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  • Rightful Vengeance
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    3RD PLACE @booksgottalent Everyone must have heard of a werewolf story, regardless of the source you must have heard one, right? We usually hear of how a mate rejects their destined to be for an excuse or another. Almost every story claims that I "the moon goddess" orchestrates everything! Has anyone wondered how thes...

  • Love me, I'm the moon
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    This is a poem collection, where I'll be uploading my poetry dumps every chance i get. Many emotions, thoughts and feelings are referred in this poem for my readers to relate.

  • A Love That Breaks Barriers #Wattys2022
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    Do you know that a lot of people THINK they are in love while some people ARE in love? The people who think they are in love usually give up when they meet obstacles BUT those who are in love do their best to be with their significant other. I am not talking about one-sided efforts, I am talking about when two people...

  • Butterflies
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    Leah is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary mind . One day she meets this stranger on the streets whom she thinks is extremely gorgeous . And for the first time in her life she feels butterflies in her stomach after seeing him . Fate takes twist and that stranger becomes someone close to her . Will fate again tak...