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  • channel 7 - bill denbrough
    471K 8.9K 51

    completed! 8/2/19

  • The Role: Jaeden Martell + Reader
    425K 8.7K 59

    When you get a huge part in a spin off of one of the most classic horror films of all time, you fall in love with a boy on set. Where will your love take you?

  • Bill Denbrough x reader: Bitter Sweet
    319K 6.5K 32

    Being Belch's sister is never easy. On top of your dysfunctional family, you're dating the school bully, Henry Bowers. You rarely ever open up to people. You don't trust anyone but all that changes when you meet Bill Denbrough.

  • derry, maine | it imagines ✔️
    470K 7.6K 56

    imagines based on the 2017 it movie "derry is not like any town i've been in before" warning: language, some violence, some sexual elements, and some trigger warnings - completed -

    127K 2.5K 32

    You just moved to Derry, a small town in Maine. As you ride your bike around in hopes of meeting new friends, you meet Bill Denbrough and the 'losers'. You end up become really close to all of them and falling in some with 'someone' ;)

  • it one shots
    171K 2.7K 22

    please don't read this.