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  • Deathmark | ONC 2022
    1.3K 164 8

    [Paranormal | MM Romance] By day, Cyprian Cavish is a waterweaver -- a powerful mage capable of bending water and turning liquid to ice with a snap of his fingers. By night, he's a famed Ilian monster hunter, keeping the city safe by hunting demons and banishing evil spirits. All his life, Cyprian has had one rule: no...

  • Vegas Knot | Love Travels #1
    2.9K 413 32

    Bianca Daleman only has two rules. First, never lose control. And second, never marry anyone until she is certain it won't end in divorce. While in Vegas for her best friend's bachelorette party, Bianca discovers her ex-boyfriend is engaged to a supermodel. Thrown back into the heartbreak of his leaving her, she brea...

  • Never Not Yours || ONC 2022
    326 65 14

    Choice has always been a stranger to Gustavo. As the son of the illustrious Count of Marcliff, everything is chosen for him from his favourite pastime, riding, to the length of his beard, never past the chin. And when it comes to school, his desire to go to Cambridge is overshadowed by his father's choice: Oxford. Bu...

  • Granny Thayer, Demon Slayer (wxm) || ONC 2022 Collab with CMF_Wright
    3.5K 415 16

    When a grandmother is declared the Chosen One, she abandons her rocking chair to challenge the Dark Lord who plots to destroy the world. -- Formerly a single mother, now a devoted grandma, Granny Thayer has never left her hometown before, let alone slayed a demon. But she'd better learn fast; she's just been selected...

  • Wings, Flings, and Demon Kings || ONC 2022
    916 158 14

    A rambly angel. A debonair demon. A very stuck elevator... NIRAEL has never been the best angel. A little too loud, always in the wrong place at the wrong time, she constantly finds herself written up by her archangel superiors for minor misdemeanors. When her Remedial Goodness program forces her to do a capstone proj...

  • Write Off (Slow Updates)
    266 53 8

    Two authors decide to swap genres when they both get into writer's block one day. There's one issue, neither has any idea how to write the genre they were assigned. - Phet "Boo" Thongdi is a horror writer with small notoriety online. He isn't the most famous writer around but his viewership is nothing to scoff at. Sti...

  • Out of Order | ONC 2022
    3.7K 492 19

    When Logan Corbett, the new marketing team's leader shows up late to work over a forgotten power cord, he fears his career is done for. Having only transferred to the Los Angeles office from New York only a couple of months ago, Logan fears the reputable and infamously intimidating CEO, Callum Dawson, will question hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Eight Legs Too Many || ONC 2021 and 2022
    2.1K 251 15

    Ever since Death got trapped in the mortal realm three years ago, nonstop famines, wars, and plagues have ravaged Earth. Shiori, a budding scientist with a love of snakes and a loathing for small talk, doesn't really care. She can deal with the constant pandemics, bombs, and spider/iguana/fruit fly/crocodile plagues...

  • Disappearing Interrupted | ONC 2022
    91 19 1

    When a forbidden book arrives at Cato's door, he has two choices: listen to the foreboding message of the book's previous owner or risk causing the immediate demise of the known universe.

  • LoveBites || #NONC2022
    256 44 6

    On a wild, helpless whim, Kate Bishop returns to sunny Los Angeles to find the comfort and security her life has recently lacked. A mysterious attack in Chicago has left her with literal and figurative bruises...and enough nostalgia for normal to accept her friend's offer of working part-time at her catering company...

  • Love, Catherine [ONC 2022] // Longlisted
    1.5K 486 44

    When spring cleaning season hits the Richardson household, sixteen-year-old maid Jane Wexler is less than impressed to find out she's been tasked with cleaning the attic. Upon discovering Lady Catherine Richardson's journal hidden in the chimney breast, Jane's ordinary life is transformed into one filled with mystery...

  • Faceclaim (ONC 2022, Completed, Shortlisted)
    1.7K 394 25

    After years of struggling to make it as an actor, Daniel Shephard is finally about to make it big. He's landed the lead in a superhero movie. He's about to be Captain Universe with the whole world. That is, if he can make it to his agent in time to sign the contract. Which is easier said than done, as Daniel wakes up...

  • Scaling Moss and Stone ✔️ || #ONC2022
    1.1K 280 18

    Sealed within Kealie Gothalis are the secrets of a magic destined to flood her kingdom. Trading her Mortality to disguise the heritage her mother fears most, Kealie is gifted with a blessing. She need only do one thing; keep her kingdom in the dark until the dusk of her twentieth birthday. But her control over the anc...

  • Silver Linings
    416 120 33

    After years of torment, Wynn Park is finally dead. The town golden boy who weaponized drugs, sex, fear, and secrets, done in by the object of his obsession. As their friends scramble to cover up the killing, his ex-girlfriend Harlequin Fowler finds herself recalling the series of dark events that led to what just mig...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Roseview High Rumors
    2.6K 873 22

    [3xFEATURED] Augusta Madueke can't wait to graduate from high school. As an introvert, straight A-student, she is bullied at school, and her 'unladylike' aspiration to be a Mechanical Engineer has ruffled a few feathers at home. She is determined to achieve success and silence her haters. Pedro Milian is the school go...

  • No One Knows Me But You
    2.2K 484 16

    When Gus Reed moves to Larkwood, a small town with too much money, nobody wants to be friends with him for a multitude of reasons, the most important one being that he doesn't have any. Money, that is. It's a tale as old as time, except apparently for Haley Sinclair, the richest kid in town... who is not who he seems...

  • Solarth's Chosen
    377 65 5

    (On hold until NOKMBY is complete.) A noble husband would have sufficed to relieve Idony Brunt of the pains of a commoner's life, but when the Crown Prince of Siliathern himself shows interest, who is she to decline? (Standalone) Written Feb 2022 - now

  • Saving Atlantis (ONC 2022, Completed)
    713 106 22

    Two mermaid sisters, as different as land and sea in temperament and spirit. A blue crystal with magical powers that fell from above millennia ago. A sunken city on the brink of destruction. Add to that a herd of helpful eels, a disdain for unruly merboys, and a familiar pirate ship approaching in the distance. These...

  • Diviner [ON HOLD]
    1K 47 5

    A disloyal knight, a missing Diviner, and one terrible secret that must be kept for the fate of the world depends on it. *** A royal knight like Safina is supposed to follow the King and Queen's every order without question. But when Safina is ordered to assassinate the court Diviner, who vanished one night before the...

  • Bad Luck, Baby
    8K 1.5K 17

    Ellie Harris has hit a patch of bad luck. His dad died, he lost his job, his boyfriend cheated on him, and to top things off, he literally trips over a black cat. What else could go wrong? Then Ellie learns his dad was a witch, the cat is not a cat, and he himself is heir to the 'Ivy Throne' (whatever the f -k that i...

  • Death Meet Cute | ONC 2022
    533 119 6

    "They tell you all these things to prepare for someone's death. They warn you about the funeral expenses, the hospital bills, and the implications it could have on your mental health; but they don't tell you how to live after the love of your life dies." -A ONC 2022 Novella-

  • Ghost for the Crown
    108 26 1

    What if your haunted house was a haunted castle? And what if the Once and Future King wasn't a king at all? + When full-time nurse Radha Nelson's royal patient dies after a long illness, xie's stunned to learn xie's inherited the Duke of N's private residence, complete with snotty aristocratic house staff that looks d...

  • Ghost Squeeze | ONC 2022
    98 19 2

    Raisa Hart thought ghosts didn't exist, but one day, she finds a ghost that's more afraid of her than she is of it.

  • Devil-May-Care | ONC2022
    69 20 3

    Asphodel City is for those stuck in the Between, the plane that separates the living and dead. In it, Azrael is living the life as the top bounty-hunting Angel. The only problem is that Jophiel, a rival hunter, is not only threatening his position after rising to rank #2, but is a constant thorn in Azra's side. When a...

  • #NONC2022: Chucks Open Novella Festival
    1K 199 16

    Details on the 2022 NONC Open Novella Festival can be found here!