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  • Dollface (frerard)
    986 53 2

    "...because I can use you, play with you, like a Barbie doll, as much as I want." - frerard sweetheart!gerard way crimelord!frank iero - ( tw for smut , manipulation , abuse. [more to be warned throughout the story if necessary] )

  • Thin Line(a Gerard Way/Frerard fanfiction)
    2.6K 283 12

    he walks that thin line, in and out of my bed, each time I love him less.

  • Desolation Row (frerard, petekey) {ON HIATUS}
    1.5K 185 5

    A strip club in the roughest part of the city is where Gerard goes everyday for work. He's not a whore, don't call him that unless you want to get shot. Gerard's a good shot to say the least. One night during work, he meets a man named Frank Iero, Frank Iero with the inked skin and pretty eyes and the reason for Gerar...

  • He's An Amewiccan Beauty (Frerard)
    116K 7.6K 15

    That feel when you read one book and end up accidentally killing your girlfriend as a result of it. See, Frank knew reading was bad for you, although it was probably inappropriate to walk up to your girlfriend's dead body and say 'I told you so'. It was quite honestly an accident though, like Frank really did not mean...

  • November 1st (Frerard)
    609K 39.4K 33

    It's the lake in November, and the move closer to the ocean, and Gerard's fixation, and Gerard's compulsions like tidal waves dragging him down, and Mikey's more distant than ever: like they're drifting out into the middle of the ocean, whereas Gerard's just stuck there: water turning to quicksand around him, drowning...

  • The Elite Club Of People Who've Seen Gerard Way Naked.
    464K 25.7K 21

    Frank is a hopelessly short, hopelessly desperate, and just generally hopeless highschooler, whose only friend is the amazingly tall kid with the 'fro: Ray Toro. School is mundane, school is just, well, school: Lindsey Ballato is a goddess, Pete Wentz is a MySpace whore, and Brendon Urie totally deserved getting kicke...

  • Lie To Me (Frerard)
    982K 44.1K 28

    Gerard was late, and it was fucking raining. He'd missed the bus and it was fucking raining, and he was totally going to get dropped from the play if he was late again and he was so fucking screwed, but honestly Gerard wasn't all that keen on it when he'd heard the only main part he'd managed to get in this damn theat...

  • Follow me home (Frerard)
    867K 45.8K 59

    *Co-written with MyChemicalRachel* Frank is a student at university of south florida, living in a dorm all by himself. on a hot sleepless night, frank decides to go on twitter and pass the time going through his feed. he notices the account of a comic artist from new york and decides to find out more about this guy...

  • Antichrist (Frerard)
    636K 27.8K 28

    They were murdered, they were attacked and now they're dead. That's all Frank knows about his parents - gone before he'd even had chance to miss them, and it was fucking with his head. The police reckoned that moving away, to rural New Jersey with his grandparents would help him cope with the loss, but even Frank knew...

  • kik ||| frerard
    172K 11.4K 21

    gothclaudia ⛅️ is typing...

  • Folie à Deux (Frerard)
    3M 106K 41

  • Summertime (Frerard)
    2.2M 98K 59

    "You can run away with me, anytime you want." I want to get away. Away from the abuse at home, at school hell, but we're not friends. I could never be friends with Gerard Way. He's just some guy that fate seems to drive me towards. His brother may be even more of asshole than him, making my school life living hell and...