...

  • Pokemon high
    1K 17 4

    This is a high school story with the main characters being Gardevoir and Lucario because why not. As high school students them and all the othe Pokemon are learning how to be the best and have to deal with basic high school problems-cough cough-pop quizzes, Internet post, bitchy teachers. Anyway the story will contain...

    50.8K 719 47

    Ash has finally arrived in a new region ready to win more badges and leagues hopefully.But soon he discovers new joy in joining Pokemon school. Follow Ash through a brand new Clevan region as he competes for trophy of greatest Pokemon league. But this time , it is all different. May , Dawn, Serena and Anabel are inter...

  • The Human Skylander (Skylanders x Male Reader)
    63.1K 925 46

    Meet Y/N L/N he is the first human Skylander. From a young age, he never knew much about his parents. Only that they left him at the Skylanders Academy when he was a baby. Taken in by Master Eon. He was then trained to become a skylander. Follow Y/N as he and his friends defend Skylands from evil and dark villains. Wh...

  • Even Monsters Can Love (Cordie x Male Reader)
    13.7K 319 6

    On a field trip to the outlands, you accidentally wander way too far and got lost in a nightmarish forest. After getting lost, you woke up in a spider's web and soon met a human spider Cordie, who is deeply attracted to you.

  • Cross My Heart And Hope To Die || Sarvente x Reader
    1.9K 69 10

    As a teenager, you were extremely rebellious. You ended up committing a few sins in your teenage years, and as an adult, learned to regret all of them. You frowned upon younger you, and figured you could not make up for these mistakes. However, thanks to a miracle, you were happily welcomed into a church. The owner pr...

  • Monster Musume: Being Human ((ZombinaXMale))
    7.2K 139 27

    You're only human. Do you hear that saying a lot? Well, in cases like this, being human has somewhat lost its meaning. The entire world has gone under serious change. The government has finally decided to come clean of the monsters of legend. To help the world adjust to this new motion, Each monster is given a host f...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Forgotten Friend To A Guardian Of Stars - A KDA X Male Reader Fan Fiction
    122K 589 4

    From a childhood friend to a forgotten memory, Y/N has dealt with too much to handle, but despite having gone through so much, he pushes forward in life even with the hardships having been faced. Although nearly losing everything after being left behind by almost everyone, four stars return to mend the bonds once seve...

  • Betrayal
    175K 2.7K 11

    This is indeed my first ever fanfic so bare with me if it's not the best of writing 😄

  • highschool dxd: female issei x male reader
    80K 1.1K 33

    Yeah I know I do a lot of dxds but this one has been on my mind for awhile so dont go and say this is your fourth one or didnt you already make one yeah so what anyway in this story your normal kinda your family is a group of assains and you are the only one that isnt one but you do have a few sets of skills your the...