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  • Glimpses of you (LMK Possessed Wukong x reader)
    1.2K 50 4

    [Multiple endings!] The Monkey King, under LBD's control, is a mute and mindless puppet, blindly following orders. But what if, during an important mission, dormant memories resurfaced? The one thing they had in common: the woman he was fighting.

  • Shallow (Nezha Reborn Sun Wukong x oc || One shot)
    1.4K 47 1

    This was supposed to be a quickly done job. Sadly, her latest target turned out to be owned by a weirdo in a mask. He caught her red handed and next thing she knew, he was calling her non-stop to come work for him. And this wasn't even the craziest thing that happened to her.

  • An Honest Liar (Modern World Gen x reader one shot)
    753 53 1

    [Inspired by an amazing documentary of the same name] "I don't believe in magic." "What a coincidence! Me too~! We have so much in commun this is crazy~ we should totally go out sometimes!"

  • Help me out here! (Modern World Senku x Reader || One Shot)
    2.5K 197 1

    (Y/n) had a favor to ask Senku. He reluctantly said yes, but he was going to be glad she asked him for help.

  • A gift for Big Sis (Y/n)! [Your turn to die / Kimi ga Shine]
    294 18 1

    [Sibling relationship but with a surprise at the end~] Big Sis (Y/n) is sad?! It's time for Gin to go on a mission! And things might get a bit crazy...

  • Tom x reader (one shot + sequel)
    257 10 2

    You're living next door to your friend Marco Diaz, when Star showed up, the three of you became really good friends (even though you couldn't match Star and Marco's bond). And one day at school, you see a depressed and handsome, handsome demon lord...