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  • BBB X MHA(discontinued)
    5K 151 9

    After boboiboy defeated retak'ka he fell from the damn but sadly luck was not on his side he was impaled by the ice spike he created to stop the damn from demolished the city by the salt water it hold as his friend running all their heart to him boiling water in their eyes was the last thing he saw -also i make boboib...

  • [BBB X BNHA/MHA] Bittersweetness In A Different World
    3.9K 280 8

    After defeating Retak'ka, Boboiboy and his friends (excluding Ochobot) were suddenly teleported to a grass field in an unfamiliar forest. Unbeknownst to them, they are in a different world. A world of the quirk-users and the quirkless, the heroes and the villains might I say. A different dimension. . 1k views 19/7...

  • 『𝓟𝓻𝓸𝓫𝓵𝓮𝓶 𝓒𝓱𝓲𝓵𝓭𝓻𝓮𝓷』 - (ℍ𝕚𝕒𝕥𝕦𝕤/𝕆𝕟 ℍ𝕠𝕝𝕕)
    7.9K 400 12

    He fell into the thin, brittle layer of ice below, the ice shattering like glass as the brunet submerged into the depths. He barely had enough energy to move a finger much less swim up to the surface. 'Guess this is the end, huh?' He thought wearily, sighing in defeat. Closing his eyes, accepting death. Their e...

  • [Boboiboy X BNHA Crossover]Protectors of Space?
    8.2K 433 7

    Class 1A was just having their training together when suddenly, an explosion occurred near the place where they were training. The explosion caused great damage, a mysterious force field came out of nowhere,prevented them from leaving the place of fire. Despite trying everything, they still couldn't get out. Just when...

  • Elemental Master: Deku [Discontinued
    4.2K 77 10

    this is a (my hero academia x Boboiboy galaxy) crossover..but it will not have the character from Boboiboy galaxy except for Izuku to have the elemental powers...he also can split like Boboiboy can. Also, this is my first story ever. If it's bad then I'm sorry. Also the cover it's not mine. Shout out to the creator of...

  • Boboiboy x My hero academia fanfic
    5.7K 197 9

    This story is about boboiboy already in my hero academia with his father a pro hero and this story doesn't include boboiboy team. I'm sorry I don't really know how to write story description but I hope you enjoy

    90 4 1

    MOMO YAOYOROZU or known as creati the vice president of class 1A being born to a family overthrown with money she grown up to a wonderful woman with great attic and humble personality a positive woman with comfortive aura around her strive to become a prohero in her world that what she thought but what we know? {you k...

    236 22 1

    its been two months since retak'ka defeated everything goes back as usual for boboiboy and his friends he is enjoying his moments to the fullest he just felt relieved of his victory now his new adventure begin DISCLAIMER-BOBOIBOY AND MHA NOT BELONG BY ME

  • New Adventure with A Demon in Superhero World! || BBB x KNY x BNHA Crossover AU
    25.9K 1.4K 36

    A Crossover AU of My Hero Academia x Demon Slayer x Boboiboy! Nezuko, who once live in a world that demon no longer existed after 1 year and a half together with Boboiboy, a teenage superhero of the whole galaxy suddenly got sent by mysterious person into a superhero world that around 80% of that world population had...

  • The Elemental Hero : BOBOIBOY
    6.7K 394 11

    Our favourite hero Boboiboy was bored. He wanted to be more strong and powerful but his motivation was going low. No one was able to encourage him. The battle with Retka'ka was great but now he wanted to discover himself more than ever. After returning from a TAPOPS mission, Boboiboy and his friends were given a holid...

  • HERO [ Boku No Hero Academia X BoBoiBoy ]
    2.4K 134 2

    Boboiboy wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, severely injured, only to be found by a man named 'Aizawa Shouta'. After a few complications, he gets admitted as the newest addition of UA's Hero Course Class 1-A. What's waiting for Boboiboy as he has to navigate this new world? Will he ever get back to his friends in h...

  • Izuku Midoriya : The Elemental (Discontinued)
    2.5K 41 5

    Izuku is one of the most gifted child that has a powerful elemental quirk but because it's to powerful the doctor's told Izuku to be put on quirkless for Izuku safety Watch izuku how he became the master of the number one hero. (Sorry I'm very bad at descriptions) This is a (My Hero Academia x Boboiboy Galaxy)crossove...

  • Boboiboy x mha but different
    10.2K 823 22

    Okay, I know you'll think this is a series like the others when Boboiboy is transported to the world of the Mha universe right? But this will be different, what if instead of our young hero, an element of him was transported to another world by accident? And the element I chose is Boboiboy Ice. Why? Because he's one o...

    16.7K 770 53

    Izuku need to make Boboiboy remember back about their priceless memories...

  • BoBoiBoy Crossover Story Ideas
    21K 241 33

    Potential BoBoiBoy crossover stories that you guys might like or make. Leave a comment or PM me if you want to do them or make changes to the rules.

  • boboiboy x Mha/Bnha | Different Dimensions Similar Worlds
    5.9K 333 9

    I've seen so many boboiboy into mha world... so.... why not we go the opposite now? . . . . The villain somehow had DimensionBot and teleported boboiboy with him to another dimension.... But if he could bring him to another dimension... He could bring him back where he belong... Achievements : #1 Gopal, April 16 2...

  • BNHA X Boboiboy Crossover
    19K 494 15

    this is my first story and sorry for the bad grammar • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Warning : I don't own BNHA and Boboiboy if you confused watch the anime, series, and movie

  • [HIATUS] Second Time Being A Hero {BBB X BNHA}
    14.3K 764 10

    A crossover of Boku No Hero Academia and BoBoiBoy. SLOW UPDATE IM SO SORRY BoBoiBoy is not a hero but a Superhero from his universe. When he suddenly appeared in the BNHA universe, what will he do? He's not even a Japanese so how will he communicate with others? How'd he take the fact that he's in a different univers...

  • Crossover : Boboiboy x BNHA (On The Rewrite Progress)
    39.9K 357 5

    This life has many unexpected twist, like one time when i chase after a robot to find that some alien planing to take over earth, making me and my friends get power and start being superhero or that time when the legendary master of all Elementals come to steal his power back from me. But this time its different, beca...

  • Boboiboy Galaxy and BNHA Crossover: My Elemental Hero
    110K 4.4K 21

    Boboiboy and his friends have grown even more powerful ever since their fight with Rektak' ka. They had saved the Galaxy from many dangers and have recovered many Power Spheres. They are now on vacation as a break for all of their missions but Boboiboy suddenly disappears in a bright light and is nowhere to be found...

    388K 21.7K 37

    Where am I? After being hit by Wishbot powers, Boboiboy suddenly found himself in a world where currently most of the human population possess superpowers called quiks and hero had become a main profession there. He also finds himself facing a villain along with a group of students called Class 1-A. So, this is Boboib...

  • Another Problem Child (Boboiboy x BNHA crossover)
    10.2K 663 5

    •-=-• "Hey, brat." Aizawa called. Boboiboy looked through the fort of books encircling him and to the reigning dark lord of his misery, "Yes?" Aizawa thought for a moment then spoke, "Do you want to be a hero?... legally, this time?" •-=-• Or; When Boboiboy woke up alone one day he somehow found himself back on earth...

  • Boboiboy Academia ( A Boboiboy and Boku No Hero Academia Crossover)DISCONTINUED
    15.3K 518 19

    This Story takes place after the events of Boboiboy Movie 2. Boboiboy and his girlfriend ,Yaya (yes I ship them) have been teleported into a new world after encountering a villain in their world. It seems they have landed in a world where everyone has powers. Will they be able to return home? [Please read and comment...

  • Unknown world (Tapops x bnha)
    18.1K 519 14

    Boboiboy and his friends landed on a unknown planet (after movie 2) they soon found out this was not their earth. what will his friends do? what will he do? How will they get home on this unknown planet?

  • Boboiboy Facts & Trivias
    130K 5.9K 101

    This book contains a lot of facts that I found from Boboiboy Wikipedia and also from Anas Abdul Aziz, a chief content officer of AniMonsta Studios. DISCLAIMER: None of the pictures, audios, videos, facts and trivia that were use in the book belongs to me, credits to the original owners. And Boboiboy belongs to AniMon...

  • Crossover MHA x Boboiboy (Civil War Game!)
    20.7K 1.2K 22

    Who didn't know UA! The number One Hero School! They being created for a Future hero to be better! Being care by The one and only Pro heroes Nezu, or being know as Principal Nezu! How about Tapops High? The Second Hero School! They also being created for a future hero! But, who said anything about their second organiz...

  • the young hero (boboiboy x bnha)
    24K 925 22

    boboiboy get lost in space during a mission and can't find his way back he landed on a planet similar to Earth but it's different 80% of the population has powers and 20% don't have powers. how would boboiboy survive on this land will he go back to his home planet or will he be stuck on this planet for the rest of hi...

  • BNHA X Boboiboy ( beyond the universe )
    56.7K 3.6K 25

    Our Bnha heroes had always faced many challenges and dangers on their way , they had already proven that they can overcome those challenges . So how about a little school trip will test those abilities to another level . And what trip will be better than the galaxy , right? Will they also prove their worth through th...

    28K 1.1K 31

    Boboiboy was suck into a teleportal that suddenly appeared in front him when he was fighting with Retak'ka. He then was teleport into a world where everyone has their own power , as known as quirk. When he first teleport in that world he found out that the villains that he still fighting with, still there with an amou...

  • Another world? Boboiboy and Bnha crossover
    13.9K 488 7

    During their summer vacation at earth ( lets pretend that he already beated you-know-who) an accident occurred resulting Boboiboy teleporting to another dimension where powers or 'quirks' are received at a certain age. As time passes back in his dimension his friends, acquaintances and family are slowly forgetting him...