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  • Gumdrop(Laughing Jack X Reader) {Editing In Process}
    14.1K 404 29

    Wrong Gumdrop........Gumdrop ~ Laughing Jack Disclaimer: Momolett Gumdrop and Half Doll belongs to me so don't try taking my characters please!

  • Cursed Smile: Laughing Jack x Reader | C O M P L E T E D
    925K 42K 35

    One single night can change your life forever. For the young woman who decided to walk into an alleyway in search of a child's cry for help, it left her stranded in a unexpected predicament. She had a chance meeting with a certain sadistic, monochrome clown and now she had NO WAY of getting rid him. However, on one...

  • Playground:Ticci Toby X Reader
    8.8K 276 15

    What happens when a dear friend is sent to eternal rest? Shall he forever be remembered? Or will he be thrown in to oblivion? (Y/N) meets a boy that seems quite nice, he is kind but mysterious. What does he hide? What does the goggle wearing lad hide? Why don't you read and find out dear? (I don't own the cover, if y...

  • Sweet As Candy(Laughing Jack X Reader)
    85.9K 1.9K 27

    Moarning over the loss of your family relative Isaac you were brought to his mother and fathers house, given a very mysterious music box as a remember me preasent. Things started to go from perfect to the worst thing imaginable. Join (Y/N) as they go through the most bizzar things ever. Watch as they go through heart...

  • Demonic Dreams
    9.7K 382 20

    Candy pop x reader You meet a jester late one night after a thrilling event, unbeknownst to the fact that he will change your life. There will be traumatic events in this book, a long with smut. Don't read if that's not your shit. Cover not mine.

  • My Sleepy Head | Candy Pop x Female Reader
    39.4K 953 50

    No lemons and no profanity used in this story. This is a fluff fanfiction. SLOW UPDATES. This is a headcanon au. OLD FANFICTION CRINGE WARNING. Some images are not mine.

  • Needed Technicalities. ( BEN Drowned X Reader )
    58.1K 1.3K 26

    (Y/N) (L/N) A big video game fan, or well a big hacker that has been hacking, well since forever and ever, but one day she hacks a place she was not supposed to hack.

  • Hopelessly Devoted (Homicidal Liu X Mute Reader)
    258K 7K 42

    When I stare at his emerald eyes I see hope, but when I see his smirk forming... I know I'm going to regret this...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Little Laughter Left In Me... (Laughing Jack x Reader)
    579K 20.3K 93

    ~Hi there ^*^ I'm Boo, and this is the first story I've ever started writing. I hope you enjoy 'A Little Laughter Left In Me...'!~ (I do not own Laughing Jack he belongs to Snuffbomb and the picture belongs to the one who drew it.)

  • Ticci Toby X Reader
    2M 64.9K 60

    Just a simple party with friends can trigger something deep inside of you but this may attract certain attention.