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  • Little Nightlight (Moondrop x child reader)
    751 22 9

    Little Nightlight is a story where you are a 11 year old at the daycare because you escaped an abusive orphanage so when you showed up at the plex a front desk lady left you in the daycare where you met sundrop who kinda scared you because he's loud (I made the cover art hope you enjoy)

  • My Little Bunny (Glamrock Bonnie x fem reader)
    15.1K 383 40

    y/n works as the bartender in the bowling alley and also runs errands for her best friend Bonnie the bunny. Kind of like a personal assistant but with your bestie! Shes worked there for a little over a year now, her and Bonnie are very close, always joking around and teasing but are very kind to each other. little did...

  • friend || sun/moon x child!reader
    11.7K 376 15

    ♡ y/n goes to the daycare- play structures, slides, ballpits. what else could possibly await her? ------------------------------ warning: potential angst! ➤ a bit of swearing ➤ she/her pronouns ➤ platonic only ➤ dropped --- "Live, fluff, ANGST." -chaos (author) "How am I supposed to gossip ab...

  • Yandere Nightmare Chica x Male(Female)Child Reader
    9.9K 82 7

    "Break,Break,Break my heart till' I fall apart" You can't Break my heart sweetie~ But I can break yours~ FNAF 4 © Scott Cawthon

  • Dream Your Dream (Yandere!FNAF 4 x Child!Reader)
    100K 1.9K 31

    (Kinda based off of MerrinD's one-shot, some credit to them) Your Parents got you 6 plushies from an auction from Fazbear's Fright. As soon as you receive them, weird and quite scary thing s start to happen as you find out 6 monsters are out to get you. Will you make it out or will you be caught...?

  • Fnaf 4 x child! reader
    225K 4.7K 13

    This will be new, I don't remember how the story went so I'll just make a new one.

  • Against the Programming (Funtime Freddy x Child!Reader)
    30.1K 562 13

    (Y/n), the best friend of William Afton's daughter Elizabeth, wanders into the Breaker Room, where they are greeted by Freddy and Bon-Bon. Freddy has been "malfunctioning" lately and has sympathy on the child, trapping them instead of murdering them. Now, it is up to Freddy, Bon-bon, and (Y/n) to keep their presence a...

  • Security Breach x Child Reader
    6K 168 34

    Read the title, I will not do Lemon because a child reader, nor angst because it makes me sad, feel free to request any character, I will incudle Glamrock Bonnie or Burntrap as Willaim Afton, there can be ships between the animatronics but not between the animatronics and the reader

  • Trapped Souls (Fnaf x Ghost!! Reader) DISCONTINUED
    62.2K 1.1K 13

    It's your little brother's birthday today!!! His birthday party is at the new and improved Freddy Fazbears's Pizzeria!! But.... what happens when you see a man, luring some kids into the the Parts and Services room?? Will you check it out?? Or ignore it?? Disclaimer: I do NOT own Fnaf (Five nights at Freddy's) at all...

  • Security Breach Gregory oneshots
    23.6K 872 67

    Credits to: Austrian on yourube for the cover! :] it used to be picture of fanart but I ended up changing it since one: multiple people had it as that and two: it was a random picture on Google that had no credit No ships with Gregory even if it's platonic shipping it makes me rely uncomfortable /srs I will do fluff a...

  • "Safety?" FNAFSB x Reader Book
    74.7K 2.3K 36

    This will be a book about security breach animatronics and Y o u. Well currently it's about Sun/Moon, Monty and Glamrock Freddy You are a child at times. Also a person who's 18 and above. Depending on the Chapters. 🗿

  • Pizzaplex: The Night Shift
    9.5K 360 27

    After Gregory finally escapes he's formed a bond with the Fazbear animatronic and wanted to see him more after the event with Freddy feeling the same but was unable to until he was finally adopted and all grown up enough to move out. Finally getting a night guard job at the pizzaplex Gregory would visit Freddy every n...

  • *.The Mysteries Of The PizzaPlex.* Sunrise/Moondrop x (Non-binary) reader
    6.7K 333 23

    Original Characters: By Scott Cawthon Your parents sometimes left you at the Daycare in the PizzaPlex because they "forgot you" You spend the night in the PizzaPlex exploring it with a newly found friend, Gregory, to uncover the mysteries about Vanny and the Security guard Vannessa. Moondrop/Sundrop must protect yo...

    63.3K 2K 10

    THIS IS A PLATONIC LOVE STORY, NOT ROMANTIC BECAUSE THE READER IS A CHILD!!! THIS IS A WHOLESOME STORY! Well kinda wholesome. This is a Yandere story after all... The daycare closes and all the children leave. All but one. Little Y/n gets lost in the play structure all by them self.... However Moon find them.

  • The Dark Rebirth: A FNAF Security Breach AU
    8.6K 479 41

    After the events of Help Wanted, William (as Glitchtrap) decides to clone himself and transfer his soul into this new body since cloning is a form of technology available in the distant future. Using Remnant and mad science, a clone of himself is created successfully (with some assistance from Vanny). However somethin...

  • Rock and Roll like Nobody Knows
    11.1K 305 43

    After his unexpected night at the Mega Pizza Plex, a lot of things had changed. Vanessa was fired after being found unqualified. The animatronics were repaired from his disabling them to obtain their upgrades, resetting them back to their original selves. But with no home or family to go back to Gregory decides to re...

  • Just A Little Sunshine!
    19.1K 479 12

    When seven year old Y/n is forgotten at the daycare by her stepmom, she will have to spend the night in the dark and scary play area alone...or so she thinks... [This story is strictly PLATONIC] [I am writing Y/n with female pronouns because it's easier for me to write in a female perspective but if you're a guy and y...

  • An Unlikely Friendship / Sundrop and Gregory - A Security Breach Fanfic
    53.4K 2K 59

    In the original Security Breach, the one who helped Gregory was none other than Freddy Fazbear. But things take a twist in this fanfic. What if Freddy was an antagonist? What if Sundrop helped Gregory instead? What would happen? There's only one way to find out. Go on, read to your heart's desire. DISCLAIMER: None of...

  • -You are my Sunshine- Sundrop x child! Reader
    7.1K 271 10

    You are a child in the daycare and your fairly new and no one likes you very much until you met Sundrop. Overtime you and him become friends. Read to find out! (This is only meant for comfort purposes)

  • Sundrop x child reader oneshots (READ DESC)
    14.9K 387 13

    So, I have recently found a new comfort character, and it's even from a fandom I wasn't even apart of! But ever since Security Breach came out, I have found lots of comfort in the character Sundrop(Sunrise). Every fanfic about him that I have tried to read however has been SIN! So I thought I would write a fanfic abo...

  • 𝔾𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝔾𝕝𝕦𝕖 - Sundrop/Moondrop X Reader
    238K 8.8K 50

    When your friend urges you to apply for a new job, you don't think too much about it. But when a new establishment opens up right next to your apartment, things get a little hectic as your current favorite video game becomes a reality. A little too real..and a little too close. How would you feel if you had an animatr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Amateur writers re-write Fnaf smut
    7.5K 28 5

    We all know what Smut is. As teens out favorite storys are so wonderful, yet when you try to look back on them, they don't seem so great. So what happens when two amateur writers fix the problems in Five nights at Freddy's smut?

  • .•°That's 𝘱𝘳𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘺 sketchy°•. 𝐹𝓃𝒶𝐹 𝒮𝐵
    18.2K 632 26

    Y/n, a little child. Though something is different about them. Not just something different, something mysterious... After losing their father, they still continue to go to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Plex, their favorite place. But somehow, they get stuck there with someone. 𝘈 𝘯𝘦𝘸 𝘧𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥? There they discover the...

  • security breach oneshots
    586 25 4

    (place holder cover, I just thought vanny looked funny lol she looks so concerned) back at it again writing fanfiction, if you don't know my human huggy fic keeps breaking my wattpad so discontinued sadly. anyway, read my other writing first to see if you like my style or not just helps :) first chapter is just gonna...

  • Sun (And Other Charactors) x Blind!Child!Reader (cos there isn't enough)
    35K 836 14

    When little Y/N's car crashes, they are left with no parents and no eyesight. What will they do when they stumble upon a certain robot? Will they survive their way to friendship or will they die a gruesome death at the hands of a corrupt rabbit? Playlist I listen too while writing:

  • ☀️Sunrise/moondrop x reader🌘[REQUESTS PERMINATLEY CLOSED]
    68.3K 2.2K 43

    Hey, i discovered the lack of sunny x y/n stories, so i decided to make some of my own! Ill be taking requests too, there will be rules in the request section

  • Sundrop x reader ;)
    14.7K 342 7

    This is my first story so I'd appreciate it if you could limit the hate thanks anywho enjoy:D

  • Fnaf 2 x Blind Child Reader: A robotic family?
    112K 1.8K 10

    Why did your mother leave you at the pizzeria? Do the animatronics care? Will they take you in and raise you as one of their own? How did you end up with them in the first place? Why did your mother abandon you in the first place? How did this all start and why? [Fnaf 2 x Blind Child reader]

  • Sundrop's Superstar! { Security Breach FNAF Fanfic}
    7.9K 269 14


  • FNAF Security Brench Christmas
    14K 323 15

    Just Christmas with the Security Breach crew.