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  • The Sea's Protector (Fem. Percy x Young Justice)
    596K 14.6K 71

    Percy Jackson daughter of Poseidon. Last of the Seven. So basically this is a YJ crossover and I'm either too lazy or too tired to explain at the moment so yeah. Roy wears red Percy loves blue I uh...forget the rest.. but we don't own either franchise.

  • Mr. Winter Meets Ms. Blondie [Jackunzel Fan Fic]
    41.9K 794 22

    Rapunzel meets Jack Frost instead of Flynn Rider--away from what the story had to be. The fairy tale was broken the time Flynn Rider didn't come to get Rapunzel out of the tower, and was broken the second time when Rapunzel fell in love with Jack Frost, the spirit of winter.

  • The BatBoys : get a sister (complete)
    52.2K 591 7

    book one of The BatBoys what happens when batman adopts a girl

  • Home? - A Young Justice Story
    1.7K 40 8

    This story is a prequel to The Child Of Superman (the femPercy x Young Justice story), but it can just be read as a stand alone. The story of how Wally West ended up living with Barry and Iris. How did Wally find his new home? This is based off the Young Justice version of the characters not the CW show The Flash. ...

  • Kaldar has a girlfriend?!?!?!!!
    165K 2.4K 21

    Okay so in my other book people were saying Kaldar x Percy forever and stuff so thank to support I'm going to make this a cheeses Percy x Kaldar book okay ps things will be different than the show Disclaimer: I own nothing (only the plot) Okay see in the book bye

  • Soaring High - Discontinued
    258K 6.2K 18

    On a dark night in Bludhaven, Nightwing happens to meet a new hero who goes by the name, Seabird. Who is she? And should he trust her? FemPercy Jackson (Seabird)/Dick Grayson (Nightwing) Short story, followed by many one-shots

  • Oceaonia (pjo/dc crossover) *HIATUS*
    52.7K 945 14

    Persephone Jackson lost everything in the gaint war, even her mom and stepfather. Blessed by the Olympians, she moves to start anew in college in Bludhaven. Maybe even find love again. Fem! Percy/ Dick All rights to Rick and dc. Thank you to sunkissedfox- for designing the cover. I love it! WARNING: slow updates

  • I seriously thought I was done. Percy Jackson and DC crossover
    48.6K 1K 31

    After the giant war Percy lived happily and married Annabeth and had two kids Bianca and Luke. He then dies at 94 and went to eslisum with his wife but a few years later Nico god of death came and said the gods had one last job for him. And he seriously thought it was over. Now he is reborn as Destiny daughter of Kron...

  • Fem Percy meets Yj/Jl Robbin/Nightwing
    85.1K 1.4K 14

    //STOP RIGHT NOW AND LEAVE THIS IS SO BAD I MADE IT WHEN I WAS LIKE 12// The Young Justice League goes after Perciana Jackson. After searching for years they're about to give up. Just then when they got a lead on het, Percy defeats the 'JJ's' as she calls them. JJ stands for Junior Justice. Most of the things she do...

  • The Legends I've become
    19K 360 9

    (Fem. Percy) Percy Jackson friends and Family (Mortal) have all been killed and the Fates decree that Percy will be sent to a different dimension de-aged to Eight years old, to a orphanage in Gotham. Only to have Bruce Wayne adopt her. Will she join Yj? What happens when Wonder Woman, Aqualad, and Aquaman see her? E...

  • Oh, Birds that Fly (Nightwing x FemPercy)
    94.9K 2K 20

    Persephone 'Percy' Jackson was left broken when everybody she loved died. Heartbroken, she moved to an unlikely place: Gotham, to start anew. After Nightwing has a run-in with the mysterious hero by the name of Seabird, he is determined to uncover this hero's secrets. Will he discover who this girl is? And what exact...

  • Re-opened: A FemPercy and DC crossover Fanfic Sequel to Old Wounds
    31.1K 445 11

    DISCLAIMER: All rights and characters belong to DC comics/universe Warner Bros. Young Justice and Rick Riordan Percy had gone rogue. She had changed. Ever since Dick died, she hasn't been the same. She no longer responds to anything the Gods say or ask for, even if it landed her in Tartarus. Meanwhile, nothing cou...

  • The New Trinity -- Percy Jackson Batman Crossover -- The Olympian Heroes Book 4
    8.5K 176 32

    Perseus Jackson and Annabeth Chase are trying to get back into the swing of School, and Social life but it's hard when you're off fighting a new villan every other week. Not to mention the Impending war with the Titans. Percy and Annabeth find heroes are literally vanishing off the face of the Earth, but Percy finds...

  • The Blue Knight --Percy Jackson Batman Crossover--The Olympian Heroes Book Three
    26.1K 654 43

    Perseus Jackson hero of Gotham. Hero of Olympus. Being a demigod can be hard especially when you're occasionally stopping super villains. Percy goes missing after a weird encounter. He soon realizes that that he didn't wake up on a different earth randomly. When he gets home things go crazy in Gotham. Just when things...

  • The Paladin -- Percy Jackson batman crossover -- The Olympian Heroes Book 2
    30.3K 1K 35

    After an argument with her stepmom Annabeth Chase runs off again only to meet Barbra Gordon who she realizes is hiding something. Soon Annabeth is pulled into something almost as crazy as being a demigod. Book two of the Olympian Heroes I do not own Percy Jackson or D.C. Comics.

  • Blue robin -- Percy Jackson batman crossover -- The Olympian Heroes Book one
    224K 6.2K 34

    Ten year old Percy Jackson is just an ordinary boy but one night when is mom is murdered in front of him and his step-dad is unwilling to take care of him his muti-millionaire uncle steps In. Book one of the Olympian Heroes Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson or batman (unfortunately) all characters go to rick and...

  • Invisible- A Leo Valdez story
    114K 2.8K 24

    Leo Valdez meets the fates after he overhears some of the seven talking behind his back. With powers granted to him from the fates, he originally decides to get back at them, but instead causes a bunch of mayhem. All character rights go to Rick Riordan. Please correct and excuse spelling mistakes.

  • SeaSwept - Fem Percy Meets YJ
    89.7K 1.7K 8

    So this story is adopted from @Millionstars123, go check em out if you can. _____ 17 year old Persephone Jackson feels like she needs a break after the war with her old Grandma Dirtface. Apparently her dad knows the perfect place, Gotham. Follow Percy as she takes up a new identity, finds family, and possibly love. ...

  • ⁰¹ Second Chances ( Fem Percy X YJ )
    52.3K 930 14

    What would happen if Percy was a girl, and lost some of the most important people in her life? Not only that, but must teach some kids to be ready for anything. To make matters worse, these kids are heroes. Will she be a hero again, or just wacth everything from the sidelines?

  • Below the Tide
    136K 3.3K 22

    This fanfic was requested by @JudgingTheNerdHaters Persephone 'Percy' Jackson knew that war came with consequences, but she couldn't imagine this happening. All of her friends... dead. She still couldn't understand it, understand how. After the horrible war with Gaea, after the horrible massacre of demigods, Percy jus...

  • Superheroes and Demigods
    108K 2.9K 19

    The Second Giant War was finally over. The seven demigods had managed to take down Gaea. But something put a damper on the celebrations. Paul came with the news that Sally was dead. And the worst part? It wasn't a monster. At least, not a Greek one. Sally was killed by a human thief. Percy vowed to never let what happ...

  • Wonders of the Sea (Young Justice & Percy Jackson Crossover)
    47.4K 941 6

    "I never wanted this...Actually, I did but that's not the point. Ever since I joined, I never regretted anything. But once I reach that point, there's no going back. I'm sorry..." ~*~ Cordelia Jackson is the daughter of Poseidon. Having discovered about the Great prophecy at a young age, Delia was presented with an op...

  • Three of us (PJO X YJ)
    63K 1.2K 25

    The rest of the seven died. We have a lot of casualties, amazonian, hunters, greek, roman. Half of camp are gone, it's just me, Thalia, and Nico. We were are grieving in our own way until the gods decided that we should go back to the outside world and live in a city called Gotham and go to school there. Then a cousin...

  • Percy Jackson The Multi-Verse Hero.
    179K 5.1K 64

    Percy Jackson has always been kind, but after dealing with the death of the seven he's lost, he soon finds that his days of helping are far from over. In this journey, he jumps from adventure to adventure never stoping for his own gain. Each Chapter could in theory be read on its own, or skipped completely, my 'Notice...

  • Fem Percy meets young justice
    11.1K 144 14

    Demigods are scarce spread out in the world giving satars a really hard job. Percy, Leo, Nico,Hazel,Thalia, Reyna, AND Jason are the main survivors. Piper died and Jason is mourning as a pretor, Leo is opening a store with Calsypo Percy, Nico,Hazel, and Thalia are becoming hero's with Diana Will their guilt eat at t...

  • The Child of Superman
    101K 2K 47

    The Child of Superman A FemPercy Jackson story based around the idea that Percy was adopted by Clark when she was young. The story goes through her time meeting and become close with the sidekicks and later the Team. And her story of trying to be away from the mythology world but still wanting to do good. This is a...

  • New World, New Life ( Percy Jackson / The Flash )
    156K 3.7K 16

    After Percy Jackson gets betrayed and sucked into another dimension, he meets the mysterious Barry Allen and his group at STAR Labs, what will he do? (set after BoO an season 2 of CW's The Flash) Also on

  • Justice League Meets Percy Jackson
    22.7K 268 6

    No Demigods* Ok so Percy was born with many powers from all of the Justice League but only one member knows it. So when Percy storms HQ and is PO and everyone else finds out what will happen. Will he meet an old friend? Will he be able to escape his adopted fathers rivels? How will he do with seeing his brother he...

  • The World Turned Upside Down(discontinued)
    73.2K 2K 28

    Perci Jackson, hero of two absolutely wonderful prophecies, finds herself stuck in a new world. Of course, de-aged, and more than enough tired. After getting dumped in 'Juvie' because orphanages are all filled up, she meets a small boy, a year younger. His name is Richard Grayson, and she ends up getting adopted with...

  • camp half blood meets the justice league
    24.9K 464 14

    percy jackson along side nico, thalia and the rest of the seven were batteling the gorgons when all of a sudden thay along with the gorgon were transported to a differant yet familiar world one where batman, superman and wonder woman & the justuce league are real. the heroes and superheroes must find commen grounds an...