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  • Mistakes We Can't Laugh About (Loser #2)
    19M 927K 54

    THE LOSERS' CLUB SERIES #2 Someday you'll look back on your mistakes and laugh. To name a few instances, these are those awkward first kisses you shared with your first boyfriend, those failed recitations that your classmates don't seem to forget, and those poor outfit ideas that you once thought were cute. Iyong mga...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stay Wild, Moon Child
    1.4M 100K 68

    Her only goal is to finish the last year of her High School life in peace. But then she met a guy who is so good at destroying peace.

  • To End the Inveigle Rhythm ( Ruler of Fate Series #2 )
    627K 17.4K 49

    Ruler of Fate Series #2 How do people let go of something that's already been there from the start? Well... For Ivonne Maurie Hansley, it wasn't simple. She had to fight off two different things. Those people have already been there from the start. First was her father, who viewed her like a toy and consolation prize...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Lie
    2.5M 75.1K 34

    Dahil sa panganib sa buhay ni Ellie, napagpasyahan ng Papa niya na ipadala siya sa Bayan ng Dos Hermanos para ilayo mula sa mga gustong manakit sa kanya. Being used to the city life that offers fun and boy toys, she wanted something that can help her pass the time-iyong nakakapagod at nakakapawis... something that the...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Secluded Trails of Deceit ( Ruler of Fate Series #1 ) UNDER REVISION
    1.2M 3.3K 3

    Ruler of Fate Series #1 At the very end of her heart's beating, there's someone hiding, purposely locked up and sealed by none other than her own loving. That girl is known as Giovanna Chantria Asuncion. Who chose to forget what was all in the past but faced it again when someone he never thought would be connected in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dagger Series #4: Unadorned
    555K 29.8K 41

    Being on top is second nature for the renowned supermodel, Mireia Aguero. She literally needed to be on top to get where she is now. On top of a bed? Sports car? Billiard table? Kitchen counter? Mini bar? Name it. Her world expanded in the same way that her wardrobe scaled up. Mireia Aguero became the name that anyon...

  • The Impostor (COMPLETED)
    68.8K 2.7K 34

    Abegail's goals in life are simple. Study, find a decent job and lastly, find her family. Until a rich and well-known family adopted her and promised to provide her needs. In return, she has to pretend to be their daughter, Cassiea Dail Morint. But in the process of her pretension, the truth starts to unfold. Start...

    Completed   Mature
  • When I First Met You
    1.9M 129K 38

    You can't hide anything from him... you just can't. *** Embry's life is smooth sailing until two storms shattered her frame of mind - one in the form of an accident and another, by meeting Cross Gablin Vox, a stunning yet arrogant "vampire" who can read minds. Things will eventually get crazier when she discovers that...

  • War of Hearts
    215K 4.1K 46

    Papillon Series #1 If Athanasia Mare has the chance to be with the person she adores the most, she'd climb the mountain or explore the seas for him. She'd take all the opportunity given to her, and at the moment when she can finally reach for that dream, a ruthless and formidable doctor dared to explore her world that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ruling The Last Section (Season 1)
    1.3M 65.6K 103

    "I will rule all of you." Raiven said to the last section. Mahirap makihalubilo sa isang seksiyon na lahat ay lalaki. Mas lalong mahirap kung makasama ka sa isang batch na puro lalaki. Pero paano kung ang isang babaeng katulad mo... mapasok sa isang unibersidad na para sa lalaki? Will she can still able to reign h...

  • The Last Section
    578K 23.1K 98

    si sam ay lumaki sa bahay ampunan kung saan nakahanap sya ng matatawag nyang pamilya.masayahin,mabait at simpleng dalaga lang si sam pero sa likod ng maskara madami syang pinagdaan sa nakaraang pamilya nya.. tahimik at simple ang paninirahan ni sam sa bahay ampunan not until lumuwas sya ng manila para makapag aral at...

  • Falling Relentlessly (COMPLETED)
    495K 18.1K 54

    (Monteciara Series 1: Klode Leighton Monteciara) "Don't expect me to be a good girl at all times. Baby, I'm no saint. I had my fair shares of bad deeds. That's why you shouldn't fall for me." "Screw those bad deeds. Those things won't stop me from falling for you." *** Alice Rhima Carreon is suffering from her tragic...

  • With All Might
    138K 4.4K 44

    Tanya Zaccary Fuentabella grow up in a rich and respected family. Her great-great grandfather establish the province of Zaccarrio after the World War II. Being the only girl in Fuentabella family, she was taught by her parents to act with class. Though raise with a big responsibility and a strict household, Zaccary m...

  • The Heiress and the Hoodlum
    1.3M 66.9K 63

    Tubig at langis? Masahol pa roon ang agwat ng katayuan nina Chantal at Jethro sa buhay. She wore and designed fancy clothes while he works as a mechanic. And more often than not, he's covered with grease and motor oils. At kung kulang pa ang mga dahilang iyon para makumbinsi niya ang sarili na hindi sila bagay sa isa...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Once In A Lifetime
    733K 33.2K 53

    Alyanna Samantha Anderson, as one of Anderson's princesses, used to get what she wanted. She thought her life was close to perfection since she could get everything she wanted. She never had a boyfriend, and that's why when she met someone who really intrigued her interest, she ignored all the red flags and still fell...

  • Dagger Series #3: Unscripted
    1.1M 54.3K 48

    Belaya Lawrence is the most sought-after actress of her time. She loves her job. She loves living different lives, even if she only has one. It's challenging and wonderful at the same time because she can be anyone through the script that is given to her. But sometimes, when you have all the things that you ever wante...

  • Thriving Standard
    4.1M 127K 45

    Veronica Clara Garcia's reality was perpetually bleak and fragmented. She grew up without knowing what it was like to have love, money, or family. Not until, she met Joax Wayne, a man every girl dreams, who poured every single meaning of love to her, he set the standard so high. Cover made by HOE4YAGO. Cover is not m...

    Completed   Mature
  • First Love Of May
    1.1M 34.5K 28

    Zyle Kevin Villavieja was the eldest son of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, and he shared his father's interest in politics by pursuing a career in politics himself. He was a man of ideals who was always willing to help those in need. He was willing to put his life on the line, even if it meant death...

    Completed   Mature
  • To Meet In The Middle (Meet Series 1)
    157K 6.2K 70

    I am Clementine. This is my story. And this may or may not be about love.

  • The Gift of Tears (Casa Fuego Series #2)
    114K 4.7K 39

    The socialite Avery Manriquez is bound to marry the son of the head of a syndicate. On her journey to run away from her Father's mess, she was sent to Batanes, an untouched province completely opposite to her lavish city life before. And there... she met Cullen Vergara. But in one snap, he was already gone before the...

  • The Governor's Son ✔ (Haciendero #1)
    7.6M 197K 70

    [Published under PSICOM Publishing Inc.] They are the most-sought hot magnates in town with their oozing sex appeal, connections, social and political status and wealth. What most does not decipher, they aren't gods to be perfect. They are either a dream or a nightmare and disaster combined. · Haciendero Series · They...

    Completed   Mature
  • (La Mémoire #1) NOSTALGIA
    28.7K 1.7K 60

    Born to a prominent and wealthy family, Zhalia Ferriol's life could be compared to a princess's but more complex. There was an accident. She was sure she remembered everything, or so she thought. Dreams. Polaroids. An old script. Sunflowers. A hanging bridge and a guy. She couldn't remember those. More so, people were...

  • Obnoxious Oxygen
    2.8M 116K 53

    Gabbana; the spoiled, self-centered, self-indulgent little brat. She who knows little about living, have bought so much in life. And when she thought she's the queen of the world who could have everything in a snap of a finger, there comes Oxygen - he who will make her realize you have to sweat for what you get.

  • ZWCS#1: Blame It On Tequila
    931K 32.6K 19

    ZETA WEIBLICH COMMUNITY SERIES: a series collaboration of Frappauchino and YGDARA. ZWCS#1: Blame it on Tequila

  • Knock, Knock, Professor
    21M 851K 51

    The Wattys 2022 Winner PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM Highest Rankings: #1 Mystery, #1 Genius, #1 Detective, #1 Dark, #1 Crime, #1 Suspense, #1 Mature, #1 Psycho, #1 Killings • Published Book with Special Chapters available at PSICOM's official online stores, book-selling events, and National Book Store branches. STARTED: 02...

    Completed   Mature
  • Will You Ever Notice? (Bad Girls Series #2)
    299K 13.4K 40

    Bad Girls Series #2: Zenica Alameda Madalas na hindi natin napapansin ang mga bagay na nakapaligid sa atin dahil nakatutok ang atensyon natin sa ibang bagay. Zenica Alameda has always been a sucker for Severiano "Seve" Manzanares, the playboy. She has always believed that he was just misunderstood. Kilala n'ya ito; Sh...

  • Before Reality Knocks (DLC Series #1)
    270K 10.9K 60

    De la Cerda Series #1 Rebellious seventeen-year-old Blair Ruby de la Cerda is unwilling to accept the strict regime of her parents, inducing her to misbehave. However, it won't be long before her freedom meets its limit, and when it does, she knows it's time for her to go back to reality.

  • Trapped in his Wrath (Temptress Series #2)
    568K 12K 60

    Holy Maria Nylah De Jesus life became chaotic and complicated when she was paid to seduce an anonymous man who happened to be Kaleb Elliot Del Prado. She unintentionally created a trouble causing Kaleb to call off his engagement, and lost his position as a CEO. Kaya ganoon na lamang ang galit sa kanya ng lalaki. Ang d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Still Into You - SCSU: Venice II
    1.3M 34.7K 43

    Everything changed for Venice in four years of existence in America but her heart remained cold. Maraming tao ang sumubok tunawin ang yelo sa puso n'ya pero hindi ito natinag. Just one person, one person from the past who will surely melt her coldness yet, will she allow him to melt it? Part one is ST. CLOUD STATE UNI...

  • Chasing Wild Redamancy
    789K 13K 55

    Camila is a girl with plans on her palms. Her life was regimented. After College, work, accomplish her personal list, to walk in the most prestigious runway show, and to build a life she dream of. But life has full of surprises. A kind of game no one was used to play. There's no game plan. There's no routine. Her...

    Completed   Mature