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  • Celestial Escape
    692K 39.2K 102

    an epistolary

  • Begin Again (Love in Paris # 4)
    1.2M 43.6K 205

    Liking a person wasn't supposed to feel so encapsulating, but Una Madia Grajales freezes up whenever he's near. The knots and butterflies in her stomach makes her buckle and shut down and all she could do was gush about him to her best friend who was nothing but supportive. He cheered her on, gave her some pointers, h...

  • Like My Post, Black
    14.6K 1.3K 53

    an epistolary.「 color series one 」 i never wished for anything more since i am happy with my life since it is, until you came along.

  • Meet Me At Six
    62.8K 3.3K 50


  • Look Who I've Lost
    80.8K 1.7K 92

    an epistolary (completed)

  • Valuable (Players Series #1) ¦ ☁️
    148K 2.1K 100

    Addi and Xero, both are known as the most valuable player in the university. They were being shipped by a lot of students as they look good together. In the end, would the most valuable players be able to see the value of each other? Epistolary. - Unedited.

  • Among the Flower Fields
    528K 22.6K 93

    Petals began looking a hue darker every time she sees him. Hyacinth's job as a student nurse is to assist patients and follow orders from superiors, not to roll her eyes every chance she gets to see their resident doctor, Dr. Altheron Santimera. But, truly, sunshines do make flowers bloom. Maybe it's because of his...

    Completed   Mature
  • So, you hate my playlist? (Slate 809 Series)
    479K 20.1K 117

    An Epistolary. 📀 As far as Sachi can remember, Hunter Maxim Lopez has been on the top of her list of hated men ever since he stole her position for the band she planned to get in, Slate 809. Until Battle of the Bands came... and Slate 809 is suddenly in need of a female vocalist, leaving Hunter with no choice but to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Lifetime
    15K 1.2K 52

    amour et doeleur 1 of 3

  • The 7th Wheel (DIM Series #3)
    226K 9.7K 69

    DIM Series #3: Dominador Calleja (This is an epistolary) Dominador Calleja has always been the 7th wheel. Sawang-sawa na siyang nakikita ang mga kaibigan niyang parating sweet sa mga girlfriends nito. Bukod sa pakiramdam niya, parati siyang out-of-place, hindi niya mapigilang makaramdam ng lungkot dahil sa minsanan ni...

  • Love You Much Better (DIM Series #2)
    296K 10.9K 69

    DIM Series #2: Gemiro Gellera (This is an epistolary) Love makes you do things you've never done before. Because she views herself as a strong independent woman, akala ni Angelique Castro ay hinding-hindi siya magiging tanga at bulag sa pag-ibig. Iyon nga lang, she found herself slapped by the truth when she fell for...

  • Kismet
    63.1K 2.8K 82

    Syver struggles with his math lessons. His friend suggested him to watch online videos for better understanding, but Azi's promotion advertisement kept on appearing, and kind of distracting him.

  • rainfall in july.
    205K 4.8K 171

    elizondo cousins series #1 | an epistolary Kamryn Navarro experienced her first heartbreak under the gray pouring sky. Ever since that day, she didn't like the rain. To her, it was a symbol of sadness. A symbol of the hope she once had but was destroyed. Rainsis Elizondo was like the rain, cold and unrelenting. He was...

  • ... someday, in heaven
    26.9K 3.8K 69

    vasil & tiofela

  • Catching Feelings
    43K 1.7K 50

    An epistolary where Rain Gibson keeps on ordering foods from a certain local online store. Hoping that Brent Marco, her long time crush, will be delivering the foods on their doorstep. After multiple orders, Brent's brother would always be the one to deliver the foods instead of Brent. So, she sent a complaint to Br...

  • Raining Letters
    532K 16.4K 154

    an epistolary (#1: Riley Validivia)

  • champagne problems (finished)
    910K 56.7K 125

    (Finished) When Tokyo Takahashi accidentally sent a hate message towards her law professor, Atty. Reagan Omari, in a class group chat. An epistolary

  • Adore You (Epistolary)
    644K 24.4K 82

    an epistolary wherein serenity laurel's calculus notebook [with a little bit of random notes at the back of it] was found by declan alvarez aka her long time crush since grade 9. "did you see it? be honest..." "the flames at the back with our names in it? yeah, i saw it." (pic fr pinterest)

  • Got To Go
    60.8K 3.2K 76

    As Imogen starts messing with Zy online, she didn't realize they'll eventually see each other; but they did because he is her best friend's house mate. Now, how is she gonna get away from the mess she created?

  • It Was Ours
    779K 19.9K 104

    An Epistolary

  • Broken Dreams (Rich Girls #1)
    127K 4.6K 111

    an epistolary | COMPLETE

  • ILYSB (Koa Series #1)
    97.7K 1.4K 102

    Months after a failed relationship, Kaiser Koa, a varsity player set his eyes on this girl in the bleachers. Since then, he can't take her out of his mind and just wishes to always play at her school just to see her again. an epistolary

  • Talk To Me, Sirene
    307K 10.6K 160

    (An Epistolary) Sirene is that underrated teen vlogger on youtube. A beautiful half chinese girl who loves fashion, arts, and other aesthetic stuffs. When Sirene transferred into a new school, she already had the spotlight. She had good grades, good friends, and everybody treated her nicely. Not until she became a pa...

  • Take It Slow
    223K 5.2K 135

    in which a boy from ADMU who aspires to be a priest to serve God and help people, however, appears to change when a girl from UST captures his interest. sg series O2. epistolary. 2O2O.

  • 'Di Na Gigising
    416K 9.4K 108

    For Boe, the most important thing in her life right now was fulfilling her promise. Those promises meant her whole life to her. Since the day she saw him, she made it her mission to make him happy and bring back the old him again. She keeps on trying and trying, but what if even after all this time, his heart is still...

  • Sent
    720K 11.7K 106

    Midnight Conversation Spin-off

  • Old Messages
    444K 14.4K 115

    SAUVAGE #3

  • Epistolary: Talkfest
    3.2M 127K 150


  • Time's Up
    418K 12K 81


  • The Art of Kissing Back (Cervantes Series)
    1.6M 78.7K 83

    Tired of endlessly messaging his famous vlogger crush in hopes of getting noticed, Cholo Cervantes finally gives in and installs a dating app to find the right one for him. . .only to end up matching with the same woman he has a hopeless crush on, Sean Velasco. The Art of Kissing Back ynativity, 2020