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  • Heat Waves
    1.3M 44.9K 12

    - the OFFICIAL upload of "Heat Waves" from AO3: posting my work here to tackle the issue of re-uploaders going against my permission to have the story on this platform. Please take down and report any other uploads, this is the only version from the REAL author (link to my twitter page for confirmation below) - cover...

    Completed   Mature
  • How Not to Poach a Unicorn
    76.7K 5.6K 36

    The deepest darkest prison on the planet is not where anyone would choose to start their day, particularly when they have a job to do. A princess and her personal guards fighting to stop a war, arrested for trespassing; an expert assassin stalking a merciless wizard, arrested for poaching; and a confused boy, utterl...

  • Stealing from Wizards
    140K 2.3K 4

    Volume 1: Pickpocketing Living in secret and stealing to eat is a hard life , but it's all Kuro has ever known. Fear and necessity honed him from a young age into the finest young thief in in the wizard kingdoms. Nobody can hide forever, though, and a run of poor luck lands Kuro in a place where his quick hands and q...

  • Wattpad Clichés
    557K 26.1K 51

    A long, long list of the cliches of wattpad...basically what the title says

  • Improving Our Standard of Living (Wattpad Edition)
    1.4K 43 59

    This book is about how to reduce poverty and improve global living standards. Topics include economic growth, income inequality, corruption, sustainable development, the future of technology, and much more. Below is a sample of questions answered throughout this book. * How do we measure a country's standard of livin...

  • Wait For It ★ 𝐓𝐢𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐰 [ON HOLD]
    48K 900 58

    For generations, four clans have shared the forest. But ThunderClan is in severe peril, and the other three Clans grow stronger every day. In the midst of this turmoil, appears two house-cat's named Rusty and Star... who both may turn out to be the two bravest warriors of them all. They become warriors of ThunderClan...

  • The Dead Silence
    6 0 1

    In der Geschichte geht es um drei Schwestern die plötzlich bei ihrem Onkel wohnen sollen. Doch er verhält sich sehr komisch. Die drei Mädchen suchen nur ganz kurz und schon finden sie eine schockierende Tatsache heraus. Wie wird es nun weitergehen? Und Werden sie es überleben? oder ist er am Ende der, der leiden mus...

  • The Ember Thief
    96.4K 7.4K 26

    War is outlawed. The great houses now challenge for territories by putting forward their best champions, known as Chimeras, to compete in the brutal Quintail tournament. Bonded to a soul of an animal early in life, Chimeras harness the creature's attributes to make them faster, stronger and more agile than any other h...

  • Valeria Torres and the Midas Vault
    77.9K 5.4K 34

    🌟2020 Watty's Winner🌟 A sixteen-year-old orphan, hoping to find a new family, joins a faction of Rogues and becomes vital in their conflict with a rival faction. *** For as long as she can remember, Valeria Torres has always been the girl no one cared about. Havi...

  • Pandora's Successor✔
    243K 20.2K 109

    [🌟Featured by Wattpad's official New Adult profile] Trapped within Penelope is the spirit of Pandora. An irresistible woman bound to take over her mortal body and soul. Penelope tries to thwart her fate and that's when things get worse... Residing in a few ignorant humans are the life force of powerful Greek gods, mo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hired To Love
    48.2M 1.6M 68

    Henley agrees to pretend to date millionaire Bennett Calloway for a fee, falling in love as she wonders - how is he involved in her brother's false conviction? ***** Henley Linden's brother is in jail for a crime he didn't commit, and she'll take an...

  • The Vampire's Maid
    6.3M 92.1K 36

    Following the slaughter of her village, Elizabeth is plunged into the dangerous and deceptive world of Vampires. Forced to work as a maid for one of the most highly honoured Vampire families, a risky romance sparks. The choice that Elizabeth then has to face is not a simple one: Providing she finds an escape route, do...

  • The Good Girl's Bad Boys [Book One of TGGBB Series] (Completed, Editing)
    94.5M 3.4M 85

    If you're judging this book by its cover and title, you're already proving the point this story wants to make. Try to move past this satirical obstacle in front of you. This is a story about bullying, and like the hundreds of other books on the topic, it will show you the harsh reality of being discriminated, belittle...