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  • Mars Can't Die
    5.6K 858 39

    Cursed with immortality, Mars goes on a journey with his lifelong more-than-friends partner Astral, a painfully average future-seeing mage, to find the root of magic, in an effort to ease the side effects of Astral's visions - and to finish their thesis so they can graduate from college. *** Mars can't die. He was cu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Requiem for a King [MxM]
    5.9K 887 44

    Jaredeth never wanted to be King. After being thrusted onto the throne after the untimely death of his father Jaredeth is forced to navigate his own insecurities surrounding his newfound sovereignty. But when he gets on the wrong side of his advisors, he's ejected from the throne and into stormy waters where he's left...

  • Beautiful People | gxg | Ongoing
    60.6K 4.8K 34

    Perpetual quitter Vera Kwan thinks she's got it made when her style blog catches the attention of narcissistic actor Carmen Juarez, but after egos ignite a gossip war, Vera has to learn to balance her flighty ambitions and her attraction to Carmen's prickly, gorgeous manager Sharise before her Hollywood dreams fall ap...

  • Daydreams And Nightshade (DaN #1)
    36.5K 3K 91

    Eccentric, troubled and undesirable, the Hargreaves twins Noah and Luna are often referred to as a curse upon mankind by the society of South Kerilia. And society is right. *** Luna Hargreaves is as unapproachable as they come, armed with poor manners, an uncanny interest in the occult and a fearsome bodyguard. All of...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Meaning Of Eternity (TMOE #1)
    100K 7.3K 55

    Dark Fantasy | LGBTQ | Paranormal | Mutilated, dejected and stained by the blood of his loved ones Lucius Cromwell, a precocious and naïve child of high society, strikes a deal with an unhallowed Scourge of 'The Waste' in order to get his life back, blissfully ignorant that he'll consequently find his humanity on the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling for the Gun-Toting Accountant
    198K 22.4K 45

    A no-nonsense IRS agent sent to investigate a family business for tax fraud finds it difficult to do her job when the suspect is so frustratingly adorable. ~~~A 2021 WATTY AWARD WINNER!~~~ ***** Summer Hong is good at her job. As a field agent for...

  • Beta Rising
    18.9K 2.4K 32

    In a divided world where alphas are born to rule while betas are doomed to serve, a closeted gay jock is denied his birthright and joins a queer rebel collective to bring down the system that betrayed him. ***** When closeted gay jock Dane Hasler tu...

    Completed   Mature
  • As the Crow Falls | ❖
    104 42 7

    Niccola is a demi-queen undercover in enemy territory. Her little sister went missing seven moons ago, but one lead remains: a picture of a woman's face, drawn by a diviner shortly after the disappearance. Tracking her down has led Niccola to Calis, the realm next whose border with her own remains closed for a reason...