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  • Archangel - Warren Worthington
    29.7K 645 28

    I hope you enjoy! I am currently going back and editing all of the chapters and adding a few more events into this book. All of the chapters I have started editing will have the date at the bottom of them.

  • Not A Villain | Loki x Reader
    1.3M 49K 42

    When y/n l/n is first discovered by the Avengers, they think that she is a villain. When they get to know her, however, they find that she is the complete opposite. They keep her under Loki's careful eye because he was in the same position as her a year ago. The Avengers show her what it's like to be a hero, but Loki...

  • More To Him (LokixReader)
    136K 4.9K 60

    [Under Editing] During the Chitauri Invasion back in 2012, Y/N L/N met the god of mischief in person. After fighting against the weird creatures to save her students, she was saved by Loki as an act of compassion. It seemed that there was more to him than the villain everyone knew. ~◇~◇~◇~◇~◇~ "This isn't you!" "The...

  • Overdue (Quicksilver x Reader)
    296K 9.4K 26

    (set in the 1970s) Peter Maximoff has had a crush on you ever since you met two years ago. Since your last boyfriend cheated on you, you have sworn to never trust anyone with your heart again. That's why you and Peter have only remained best friends. Then after a serious accident you realize you're in love with him. B...